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I need an attorney who practices in Missouri who will work with me ?

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To Whom It May Concern:

Being a veteran of the World’s greatest military, as many of you are I would expect you to hold integrity to yourself when hearing my story.

On or about the month of December 2004 I was hired on by the Missouri Department of Corrections at Moberly Correctional Center . While I was there I came in contact with a female employee whom I befriended. On or about March 2005 she and I left with our group to attend the training academy in Jefferson City, while there I made some decisions that did not hold up to my character. On several occasions during after duty hours I consumed alcohol with this particular female. However approximately the third week of training the last one of these occasions occurred with the end result of me being accused of sexual assault and terminated from my employment due to her allegations. The Department of Corrections states that I was terminated for bad conduct for consuming alcohol and being late for class (1day late due to illness & the only other day was the day after the alleged allegation). When I was terminated I appealed this decision because I felt I was being discriminated against however my appeal was denied. Given the facts this other female Individual was consuming alcohol just as often as I was and that she was late to class as often as I, their decision was to allow her to keep her employment but terminate mine. I am under the impression that they believe I actually committed these accusations therefore terminating me for sexual assault, if they were to honestly terminate me for bad conduct for the consumption of alcohol they would have terminated this female individual as well. Regardless of what the Department of Corrections may have in their records they were aware of her actions while in the training academy. I have a letter signed by the Macon County Victims Advocate dated February 7, 2007 which states quote “ I made several telephone calls to law enforcement in Jefferson City and was told upon investigation the overall feeling was that Ms. XXXX made the accusation in order to keep from getting in trouble with her employer for drinking while in training and having relations with a fellow correction officer” this letter also states “ Ms. XXXX had a history of making false allegations in Macon County ”. I have attached this letter.

After this incident I filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity but did not follow through due to family emergencies and I had also contacted the State Reps., State Senate, Director of State, the Division Director of Department of Corrections and Superintendant of Moberly Correctional Center their decisions stood final. I also seeked counsel from an attorney in Macon County who wanted much more than I could afford being a single father with 2 children at that time. It wasn’t until recently that I applied for a position as a law enforcement officer with the Travis County Sheriffs Department in Austin , Texas and found that because of the mark on my employment record I would not be able to obtain the position I was longing for. My criminal record is clean, I have many accredited hours in Criminal Justice, I am only being held back from doing what I want to, do due to false accusations from an unbalanced young lady. I am coming forward to all of you in the hopes of clearing my employment record.

As giving my all but death to this country as a 6 year veteran with an Honorable Discharge from the Navy, and currently on active duty with the California Air National Guard, I do believe I deserve better than this. I have been respectful to my Commander in Chief, to the State of Missouri and have always maintained honesty and integrity. I would only hope after reading this story you too would uphold your integrity and ask yourself, does this young man deserve such a tainted mark upon his employment record? If you honestly do not think so what could you do, given the office and position that you hold? Thank You for your time.

Very Respectfully,

Joshua S. Yount

Senior Airman United States Air Force

Dear Mr. Yount:

Thank you for contacting Lt. Governor Kinder’s office concerning your employment with the Department of Corrections. We will do our best to be of service to you.

In response to your request for assistance, I contacted the Department of Corrections. We have asked that your situation be reviewed at the state level and that you receive every consideration allowed to you under the law.

The Department should contact you soon. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office at (573) 751-4727.

Bill Fix
Assistant Director of Communications
Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

Try the links below and watch the online movie presentations. This can be used nationwide and in Canada. If you have any questions, please contact me. I hope this helps.

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    Try the links below and watch the online movie presentations. This can be used nationwide and in Canada. If you have any questions, please contact me. I hope this helps.
    References :

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    First, thank you for serving our country. If you are looking for a lawyer in Missouri try a few of the following links:
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