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5’5 Mar.10 Alan Watt Cutting Through The Matrix 2010

Government Runs with Lawyers and Marketeers,
Plus Academia, They’re Racketeers:
“Masters Use Lawyers to Scheme and Cook,
To Get Each New Law Onto the Book,
Each 1,000-Page Law (Legalese Demanded)
Once On the Books is Then Expanded,
Three Amendments Down the Road,
Shows Real Intent of the Slimy Toad
Who Lives within Well-Funded Think-Tank,
Where Each Part of Agenda’s Called a ‘Plank,’
Specially Trained in Art of Deception,
Where Truth Takes Artist in Detection,
All to Ensure Slaves are Easily Managed,
And Master Class Goes On — Undamaged”

Topics of show covered in following links:

Patients’ Medical Records go Online Without Consent

National Health Database for All

Death Tax for Elderly

Holland Champions Next Stage of Government Approved Euthanasia-by new Professional Terminators

Innsbruck Political Scientist Claims US HAARP at Alaska Caused Haitian Earthquake

US Free Trade Heating Up

Snow falls on French Med. Beaches

Duration : 0:9:11

[youtube Wx7Tvq8FLgU]

  1. LondonBoy2006
    June 4th, 2010 at 17:23 | #1

    5:22 fcukin typical!
    5:22 fcukin typical!

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