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9/11 opinions please and thank yous?

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1.Molten metal ran off the building, metal does not melt from orange flames (as seen in the countless videos) orange flames burn 1200 degrees and 2800 melts steel. Jet fuel fires may burn hotter than normal orange flames but even so lets say it was SOMEHOW hot enough but that doesn’t explain the third building collapsing because that building is said to of caught on fire from debris from the towers… EXPLOSIVES

2.That was the first time in history a steel frame building went down due to fires. 3 buildings went down that day due to fire, all three owned by the same guy. He payed a few million for the towers and got around 8 billion off the insurance.

3.The pentagon is statistically the most recorded building in the world yet only one video of the (plane) hitting it was released? There isn’t even a plane in the video and to top it off the "plane" hit into a spot that was under renovations so nobody that was important to the government actually got hurt.

4.We created the terrorist back in the 70’s to fight off the Russians. We need a war to stimulate the economy and oil for our cars. We made Osama the scapegoat so we could go and get what we needed. His "death" is a retirement plan.

5.After a disaster the president must officially assign a member of congress to investigate. Titanic 5 days, Jfk 7 days, pearl harbor 5 days, 9/11 it took 411 days. More than enough time to let things cool down and get covered up.

6.9/11 the entire air force was out over Canada and Alaska fighting off an imaginary Russian fleet leaving 7 jet fighters to defend all of the east coast.

7.A week before 9 11 the vice president took over the air-force. First time in U.S. history that a vice president did so, there is documentation saying former commanders have no say anymore.

8.Last thing I will mention is that even then the pentagon had state of the art equipment. If your plane was off track for 5 minutes they all knew about it, yes even then. They knew about the first plane a half hour before it hit. The second for a entire hour before it hit and the last plane that hit the pentagon itself an hour and a half.

The first step to fighting a bully is making everyone aware that he is a bully. Get the word out and it could go further than you might expect. Everyone who looks at this please do your own research on 9/11. There is much more out there to find out, anyone with half a brain can see it. Please spread the word, the government has become destructive of our rights. If you didn’t know, the second amendment (right to bear arms) was not created so we could get drunk and shoot stuff or fight off invaders. It was made so we can fight off our own government if it becomes destructive. Don’t believe me? Read the bill of rights! This is factually and strictly educational 🙂 have a nice day.
At least read the thing before saying its nonsense to by the way. It’s all fact, if you can read it and say nothing about it is weird then you need help.

Yes it’s all a bit dodgy. I personally always thought that it was pretty strange that it was so easy to hijack so many aeroplanes and fly them into the towers and the pentagon, and that the towers collapsed at all. There is a video on youtube of what looks like explosives blowing up the towers. Why aren’t there any books out there about these kinds of things making it more commonly known? Seems like a coverup to me.

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