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Between the Buried and Me – Alaska

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This is Alaska. The second song off the Alaska cd by Between the Buried and Me.
Here are the lyrics:

The road is dry… I’m delirious right now… life goes on… glorious evening of nodding and jump starts… I need to make a personal dance party. The brain works very weird at this hour… not the best time for lyrics I suppose… keep writing, keep dreaming. Nope, can’t be awake and dream, drift in and out, in and out… eye motions… in out… heat lightning, scares us both… the only two people awake at this hour… I won’t remember this in the morning…. at least I wrote this all down… please pick the right song… the one that keeps the eyes wide… creepy… yes, creepy… the idea of control… controlling death with alertness… when is the sun coming up. Then it all changes, same scenery but sun involved… shouldn’t be much different…Alaska… the brain works very weird at this hour. Tick tock tick tock… the rain is pouring now… wide-awake… at least for now… nature can be the death of me… a thing we’ll never overcome… in out in out.

Duration : 0:4:4

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What steps are required to obtain a court order establishing marital status at the time of my husbands death?

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My mother-in-law misinformed the funeral home by stating on my husband’s death certificate that we was divorced. We are not on the best of terms and she refuses to go to the funeral home and sign a request to amend the death certificate. She is doing this out of spite because my husband and I were separated (he was a violent and abusive alcoholic). and he was living with her at the time of his death. I am sorry, but my son’s safety was my #1 priority. It was not a healthy environment for either my son or myself.

I was just contacted by the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Insurance Dept. that they are holding money that I am entitled to claim as his surviving spouse. Unfortunately, I need to get the death certificate amended to reflect that we were married at the time of his death. The Office of Vital Records suggested that I contact the court and request a certified copy of a court order establishing our marital status at the time of my husband’s death. It also said that I may want to contact an attorney. Unfortunately, I am a disabled widow on SSI and can’t afford to pay an attorney for advice. I’m sure that once I know where to go and what to do that I can fill out and file the necessary documents.

Please help me with as much information as possible to enable me to complete this task without the need for a lawyer. I live in Porterville, California and need to know which court to contact to accomplish this task.

Thanking you in advance for your most valuable time and assistance.

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