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Devilyn – Reborn In Pain

Devilyn is a death metal band from Poland founded in 1992. Their former name is Cerebral Concussion.Devilyn was founded in 1992 by “Bony” (rhythm guitar) and Marcin “Novy” Nowak (bass guitar). Musicians were under strong influence of bands like Morbid Angel, Slayer and Testament. Under the name “Cerebral Concussion” they released their first demo, The Rule. In 1996 the name was turned to “Devilyn” and the first album Anger was recorded. In 1998 Devilyn went on European tour with Cannibal Corpse and Krabathor. In the same year they recorded new album, Reborn in Pain. There was no more tours for the next two years. In 2001 Artefact was released. After that, in the result of conflict between “Bony” and “Novy”, band was defunct.

In 2005 Devilyn, without “Novy” in the current line-up, were reactived and released new album entitled 11. Currently they are recording to Conquer Records.

Current line-up:Barney – Vocals (Spinal Cord, Rise Up)
Bony – Guitar (Cerebral Concussion)
Erian – Guitar (Whichheaven, Usque Ad Mortum)
Domin – Drums (Nomad (Pol), Soul Devourer (Pol), Hemia)
Tomasz “Cyklon” Wêglewski – Bass (Hate (Pol), Hellfire (Pol), Gortal, Teratosis)

Former/past member(s):
Vocals:Michal (Whichheaven, Anticipate, Gortal)

Krystian “Dino” Wojdas (Shaker, Dogma (Pol), Spinal Cord)
Boroova (Heatenic Noiz Architect, Ortank, Eclypse (Pol), Cremaster)
Andy Blakk (Pyorrhoea)

Cyprian (Pyorrhoea, Hate (Pol))
Marcin “Novy” Nowak (and Vocals) (Cerebral Concussion, Vader, Dies Irae (Pol), Behemoth (Pol), Spinal Cord, Crucified Mortals, Virgin Snatch)

Basti (Spinal Cord, Witchmaster (Pol), Hell-Born)
Imp (Legacy of Blood, Saltus, The Unborn (Pol), Empheris)

Genre:death metal


Duration : 0:4:35

[youtube GWL5DGHoCaQ]

  1. UberChuckBAss
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    nice bass lines !
    nice bass lines !

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    Thank you Poland!!! …
    Thank you Poland!!! \m/ \m/

  3. enrikecfh
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    a love polish death …
    a love polish death metal!!
    ARS rules!!!

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