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Need some information on my great great grandmother?

November 23rd, 2011 2 comments

Born sidney marshall. In geogia maybe stewart county and worth county around 1860 to 70 I believe one of her children was my great grandmother. Was married to george jackson. I also need information on him also and they’re death records including cause of death and date of death. I also need what race they were. I need information on my great grandmother illinois also including cause of death and date of death. Someone help me I’m starting a genealogy project.

There’s this one, it says son, but if you look at the original the M for male is a lot darker than the other writing on the page as though it has been written over something.

1880 United States Federal Census about Sidney Marshall
Name: Sidney Marshall
Home in 1880: Mineral Springs, Stewart, Georgia
Age: 4
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1876
Birthplace: Georgia
Relation to Head of Household: Son
Father’s birthplace: Georgia
Mother’s Name: Emmaline Marshall
Mother’s birthplace: Georgia
Neighbors: View others on page
Marital Status: Single
Race: Black
Gender: Male
Cannot read/write:

Household Members:
Name Age
Emmaline Marshall 40
Tau… Marshall 11
Harriett Marshall 6
Sidney Marshall 4

Name: Sidney Acors
Home in 1900: Mineral Springs, Stewart, Georgia
[Omaha, Stewart, Georgia]
Age: 22
Birth Date: Aug 1877
Birthplace: Georgia
Race: Black
Gender: Female
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
Father’s Birthplace: Georgia
Mother’s Birthplace: Georgia
Mother: number of living children: 3
Mother: How many children: 3
Spouse’s Name: George Acors
Marriage Year: 1894
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 6
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
George Acors 23
Sidney Acors 22
Primrose Acors 4
Ilinois Acors 10
Willis Acors 1


November 18th, 2011 1 comment

Born Otha Lee Moore, 22 May 1930, Chicago, Illinois
Died 16 August 1964, Chicago, Illinois
She was one of those big-voiced R&B women of the mid to late 50s, with a style close to that of LaVern Baker, Big Maybelle and Big Mama Thornton. Her real name has been a mystery. for years, but early in 2008 someone in Berlin discovered that it was Otha Lee Moore Hall (she was married to Samuel Hall) .Before her recording career, Tiny sang with Al Smith’s 8-piece jazz/R&B club band, which was formed in Chicago in 1945. This group broke up in 1952 without having been recorded. Al Smith’s band went on to become the house band for labels like Chance, Parrot and Vee-Jay and turned out 81 sessions between 1952 and 1959, but without Tiny’s involvement.
iny’s first recording session was held in Cincinnati on July 9, 1957 and resulted in the bouncy “Aw! Shucks Baby” (Federal 12302), with a great tenor solo by Ray Felder. The label credit reads “Tiny Topsy With The Five Chances”. The flip was a cover of “Miss You So”, a Top 10 R&B hit for Lillian Offitt (Excello 2104, also # 66 pop). A third track from this session, “A Woman’s Intuition”, remained unissued until 1988. Her next two singles – both solid rockers – “Come On, Come On, Come On” (Federal 12309) and “You Shocked Me” (Federal 12315) both saw a UK release on the Parlophone label, quite surprising, considering the rarity of US R&B releases in Blighty at that time. (When Elmore James died in 1963, none of his records had been issued in the UK during his lifetime.)
Tiny Topsy’s fourth Federal single is a very interesting one. Written by the aforementioned Bernice Williams, it is called “Western Rock ‘n’ Roll” and incorporates snippets of then-current hits (Lollipop, At the Hop, Get a Job, Short Shorts). It opens with gunshots and probably for that reason, Dave Penny (yes, the same one) calls it a “Western Movies pastiche” in his 1988 liner notes for the LP “Aw! Shucks Baby”. However, the recording date of “Western Rock ‘n’ Roll” (March 19, 1958) predates the release date of the Olympics hit by some three months. So it looks like the sound effects on “Western Movies” were inspired by “Western Rock ‘n’ Roll” instead of the other way round.
Tiny Topsy certainly was a trendsetter, because her next single (and her last one for Federal) was the original of what has become a classic : “Just A Little Bit”. Rosco Gordon had a # 2 R&B hit with his version in 1960 and the song has been covered by countless people, including Jerry Lee Lewis on his “Southern Roots” album.
After leaving Federal, Tiny had only one further single released, “Working On Me Baby”, coupled with “How You Changed” (Argo 5383). In the UK, “How You Changed” was retitled “After Marriage Blues” (Pye International N 25104).
An alternate take of “Aw! Shucks Baby” was released by King in 1963, not long before her untimely death at the age of only 34. She never scored a hit, but her small legacy is thoroughly enjoyable.

Duration : 0:2:38

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Desperate help needed. What are my legal options in this case in illinois, please only serious answers thanks?

November 9th, 2011 2 comments

Hi there,
I live in Chicago. About a few weeks ago, this guy whom I know for 3 month. He grabbed my wallet and took out 500+ bucks while I was in his car with his brother, an accomplice. He said he needed money for emergency and would give me back the next day. He also happened to take my debit card without my notice, which he tried to use it the next day to get 1000 (fortunately I only have 10 dollars on it). Then, after a day, I tried to call and ask him to give my money back or I will tell the police. He denied that he ever took my money. Then about a few days later, he called me with private number and give me a death threat: "yo, my brother is gonna kill you, we know where you leave…" His number is now disconnected. I then reported the theft and the threat to the local police department. They gave me a report and ask me to call 911 if I see him again. Then, last friday, this person stalked me and threatened me near my house. He drove from behind while I was walking, then he pulled out a gun and spoke something threatening to me, which I could not understand at the moment. So, I called 911, and the officers said I should just go to see a warrant officer who may file a warrant of summons or warrant of arrest (idk why the officer cant go arrest him right way). So I am gonna go tomorrow to see the warrant officer, with my 3 police reports of him stealing, threatening and stalking me.

The question I ask is, would it be possible (do I have a strong cause) for me to request the warrant officer to get a warrant of arrest and get this guy arrested immediately, instead of getting a warrant of summons, where the court orders the guy to appear on his own. Because I believe now I am seriously threatened; he is dangerous to me and could attack me anytime; I cant even sleep while. Plus, I also have the probable cause of him stealing from me and thefting my card. Let me know what are my options here. If you have any suggestions of which course of actions should I take. And yes, I do have many evidence. For example, I recorded the conversation when he took my money from my hand. And I screen recorded the facebook chat where he threatened me. Thank you very much. Appreciate your answers.

When you don’t report the initial crime immediately, the officer can’t make an immediate arrest.

In this situation, the facts are too muddied. You essentially let him borrow the money by accepting what he said about paying the money back the following day. This makes the situation a civil matter – not a criminal matter.

The issue with the debit card is also very murky. He will claim that you agreed to let him borrow that too – and you didn’t call the police until after he didn’t pay you back. (So the argument his lawyer would have is that you have a motive to lie.) Now you have reasonable doubt – so there is no hope of a criminal conviction against him.

When you threatened to report this incident as a theft unless he paid you back you REALLY mucked up the situation. The $500 is not and could never be a criminal matter – so threatening to involve the police to take care of your debt collection was highly improper. (It DOES NOT MATTER that he took money from your hand and it DOES NOT MATTER that you probably didn’t want him to have the money. You allowed him to take the money (by virtue of you not reporting this as a theft immediately) as a loan.

Stalking is a criminal behavior that has a very specific legal definition. It is unlikely that what he is doing rises to the level of stalking.

The threats you have described may or may not be actionable – but it’s not likely. Claiming that his brother is going to kill you isn’t enough, in and of itself, to rise to the level of a crime. Talking smack and blowing off steam isn’t necessarily a crime.

That you saw the guy with a gun is interesting – but your credibility is going to be an issue – because you apparently claimed the guy stole the cash. Unless there is another witness, there isn’t enough to justify a conviction.

He is not going to be arrested on the spot because the facts are too convoluted. This is something that a police officer MIGHT write up as a report and submit it to the prosecutor’s office to see if the prosecutor is interested in filing criminal charges. But I’m sorry, I don’t think you should get your hopes up.

Impetigo – Who’s Who?

November 1st, 2011 No comments

from the Ultimo Mondo Cannibale reissue on Razorback Records (2006) Originally released in 1990

Duration : 0:1:29

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Missing marriage records?

October 25th, 2011 3 comments

I’ve been helping a relative do some research on his family, and wee have a recording someone in his family did where his Grandmother describes having been married 4 different times between 1917-1960. Thing is, we can’t find a single marriage record for the woman. Not in any of the Indiana counties that she lived in during that period, or in St. Louis, MO where she claims on the recording that at least 3 of the marriages took place.

We have located the birth records for the children that she had with the first 2 husbands, (showing they were just barely legitimate) and census records showing her last name as having been changed to the 3rd husband’s name, plus her SS death record where she has husband #4’s last name (plus she’s buried with him)

At the time that the recording was made, I don’t think anyone believed there was any reason to question her version of events, or would have even if they thought of it. Now, many years later it is a matter of curiosity for the family and no one is left alive to really get upset about whether she was telling the truth or not.

My question is this: Is there a likely database or location where these marriage records may be stored that I’m missing? i can understand not being able to find a record of her last marriage, since neither Indiana or Illinois publishes the records for marriages that took place in the 50’s and 60’s. Plus that one some people actually remember seeing take place, so there’s no doubt it occurred. The first three marriages though we ought to be able to find, right? Is this something even worth chasing, or does it sound like maybe the marriages never actually took place?

I’m just trying to make sure that I’m not missing a resource, I’d hate to make a long trip trying to track this down in MO if the woman was simply engaging in a little revisionist’s history while she delivered her memoirs.
Shenaya- sorry, I failed to mention that she gave specific dates for the first two marriages (and divorces) and a year for the 3rd marriage and divorce. Going off of census records, draft cards and city directories in addition to the birth records of the children that she had with husbands 1 and 2, and a picture that was found of husband 3, I am certain she did in fact have relationships with all 3 men. I just haven’t been able to find any marriage records. Husband 1 married someone else shortly after she is supposed to have divorced him, husband 2 was married to someone else briefly a few years before she married him (this is the recollection of a 93 yr old niece of his) but I don’t have anything to tell me whether he was widowed, divorced or separated, and 3 was described as a playboy of sorts, I know he had a wife 3 years prior to when she would have married him, and I can’t be sure a divorce ever took place their either.
Joyce- I’m not used to giving personal info on YA, even when it isn’t mine. Sorry. The people and relevant dates in question are:

Lydia May Nolan
married James B Weir of Fountain Co IN sometime in 1916. Location unknown. Divorced 1-5-1917.
married Horace Sterling Zick of Fountain Co IN on 12-24-1918 in St Louis MO, divorced by 1922
married Thomas Larimore of Pekin, Tazewell, IL sometime in 1922 in St Louis MO, divorced 1923

Yes, I am on I’ve got records on these people out the wazoo, just none to explain whether all the bed hopping was done with the proper paperwork having been filed.
Maxi- actually when i started working on this (for my 3rd cousin) I had absolutely nothing but 2 iffy names and a location. My great aunt sent him to me because he wanted to find out about his father’s family and I am the only person in our family who is both interested in genealogy and familiar with the computer. His whole problem was that that side of his family was never an acceptable topic of conversation while his father was alive. So I started digging and finding records, starting with his dad and then good old grandma, then a birth record, then another birth record for another kid with a different guy. I must have 200 emails back and forth from me finding a record or having an idea and him digging up a piece of information from someone to corroborate it. I have enough records that I can put together a reasonable chronology for everyone involved, but to me, considering the time period, all the brief marriages and quick divorces that were supposedly taking place just in time

If you don’t provide names, all we can do is give generic answers. She could have been playing fast and loose with the truth, or the records simply aren’t online yet. Have you contacted the state vital records office requesting a copy of the marriage certificates? Are you using for your search?


October 12th, 2011 4 comments

TAKEN FROM HELLS HEADBANGERS RECORDS ALBUM WAITING FOR HIS RETURN. ILLINOIS DEATH METAL!!! All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda!!!!!

Duration : 0:7:3

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A Conversation with Steve Nonn Coroner-Madison County, IL 9-13-11

October 4th, 2011 No comments

A coroner is a government official who investigates human deaths. The Coroner’s Office usually has the responsibility to determine the cause of death, issue a death certificate, and maintain death records. Local laws define the deaths a coroner must investigate. Those include deaths that are sudden, unexpected, and have no attending physician. A Coroner will also investigate a death which is suspicious or violent. Depending on a state’s laws, a Coroner may determine the cause of death personally, or may act as the presiding officer of a coroner’s jury. Our guest today is Steve Nonn, the Coroner of Madison County Illinois. Coroner Nonn was first elected in 2000 and was reelected in 2004 and 2008. Prior to his election as Coroner, Steve Nonn was a Lieutenant in the Detective Division of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department. He also served as a member of the St. Louis Major Case Squad from 1980 through 2000. Conversation with Lee Presser is a weekly half hour television program seen for over ten years in the St. Louis market on Charter Cable TV.

Duration : 0:28:53

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Born Of Osiris – Cribs (Official Video)

September 27th, 2011 25 comments

Born Of Osiris’ House in Wheaton Illinois.

Director: Andrew Pulaski
Production Co.: Abstrakt Pictures

Duration : 0:11:2

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Necro and Psycho Realm instore at The Bassment in Chicago, Illinois

September 13th, 2011 3 comments

Necro kicks it with his Chicago fans

Duration : 0:1:50

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WHITE WALLS – IL COLPO DI GRAZIA [Peripheral Records].mp4

September 3rd, 2011 No comments

Transgressive sound art from UK artist; White Walls. ‘IL COLPO DI GRAZIA’ is taken from the forthcoming album “WHITE WALLS – MALATTIA MENTALE”. This album is due to be released in the form of PRO CD [Limited Edition #100 copies] on Peripheral Records.

Film by Keith Mitchell [White Walls]
W.W. – +

Duration : 0:8:8

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