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LIVING SACRIFICE perform “Reborn Empowered” & “Reject” on CAPITAL CHAOS 2008 @ Club Retro~Orangevale, CA 5/29/08 also on the bill were DEMON HUNTER, OH SLEEPER, ADVENT & THE FAMINE Living Sacrifice is a Christian death/thrash band that formed in 1989 in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S..
Living Sacrifice was one of the first Christian death metal bands. They formed in 1989 by Darren “D.J.” Johnson (bass/vocals), Bruce Fitzhugh (guitar) and Lance Garvin (drums). Later on, Jason Truby joined in on guitar.
In 1989 the four original members recorded a demo entitled …Not Yielding to The Ungodly that got into the hands of Kurt Bachman and Joey Daub from Believer, who signed the band to R.E.X. records.
In 1991, Living Sacrifice’s self-titled debut was released on R.E.X. Records. The album received much comparison to thrash groups of the time, especially Slayer. In 1992, Living Sacrifice released their second album, Nonexistent. In this album, Living Sacrifice switched from thrash metal to down-tuned death metal, and D.J. started experimenting with a slurred incomprehensible growl in his vocal approach. The members have said that they were dissapointed with the experience of making this album and that the producer was to blame.
In 1994, the band released a third album, Inhabit, which is considered the heaviest of all Living Sacrifice albums (Nonexistent has also been considered the heaviest). On Inhabit, D.J. returned to a more thrashy vocal approach, deeper and lower in tone than his vocals on the band’s debut. After this recording R.E.X. went bankrupt, and Living Sacrifice signed onto Solid State Records seeking to widen their audience.
After this, D.J. left the band and Bruce took over vocals. Jason’s brother, Chris, also joined on bass. With this new lineup, Living Sacrifice recorded Reborn, their Solid State debut, in 1997. This is considered by many to be their best album. After this record, Chris and Jason left the band and Jay Stacy filled in on bass, but was later replaced by Arthur Green, formerly of Eso-Charis. Cory Putman (Eso-Charis, Norma Jean) played guitar for a tour through Norway and Sweden but was then replaced by Rocky Gray (who would go on to play drums in Evanescence and guitar in Soul Embraced.)
At the end of 1999, Matt Putman joined Living Sacrifice as a percussionist. This gave Living Sacrifice a new sound, combined with the writing style of Rocky Gray. In 2000, Living Sacrifice recorded their 5th full length album, The Hammering Process, with a more rhythmic sound influenced by Meshuggah. Bruce also sang in one Evanescence song, “Lies”. In 2001, A Tribute to Living Sacrifice was released. The album contains covers of many Living Sacrifice songs by other metal bands and former members, and a Living Sacrifice song from a split album called Metamorphosis, released in 1993.

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