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Why were the highest temperatures ever recorded so long ago almost 90 years ago?

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Surely with all the global warming and so called CO2 pollution that has been going on, the 1922 record from almost 90 years ago would be broken!

In 1922 the temperature reached 136° Fahrenheit (58° C) in Libya.
Death Valley in California holds the record for the highest temperature in the U.S. at 134° in 1913.
Pearl your logic is flawed as those deserts are still there today but colder now after decades of so called global warming.
The non city locations are the best indicators of temperature as there is not urban heat island effect as can be seen in many of the locations here which are cities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_weather_records#Highest_temperature_ever_recorded
Stormwolf… what a stupid name is an idiot as hot weather is quoted all the time to support global warming/climate change… just a pity that most of the really hot weather records were so long ago… fool!

You do point out some (Inconvenient Truths) which the ‘believers’ wish to either ignore or attack, since their ‘faith’ is under attack and the faithful must defend.

There were a few valid points mentioned by other respondents, and it IS true that taking one particular year as an indication of any long-term events could be considered as ‘cherry picking’.
This is however what the believers have been doing themselves for the last decade!
It is a situation of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’, which they (the faithful) could not understand.

We require the ‘heat island effect’ in order to ‘PROVE’ AGW.
We also need to remove all monitoring stations and/or data which may alter our belief!
We must continue to ‘Fight to the Death’ against capitalism, and promote ‘Socialism’ until we are back in the ‘STONE AGE’!

The real science is nothing to pay any attention to.
History and science mean nothing unless your computer model agrees!

We are now living in a very sad time.
Greed, arrogance, corruption,ignorance abound in today’s society!
Is it any wonder that we are in such a mess?

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