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Making A Spanish Will

January 31st, 2010 6 comments

None of us likes to think about making a will, it reminds us that one day the inevitable will happen and we will no longer be here. How ever, consider for a moment all the time and effort you put into providing financial security for yourself and your family, working hard, putting money into pensions and saving to buy that dream home abroad. Then when we have achieved our ambitions, we fail to take the next step in protecting our assets after we pass on.

It is imperative that we decide what should happen to our money and possessions after our death and ensuring that those people and causes that matter most to us are provided for. Making a valid will is the only way of guaranteeing that you take control now of what happens to your assets when you die.

There are thousands of British citizens who own properties in Spain. Many of them are elderly and yet they have made no provision as to what should happen to those assets on their death. Who will take over their assets in Spain, and how much inheritance tax will have to be paid. For these reasons, it is important that you arrange your affairs to make life easier for your heirs and the change of ownership of your assets.

You should be aware that this is only a general guide and cannot replace professional advice

What will happen if there is no will?

If a foreigner dies in Spain without a will, his estate may be automatically disposed of under Spanish law.

If you are British and own a property in Spain the laws of England and Wales state that, your property should be subject to the inheritance laws of Spain.

However, in Spain the law states that property owned by a foreigner should be subject to the inheritance laws of their original country. Confusing!

For a normal British family with property in Spain, where the asset will pass to the spouse and children, the situation is not complicated, but it does require answers to some questions

a. Do I have to make a will?

The answer is no, it is not obligatory to make a will. However, if a foreigner dies in Spain without a will, his assets will be distributed in accordance with Spanish law.

b. Will a will made abroad be accepted in Spain

Generally, a will, which is valid under the law of your home country, will be taken to be valid in Spain
Currently lawyers are advising British domiciled individuals with property in Spain to write a will under Spanish law stating that they wish to have their Spanish assets disposed of in accordance with their national law, i.e., in accordance with the inheritance rules of England and Wales. They also advise such individuals to update their British will to take into account their Spanish property.

If you have lived in Spain for a long time and you want to dispose of your assets according to the law of your home country, then it may be necessary for you to create a legal domicile in your home country for the purpose of making a will

c. Is it better to make a will in Spain?

If you own a property in Spain and you want to save your heirs a lot of time and expense then the answer has to be YES. A Spanish will for the distribution of your assets as per the inheritance laws of your home country will be accepted by a Spanish notary.

The time limit for making an inheritance tax declaration in Spain is six months from the death. If you are waiting for the probate from the home country to be issued, and then have to make the translation and get the “apostille” (can be used whenever a copy of an official document from another country is needed) before taking it to Spain, you may miss this time limit and be liable for fines.

With a will in Spain, you can to an extent regulate the distribution of the assets. For example, you can make sure that your spouse will have the undivided user’s right for life, or that only one of the children takes over the property in Spain, the others having been compensated by assets in the home country.

You can also make an inheritance tax saving by making the right kind of will.

Different Types of Will

There are a number of different ways to make a will in Spain, here are the main ones:

Open Will (“Testamento abierto”)
This is the most common form of will. Here you tell your lawyer or the notary the contents of your will. The notary then signs the official form together with the issuer. The notary will give you a copy of the will and send a copy to the Registrar in Madrid. The original remains at the notary’s office. If you do not understand Spanish, you will need a translation into a language that you understand fluently. It is only mandatory to have two witnesses to the signing of a will if the notary or the issuer requests it

When the issuer dies and before adjudication can be made, a search must be made in the registry in Madrid to find if a will has been deposited there. Even if no will has been registered, written confirmation from the registry in Madrid is obligatory.

Closed Will (“Testamento cerrado”)
The contents remain secret; however, it must be drawn up by a Spanish lawyer to ensure that it complies with the Spanish law. The issuer then places it in a closed envelope. He may then seal the envelope in front of the notary and at least two witnesses. The notary records it as for an open will. The issuer may keep the envelope himself, give it to a person in confidence for safekeeping or deposit it with the notary.

Hand-written will (“Testamento olografo”)
Written and signed by the testator in such a way that there can be no doubting its authenticity, must also be dated. It must be drafted to ensure that your wishes are clear

The will is a private document, which becomes a public document after the death of the issuer. It can be kept safe or given in a sealed envelope to a person in confidence. It needs no witnesses, nor a confirmation from the notary. It can be voluntarily registered with registry of wills. On the death of the testator, it must be authenticated before a judge, which will delay its execution.

Whilst this form ensures complete confidentiality, it may easily be forgotten or lost. It should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

It is advisable to have your will drawn up by a Spanish lawyer in Spain. Keep a copy of your will in a safe place and another copy with your lawyer. The inheritance tax declaration and the payment of inheritance tax duties must be made within six months of your death if you die in Spain and sixteen months if you die elsewhere. Inheritance tax must be paid in advance of the release of the Spanish assets.

We are not qualified to give legal or financial advice we would say that if you think you might be affected then you should seek qualified professional legal advice.

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Do you drive a "death engine"?

January 29th, 2010 4 comments

<<this question refers to a fairly old article, but it came to my attention as the author of the article has recently bought out a really silly new book: "The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness In a World In Crisis", so i Googled him and this article came up >>

Jeremy Rifkin, a lecturer at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, accuses Americans in particular and westerners in general, of driving "death engines" that were responsible for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In a guest article for a newspaper, he wrote [QUOTE]


""Katrina and Rita, then, are not just bad luck, nature’s occasional surprises thrust on unsuspecting humanity. Make no mistake about it. We Americans created these monster storms. We’ve known about the potentially devastating impact of global warming for nearly a generation. Yet we turned up the throttle, as if to say: "We just don’t give a damn." What did anyone expect? SUVs make up 52% of all the vehicles owned in America, each a death engine, spewing record amounts of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere.

Shame on the United States of America and the peoples of other countries – we’re not alone – who have put their personal, short-term whims, desires and gratifications ahead of the welfare of the rest of the planet.""

So, do you drive a "death-engine" and do you support the author’s business venture with Greenpeace and others to push forward proposals for hydrogen power?
EDIT – @ Littlerobbergirl:

All due respect, it says "death engine" in the article and even in the little bit of it that i quoted, so i don’t know how you missed it. Try reading it again (especially this sentence: "SUVs make up 52% of all the vehicles owned in America, each a death engine, spewing record amounts of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere.) 😉

I am a hypocrite who drives a death engine (Hyundai Santa Fe) AND believes that AGW is happening. I’m such a hypocrite that I took 3 cross-country road trips with my dogs in 3 consecutive summers. It was fun. I’d do it again if I still could afford it and my dogs were still alive. Having dogs is also environmentally irresponsible. But we have lives to live, so I’m not going to give up everything I enjoy just because I’m contributing 0.00000000001% of the world’s pollution.

I was wondering if I had a case or lawsuit against New york state or the parole board?

January 29th, 2010 4 comments

I was wondering if I had a case or lawsuit against new york state or the parole board for the death of my father. Approximately two years ago, someone attacked my father and the trauma to his head resulted in his death. This person was on parole and had killed three people prior to my father and I was shock to know that someone with such a record was out in society. He should have not been out of jail. Do you think I have a case for having this guy out on parole?against the the state or the parole board for the death of my father. please help

Sorry about your father.

You have no chance of winning such a case.

You could sue the person who attacked your father, but my guess is he would be "judgment proof." (he doesn’t have any money)

Mexico and their rich natural resources…?

January 29th, 2010 4 comments

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September 12, 2003

Mexico’s Rich Don’t Like To Pay Taxes – They Think You Should
By Brenda Walker

[More by Brenda Walker]

“Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States" is an early example of the now-familiar annoying whine, first voiced by Mexican President Porfirio Diaz .

Pathetic loser, mooch, social basket case, criminal narco-state: these are Americans’ mental pictures of Mexico.

But more than any other, the image is one of staggering poverty. Anyone who has been to a Mexican border town is immediately overwhelmed by the Third World – the oppressive dirt, decay, too many underfed children.

However, the truth is that Mexico is a very wealthy country. It is blessed with abundant natural resources and a fortunate location. Mexico is the richest nation in Latin America when measured by GDP, and by a wide margin: in 2001, Mexico’s GDP was the highest in Latin America, a substantial 22.5 percent more than runner-up Brazil. When GDP per capita is the gauge, Mexico is second only behind Argentina.

Half of all Latin American billionaires, 11 out of 22, are Mexicans.

Mexico is the quintessential banana republic—a corrupt oligarchy of arrogant rich, a tiny middle class and millions of poor people, around half of whom live in poverty.

But Mexico is not poor overall. It has the resources to improve itself.

Economist Gary Hufbauer of the Institute for International Economics recently noted that Mexico has tax collections that amount to only 14 percent of the country’s gross domestic profit, compared with the U.S. level of 25 to 28 percent.

Hubauer’s conclusion: "Basically the wealthy classes do not want to tax themselves, period."

Hufbauer further remarked:

"Basic social services and infrastructure are awfully lean for a country that wants to move ahead. While I’m not usually an advocate for larger government, Mexico is a country where public investment, done wisely, could pay huge dividends."

Arguably, with adequate taxation of its freeloader rich, Mexico could follow the example of the Asian tiger nations and invest its way into economic progress by building industrial infrastructure and educating its workforce. The recent loss of Mexican jobs to China was partially due to the lack of capital spending on education, ports, roads and industrial parks.

But investment would cost money. And Mexico refuses to take responsibility for the social needs of its population. It’s so much easier to let the Americans care for Mexico’s poor.

Indeed, the Mexican propaganda war to convince Americans of the need to support poor Mexico has been largely successful.

Washington’s current degree of solicitude for the well being of Mexicans is quite astonishing, particularly at a time when Americans are suffering the highest unemployment in nine years. Congress and the President are considering various welfare packages for Mexico; such as Sen. McCain’s "guest worker" plan (where the "guests" never leave).

On July 10, the Senate passed a bill to provide $100 million in microloans for the poorest regions of Mexico. It’s stunning that Congress would vote to provide financial aid to wealthy Mexico when 47 U.S. states have severe budget deficits and federal red ink is the highest ever.

Central to Mexican strategy is maintaining the billions of dollars in remittance money flowing south, thereby keeping a lid on social unrest among the masses. In that way, the oligarchy preserves its enormous power and riches.

The immigration scam is very successful: the rulers export their unemployment to the United States and get back billions in remittance cash annually— 2003 is on track to rack up a record $11 billion.

Talk about easy money: the worse the oligarchy run the country, the more people leave and send back money.

Furthermore, every social service for illegal aliens and legal immigrants financed by the American taxpayer—medical care, K-12 education, college tuition breaks, housing vouchers and food stamps—frees up more money for remittances.

Recent surveys show half of Latino immigrants send money home, with a monthly average amount of $250.

Mexico’s propaganda effort is helped enormously by the annual carnage of unprepared walkers who die in the desert as they illegally cross into the U.S. Predictably, the May death of 19 people in an unventilated truck in Texas incited anti-borders extremists to pile blame on American immigration law.

Mexico would prefer that all its excess workers could cross an unenforced border to keep remittance dollars flowing.

Washington is currently focused on building democracy in Iraq at a cost of $4 billion per month. But should this effort really be at the top of our national priorities?

A much smaller investment could bring our southern border under control and would lower the threat of terrorists entering there. The expanding power of lawless elements in Mexican society, e.g. narco-traffickers, must be recognized as a security threat – particularly with recent reports of connections between Mexican drug cartels and terrorists, including al Qaeda. Border control is now critical to national security.

There’s no reason why Mexico cannot evolve from being a parasite state into an adult nation. Washington was optimistic when opposition party candidate Vicente Fox won the presidency.

But the Fox administration has only displayed more of the same tiresome dependence.

Apparently the current system is just too easy and profitable for the insatiable ruling class.

Tough immigration enforcement from the United States is the only way to force Mexico to get its act together.

If Mr. Bush still thinks of Vicente Fox as his good friend, the President will help wean his pal from the distasteful immigration addiction that keeps Mexico mired in the Third World.

Tough love – border and interior enforcement – is the true expression of caring.

Faced with the unavoidable necessity of fixing their country, Mexicans would have to insist that the country be run for the benefit of all – not for the gluttonous few.

Brenda Walker [email her] is a writer living in California. She publishes two websites, and She recently advanced the ingenious suggestion that remittances be taxed in order to pay for illegal immigrant healthcare costs borne by border hospitals.
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That’s a long article….I just got back from D.F and Taxco, you see huddle masses of poor and a very few rich and virtually no middle class…..Its the same everywhere…..The very rich here also get away with paying fewer taxes….The difference is, we have a much larger middle class than Mexico, so are are able to pay into the system, the middle class….In Mexico, the disparity between rich and poor is much greater….They have no middle class compared to US….With no middle class, who pays for services? The poor?

How would you feel if this happened in your city,county or state with illegal immigrants?

January 29th, 2010 11 comments

Mo. town outraged over killings, illegal immigrant
HANNIBAL, Mo. – A Hannibal police officer was finishing up mundane paperwork on a quiet Saturday morning when Manuel Cazares walked into the station, blood splattered on his hands and shoes.

Cazares put his hands out, crossed them, and told the officer to arrest him.

"I killed two people," he allegedly said.

Details surrounding the allegations are far too common: an abusive relationship, a jilted lover, a sudden attack.

But some in this Mississippi River community of 17,000 best known as Mark Twain’s hometown aren’t just outraged by the violence. They also question why Cazares was in Hannibal at all.

Cazares admitted after his arrest that he is an illegal immigrant from the Mexican state of Michoacan. The 32-year-old had several run-ins with law enforcement before the homicides, but officials had never questioned his legal status.

Now he is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the Feb. 28 deaths of his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Thomas, and 25-year-old Carl Patrick Epley.

"I don’t know how this happens," said Tina White-Masengill, Thomas’ sister. "My stepdad told police many times, ‘I don’t even think the guy’s a legal citizen.’"

During his three years in Hannibal, Cazares managed to avoid detection, despite a few traffic violations and a property damage conviction after an arrest for allegedly beating up Thomas and tearing up her home. Thomas had a restraining order against Cazares, who got probation in the property-damage case.

Police say his name wasn’t in a database maintained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Police and Cazares’ boss also say he had authentic-looking identification, including a Social Security card. And police noted that Cazares speaks fluent English.

Cazares’ attorney did not return phone messages seeking comment. Cazares is being held in lieu of $1 million bond.

Hannibal police declined several interview requests from The Associated Press, but said soon after the killing that they had received several angry calls, some with racial overtones.

Days after the killings, rocks were thrown through plate-glass windows at the Mexican restaurant where Cazares worked. The FBI decided against opening a hate-crime investigation after concluding that it was vandalism, not retaliation.

Hundreds of messages related to the case were posted on the Hannibal Courier-Post Web site, with several questioning why authorities hadn’t been able to determine Cazares’ legal status before. One suggested police should conduct raids to seek out other illegal immigrants.

"Of course we have folks who say that’s unconstitutional and racial profiling so we have to ignore the problem until this sort of terrible tragedy takes place," the posting read. The newspaper eventually took down the postings.

At a news conference, police Capt. James Hark told reporters that tracking illegal immigrants is a federal responsibility. He said the department is sympathetic to the victims’ families, "but, in retrospect, there’s nothing in the system that would have prevented this from happening."

ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok said the agency seeks to work closely with local police to uncover illegal immigrants.

"When local law enforcement suspect that they have arrested an illegal alien on criminal charges, we encourage them to forward those suspicions to ICE, where we will make the appropriate determination whether that person is in the country legally or illegally, and whether he is deportable," Rusnok said.

The relationship between Cazares and Thomas had long been rocky, with Thomas seeking restraining orders in 2007 and again early last year. Marion County prosecutor Tom Redington said the first order was dismissed when Thomas failed to appear at a court hearing; the second was dismissed at her request.

Thomas made a third attempt around Thanksgiving and obtained a restraining order that was supposed to keep Cazares away from the small brick duplex where she lived with their 20-month-old son and a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Yet neighbors said they often saw Cazares in the area.

"We pulled up one night and he drives up the street with his car lights off and just sits there watching her house," said neighbor Charles Thomas, who is not related to the victim.

In early February, Thomas told police she thought Cazares was stalking her. White-Masengill said her sister played cell phone messages for police, including one in which he said, "No one can love you like I do."

Redington said he didn’t have Cazares arrested immediately because of the "on-again, off-again nature of their relationship." He asked Thomas to obtain records that would show that Cazares had been calling her, but she never got the records.

According to court records, Cazares offered the following a

And yet another soild reason to DEPORT ILLEGALS.

Had the government done thier job this ILELGAL INVADER would not have killed these pepoe.

If I was the victims family I would file suit against the US Government for failing to uphold the immigration laws.

What country would you go after these events

January 29th, 2010 3 comments

First before answering, I want to assure you that I am completely sane when I make reference to this story. I have seen a lot of answers to my situation, that continuakky indulge upon my mental well being. For the record, with proof, I am a sane individual. There should be NO ANSWERS ABOUT MY SANITY. My goal is to tell as many people as possible of the injustices that happened at the University of Michigan. Here is my story:

My story begins back in September of 2007. I was going to college where I was viewed as a loner or a person that stayed to himself. What happened next, followed harrassment by my dorm room of college kids my own age(Eventually a guard would be put below my window). I left the college, but it was in regards to a desicion in career opportunities not met while at that college. Three months later(January of 2008), I decided to return(stupid) only to find harrassment and stalking becoming ever more commonplace. In campus I was followed around, made fun of and harrassed. Eventually, things that I would do in my apartment, people would know/repeat what would happen there. In fact everytime I would move in my apartment, a car alarm would go off; deployed by the students that stayed in my building. Eventually it got so bad that there was a protest that happened below my apartment. I decided that I would move to another apartment that was offered by student housing. This was worse, being that this place was bugged, and a man inside a vehicle outside my apartment would yell degrading comments everytime I would move in the apartment. Now through this experience comes a question as to how would you know your apartment was bugged? Well, I would here people talk about my apartment on the street, or hear the exact same songs being played in parties that would play in my apartment. Eventually it got so bad that people outside my apartment would yell I going to kill you!!! as well as kick the apartment wall outside my apartment. It was from this point that I decided to talk to the police. When I talked to them nothing got solved except the harassment being more intensified. Men outside my apartment were yelling degrading comments, students were demanding I "talk to someone" due to my loner behavior, and I began to become an outcast on the college’s campus. Eventually being refered as a weirdo, psychopath and other degrading terms. When I decided to leave to go home, men came oustide my dorm room demanded I stay at the college, and began to make death threats. It got so bad that I could see them outside the window making these threats. That is when I decided to call the cops a second time. When the cops came, they said there was no foot prints outside my window, and requested that I go to the hosptial. While there I see the exact same guys that were there outside my window were there in the hospital(same guys that bugged me). Fearing for my life, I told the doctors that I was hearing voices and was put in a hospital. Thinking that everything would be alright, the people in the hospital said, that you should go back to the college and they began wearing the college’s emblems(From one nightmare to the next). Eventually I got out of the hospital and went home to my parent’s house. When I was there I found the wire’s in my basement messed up, and my house, and phone conversations "bugged". When I would go and walk on the street things that happened in my house, people would know about. In fact joke and talk about the ailments that happened in college. On top of that. While driving on the road, a phone company truck, and/or hospital van would show every single day. To top this off, everytime I move in my own house, a car passes by with a person yelling out that you messed up and/or electrical pulses are sent through my house. On top of that they cause havoc in the world. For example, everytime "I would mess up"(as said by people who yell past my house everyday) I would see problems within my community and the world even though it sounds crazy . Because of my hospitalization, if I bring this information up with my parents, they think I going nuts and think a higher dosage of medication will work……but I am not nuts. For crying outloud I faked the illness to escape that havoc. So my life has been a living hell ever since I decided to go back to that college in January. Since that time, my life has been of harrassment, stalking, and my house and phone calls being bugged. It’s as if there is nothing you can do anything about. I want to mention that most of the people in my home town changed their license plates to the license plates of the college I went to. Plus on top of that each neighbor I would wave hi too, guys in pick up trucks would go to their houses and install bugging equipment within their residences. I witnessed this happening. The last thing I want to add is that now everytime I go past a cell phone, a third party participant yells degrading information over the phone. And everyone in my home town considers me a pychopath for leaving the college. To add further woe, when I left the country to visit a relative, these same things would happen there. The only difference was that when I would "mess up"(as said by the drivers), they would honk their horn. For example, if I would get up too fast, or start moving around a car would beep it’s horn. All these events that occured are real though it sounds crazy. My illness was faked, but my experiences real. The college I went to: the University of Michigan. In terms of who is stalking/harassing me/electronic harassment or who bugged my parents house, cars, and my car: possibly a rogue law enforcement agency.

be care ful writing the stuff on the net if theyre watching you i would suggest a quiet area in some other country such as Ireland

What happened to the bodies of 1918 Influenza victims?

January 29th, 2010 4 comments

During some research for family genealogy, I came across a little confusion about the flu epidemic of 1918. My great grandfather was drafted to WWI and reported to Fort Riley, Kansas in sept of 1918, by Oct 15 he was dead. Now no one knows where his body is and there was no death certificate issued. His death just kind of become a common knowledge thing but with no actual proof. Where bodies just disposed of with no record of who had died, like in a big burn ditch? Where could I look to find some hard copy proof? I’ve been to Kansas dept of vitals with no luck either. Thanks in advance!

That is an interesting question. I gave a link that has lots of information regarding the epidemic. It was also postulated that the folks didn’t die of the flu, but the cytokine storm that was invoked by the virus, because generally healthy young adults were among the most that ended up dieing. The very young and very old were spared, mostly because their immune systems were slow to react as opposed to those healthy younger adults. Good luck with your search.

does the following message sound suicidal???

January 29th, 2010 3 comments


They need and want someone who cares… They want help.

Can someone help me with my history please?

January 29th, 2010 1 comment

Which best characterizes the League of Nations response to the invasion of Ethiopia, Manchuria, and the Rhineland?

swift and aggressive

slow, but very effective

mainly symbolic


Which of the following did not cause World War II?
the German invasion of Poland

Hitlers effort to acquire lebensraum for what he called the Aryan race

Nazi efforts to appease Britain and France

Hitlers violation of the Munich Agreement

What was the Holocaust?
Hitlers plan to acquire living space for Aryans

the Nazis systematic effort to kill Jews and others

the Japanese attack on Hawaii

the plan to oust Europeans from North Africa

The battle for which Soviet city is viewed as an Allied victory and a major turning point of the war?




Which battle marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific? American forces succeeded in stopping the enemy advance there with a surprise air attack on the Japanese warships.
Battle of the Bulge

Battle of Britain

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of Midway

What did Hitler call his program for dealing with Jewish people by sending them to death camps?
New Order


Final Solution


All of the following statements accurately describe the state of the world at the end of World War II except __________. (Points: 3)
many European and Asian civilians were left hungry and homeless

the United States was the richest, most powerful nation in the world

in the western part of the Soviet Union, thousands of towns and villages had been obliterated

Britain was battered and exhausted and its empire no longer existed

Which of the following would not be considered a primary source for World War II?
a picture depicting malnourished Jews at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany

a non-fictional story written in the 1950s about a soldier that served in World War II

a World War II Navy captain?s diary describing explicit details about the Battle of Midway

a recording of President Roosevelt?s speech asking Congress to declare war on Germany

Which of the following statements accurately describes the Yalta and Potsdam conferences?

The same Allied leaders attended both conferences.

The conferences went well and all the participants shared the idea of spreading democracy throughout Europe.

The Big Three agreed without a doubt that Germany should pay heavy war reparations.

The conferences were held to discuss what should happen after the war.

At Dumbarton Oaks the delegates agreed that the United Nations should have two chambers. What are the two chambers called?
Senate and General Assembly

Security Council and General Assembly

Chamber of Delegates and Senate

Senate and Security Council

Which person was in the first U.S. delegation to the United Nations and was chosen to chair the Human Rights Commission?
J. Robert Oppenheimer

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eleanor Roosevelt

Albert Einstein.

All of the following are goals of the United Nations except __________.
to prevent war

to prevent communism from spreading

to promote cooperation among countries

to help settle international disputes

Which of the following was a cause of World War II?
Britain and France took too strong a stand against Hitler’s aggressions.

The treaty ending World War I caused resentment and anger in Germany.

Hitler’s enthusiasm for communism worried the non-communist world.

The Munich Agreement was unfair to Germany because it took too much land away.

1. Use the information in the box and your knowledge to answer the question that follows.

The events listed in the box are examples of __________.

acts of aggression by the Axis Powers

2. Which best characterizes the League of Nation’s response to the invasion of Ethiopia, Manchuria, and the Rhineland?

slow, but very effective


He was the brilliant statesman who served as prime minister of Britain through most of World War II.

winston churchill


In his quest for lebensraum, he marched into the Rhineland, annexed Austria, and went on to claim Czechoslovakia for Germany. Britain and France finally declared war on Germany when he attacked Poland.

adolf hitler


The day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he addressed Congress. He asserted December 7, 1941 was “ a date which will live in infamy” and asked Congress to declare war on Japan.

franklin roosavelt

6. .

He was the Fascist dictator of Italy who formed an alliance with Hitler during World War II. His major military campaigns were in North Africa and Greece.

benito mussolini


He was the communist leader of the Soviet Union. Before the war, he formed a Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact with Hitler. He was forced to join the Allies after Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

joseph stalin

8. Which generals led the Allies to victory in North Africa?

Eisenhower and Montgomery

9. All of the following helped bring about World War II except __________.

Hitler’s appeasement policy toward France and Britain

10. What was the Holocaust?

the systematic Nazi slaughter of Jews and others

11. Which city was the site of the battle that was considered the major turning point in the war on the Eastern Front?

Is Narco-Communist Cuba, a threat to America ?

January 29th, 2010 11 comments

Cuba’s communist red puppet regime posses biological & bacteriological weapons. Yes they do!

Intelligence sources confirmed it:
Cuba’s bacteriological and biological weapons.- The world and the USA believes Cuba "has at least a limited offensive biological warfare" program and may be transferring its expertise to other countries hostile to the United States. We are concerned that such technology could support biological warfare programs in those states. Cuba might be attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction.
The State Department’s top nonproliferation official, called on Cuba to cease transfers of biological weapons technology to "rogue states and to fully comply with all of its obligations under the Biological Weapons Convention." this remarks were prepared for delivery to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative research group. For four decades Cuba has maintained a well-developed and sophisticated biomedical industry, supported until 1990 by the Soviet Union.
Secret Intelligence sources reported and concluded that Cuba might represent a significant military threat to the United States or the region. Cuba is part of Axis of Evil.
Fidel Castro cooperated with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in an active chemical and biological weapons program. The report originated in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, an online intelligence newsletter published by WorldNetDaily. Some intelligence analysts believe Castro may have unleashed that program on the U.S. in the form of West Nile Virus.
West Nile was first identified in New York City in 1999. By the end of 2002, there were 4,156 laboratory-diagnosed human cases and 284 deaths, the largest arboviral meningo-encephalitis outbreak ever recorded in North America,
To conduct a bacteriological attack, a country or a terrorist group does not need to have any sophisticated means of delivery, such as a missile. – a container the size of a five-pound sugar bag.. Some intelligence analysts believe Castro may have unleashed that program on the U.S. in the form of West Nile Virus.
West Nile was first identified in New York City in 1999. By the end of 2002, there were 4,156 laboratory-diagnosed human cases and 284 deaths, the largest arboviral meningo-encephalitis outbreak ever recorded in North America,
To conduct a bacteriological attack, a country or a terrorist group does not need to have any sophisticated means of delivery, such as a missile. A container the size of a five-pound sugar bag can bring bacteriological materials capable of causing over 50,000 casualties in an urban area, depending on the flow. Communist Cuba is a threat to U.S. National Security. Department of Defense remains vigilant on southern Florida and Cuba’s terrorist cells.

I do not think that our back yard is a threat for us.