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August,1st month without U.S killed in Iraq?

September 4th, 2011 3 comments


The U.S. military has marked an inspiring landmark after almost a decade at war in Iraq; August was the first month since the U.S. invasion to topple Saddam Hussein in which no American service member died in the country.

While symbolic, a military spokesman who confirmed the tranquil August to pointed out that two previous months – December 2009 and 0ctober 2010 – saw no American troops killed in action, but non-combat deaths were recorded. Non-combat deaths can be the result of anything from vehicle accidents to illness.

The New York Times reports that August owes its relatively peaceful nature in part to Iraq’s military leaders heeding pressure from Washington to more aggressively target Shiite militia’s backed by Iran.

"I think this shows how far the Iraqi security forces have come," Col. Douglas Crissman, who commands U.S. troops in southern Iraq, told the Times.

The lack of a U.S. death toll from Iraq in August comes after a particularly bloody July – when 14 U.S. troops were killed in the country.

At left: Inside the U.S. combat mission in Iraq

Thursday’s news will come as welcome support for the Obama administration at it continues withdrawing troops from Iraq, but Iraqis themselves may take less heart.

"Iraq remains an extraordinarily dangerous place to work," Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart W. Bowen Jr. concluded in a report issued to Congress just one month ago.

"It is less safe, in my judgment, than 12 months ago," said Bowen, citing the resurgent Shiite militias and the deaths of 15 U.S. soldiers in June, the bloodiest month the U.S. military had experienced in Iraq in two years.

Some 46,000 U.S. troops remain in Iraq, and President Obama declared the combat mission there officially over one year ago, but that announcement was slightly misleading.

"U.S. aircraft still conduct strikes against targets that threaten American forces, U.S. Special Operations forces still conduct night raids with Iraqi commandos, and although the U.S. Army brigades in Iraq are officially called ‘advise and assist’ brigades, they are still fully prepared for combat," noted CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

U.S. combat mission in Iraq only over on paper
Iraq official says U.S. help needed beyond 2011
White House offers to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq

The U.S. military in Baghdad did not provide any reasoning for the zero U.S. death toll in August when asked by

August was also Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, during which most Muslims fast during the daylight hours.

CBS News correspondent Mandy Clark reported this week from Kabul that U.S. forces in that country also experienced a less violent August, relative to previous months.

A devastatingly successful Taliban attack on a single U.S. Chinook helicopter, which alone killed 30 American troops, greatly skewed the death toll in Afghanistan for August, but Clark says Ramadan was a contributing factor for keeping the ground combat otherwise slower in August.

What do you think about this?
I mean, by President’s Obama point of view we are NOT in Iraq anymore.

30 US Troops,25 SEALs and 7 afghan soldiers.

But i’m talking about Iraq.

BUT!!!!! 66 troops have been killed this month alone, making it the deadliest month ever. How is that good?!

Are illegal aliens baby-killers?

June 6th, 2011 3 comments

This happened near where I live. And proof that Illegal aliens can get FAKE social security cards.

Morrow County’s district attorney has filed murder charges against a 21-year-old migrant worker accused of disposing the body of her newborn in the waste tank of a portable toilet.
It remained unclear today whether the baby boy died before or after it landed in a mixture of water, blue deodorizer and human waste.
The child was discovered Sunday morning by Dave Marshall, who went to clean the toilet for C.B.’s Portable Restrooms, near Hermiston. Marshall pushed a black plastic wand into the hole beneath the toilet seat to vacuum waste and felt something odd, said C.B. Kreutz, the company’s 62-year-old owner.
"He looked a little bit closer and he saw what he thought was like a doll," Kreutz said. "And of course, it felt kinda heavy. … He looked closer and saw that it had an umbilical cord."
Marshall and a co-worker summoned police.
Araceli Velasquez-Espain was arrested Monday on charges of aggravated murder, which potentially carries the death penalty; murder; first-degree manslaughter; second-degree corpse abuse; and criminal mistreatment. She is being held in the Umatilla County Jail on a federal immigration hold.
"She’s been a seasonal employee for us for some time," said Nina Pyle, the human resources director for Atkinson Staffing Inc., which provides farm labor in Oregon and Washington. In recent weeks, Velasquez-Espain had weeded peas or carrots at a farm near Boardman, she said.
No one at Atkinson was aware Velasquez-Espain was pregnant, and the company would have required a doctor’s note saying she was capable of working in that condition, Pyle said.
Government records show no legal resident of the United States with Velasquez-Espain’s name and date of birth. But she presented a Social Security card when applying for work at Atkinson three years ago, Pyle said.
"We’re very disappointed and saddened by the events," she said. Pyle said the company was cooperating with detectives, who were interviewing workers.
The portable toilet in which the newborn was found sat for a couple of weeks on a farm near Boardman, a Columbia River town about 20 miles west of Hermiston. The toilet, affixed to a trailer with wheels, was brought to C.B.’s for servicing last weekend.

Not more or less than other people. If you would do a short search I am sure you could find many instances of US citizen mothers killing their newborns. There can be reasons like unmarried mothers feeling completely overwhelmed because of lack of familial support, depressed or being simply insane.

If you want it to be specific for illegal immigrants, a lot of people always complain a lot about anchor babies, so why would then an illegal immigrant kill her chance for an anchor baby? In this line of arguments illegal immigrants should be less likely to kill their children…

Is Yahoo operated by TERRORISTS?

June 3rd, 2011 3 comments

This is what they sent me for posting this to a news story.

"Dear amfleszar

By creating and using your Yahoo! account, you agree to abide by
Yahoo!’s Terms of Service (TOS). Pursuant to the TOS, Yahoo! reserves
the right to terminate your account or otherwise prohibit use of your
account in the event that, among other things, Yahoo! believes that you
have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the

It has come to our attention that you may have violated the TOS
( on Yahoo! News.
Please reread the TOS and cease any use of your account that may
violate the TOS.

If your use of your Yahoo! account is brought to our attention again,
and we believe that such use violates the TOS, then we may terminate
your account without further notice."



Here are FBI MOST WANTED TERRORISTS and their online aliases. Some are wanted for U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya & Indonesia. Do these two places ring any bells?

Search Google Images for;
Mark Joyner Simpleology-Seif Al Adel (Sarah Palin’s book Palinology)
John Ferrero-Ramadan Shallah
Yaro Starak-Umar Patek
Armand Morin-Noordin M Top (said to be killed in Indonesia and now removed from the FBI’s list)
(Like the death of Osama "story")
Michael Filsaime-Ali Sayyid Muhamed Mustafa al-Bakri
Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian-Ammar Mansour Bouslim
Ted Ciuba-Abdul Rahman Yasin

Many get rich quick scams serve as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies, and logos, some sold through Clickbank. The people appearing in testimonials are part of the expansion of this organization and are often pitching other high priced products and services. They all link to one another through their marketing strategies and ability to optimize in search rankings.

Between the aliases the use, and the way in which they speak about things, everything they do has double meaning. Their faces in Google image search is similar to the picture book of symbols mentioned in The Da Vinci Code movie. Here is a code of look a likes pitching all sorts of stuff who are interconnected;

Selling a program on making millions online is Professor James Bradley who looks like the Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

Jay Conrad Levinson is behind a number of “guerilla” marketing and advertising books. He looks like George Soros, who’s last name is a (palin)drome. Soros has been credited for collapsing a number of nation’s currencies. George Soros has been quoted several times regarding his views on a New World Order.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is sold by someone who looks like Jill Biden, her name is Rosalind Gardner. Some appear to represent people, more in how they pose, rather then a direct look alike. Stephen Pierce appears to represent radical Van Jones, Brett McFall-Austan Goolsbee, John Childers-Andy Stern, and Jay Abraham as Ayman al-Zawahri, just to name a few.

Problem with your Google Adwords PPC ads and can’t get a straight answer? You could try Yanik Silver who looks a lot like Sergei Brin, but he probably won’t know. He sells 33 Days to Online Profits (prophets.) Why not try Perry Marshall, who looks like Obama’s priest Reverend Pfleger? He sells The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, infringing upon Google’s trademark.

Many more can be found at Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s Red-Hot-Copy blog such as; 72 Virgin Records Richard Branson, & White House Party Crashers the Salahi’s with Valerie Jarrett’s daughter.

The Rich Jerk sent out emails promoting Stompernet in Atlanta Georgia. The staff included Brad Fallon, an airline pilot, and Eben Pagan selling a seminar "Get Altitude". 3 days after reporting this code to the FBI, Delta in Atlanta canceled a large number of flights due to “safety reasons.” In the Youtube videos related to the Rich Jerk, it appears that Mark Cuban is the Rich Jerk. He’s the billionaire who owns the Dallas Maverick’s basketball team. Think O’bomber or Barrac-uda Palin would play for him? Another guy seen on Youtube claiming to be Robert Johnson Rich Jerk, is Tony Rezko.

Obama announced his run for office on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Have you ever noticed that Oprah’s friend Gayle King looks like Whitney Houston? Think that her name could be a code, Whit_ney White-Hous_ton House?

It appears the internet marketing experts controlled the comments, the headlines, and the finance of the last election online with the highest ranking site in Google search, Youtube.

In my strongest opinion this is the last piece of the puzzle, Osama Bin Laden is also a spokesperson, and a look-a-like. Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)n La(den.)

Code Cracked and Conspiracy Exposed!
Take Action Now. 2012 Is Too Late.

only if you consider them the same as liberals who hate this country..

Ricardo Villalobos was born in the Philippines in 1881 & died in Seattle in 1970. Anyone know more about him?

May 31st, 2011 1 comment

I’m researching his genealogy for a friend of mine. I have had trouble finding his obituary in newspaper microfilm because I don’t know the exact date that he died. Does anyone know this or where I can go to find it out. He does not show up in the Social Security Death Index, or rootsweb, or Google searches typically bring up stuff about an unrelated Mexican singer of the same name.

Is there a (preferably free) place where I can access records from the censuses that the United States took in the Philippines while they were still an American colony? I’ve tried the National Archives in Washington State. They have everything else including the Panama Canal Zone, but for some reason they don’t have the Philippines even though it was a U.S. territory back then and there were at least three censuses taken by the U.S. in the early 1900s. doesn’t have the Philippine census either, nor can I find it anywhere else. Anyone know where I can find it?

Maybe yes or maybe no…You really don’t have much for sure to go on! I found this in the S.S.D.I.
Born 15 May 1882
Died Washington St
Feb 1969
Name : Mike Lobos
Unless you have something closer! I can"t believe that this guy
worked in this country for many years without a S.S. Card

Will Pfc. Manning enjoy his life in prison and being Bubba’s girlfriend?

May 27th, 2011 5 comments

The Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks was hit Wednesday with an additional 22 charges, including aiding the enemy, which is equivalent to treason in the civilian world.

That crime is a capital offense but the military is not seeking the death penalty against Pfc. Bradley Manning. If Manning is convicted of all the charges, he faces life in prison, reduction in rank to the lowest enlisted pay grade, a dishonorable discharge and loss of all pay and allowances.

The Army made the announcement of additional charges after seven months of investigation.
"The new charges more accurately reflect the broad scope of the crimes that Pvt. 1st Class Manning is accused of committing," said Capt. John Haberland, a legal spokesman for the Military District of Washington.

Other charges announced Wednesday include wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet knowing that it will be accessed by the enemy; theft of public property or records; transmitting Defense information; and fraud in connection with computers.

Be very careful when you endorse any punishment, including a date with Bubba, or else you might find that you don’t have as high a moral sense as you thought, especially should your turn with Bubba come around.

Can illegal immigrants get away with crimes?

May 24th, 2011 1 comment

EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS: Near where I live, an ILLEGAL ALIEN gave birth to a baby in a portable toilet and left it to drown in urine and feces…..

The child was discovered Sunday morning by Dave Marshall, who went to clean the toilet for C.B.’s Portable Restrooms, near Hermiston. Marshall pushed a black plastic wand into the hole beneath the toilet seat to vacuum waste and felt something odd, said C.B. Kreutz, the company’s 62-year-old owner.
"He looked a little bit closer and he saw what he thought was like a doll," Kreutz said. "And of course, it felt kinda heavy. … He looked closer and saw that it had an umbilical cord."
Marshall and a co-worker summoned police.
Araceli Velasquez-Espain was arrested Monday on charges of aggravated murder, which potentially carries the death penalty; murder; first-degree manslaughter; second-degree corpse abuse; and criminal mistreatment. She is being held in the Umatilla County Jail on a federal immigration hold.
"She’s been a seasonal employee for us for some time," said Nina Pyle, the human resources director for Atkinson Staffing Inc., which provides farm labor in Oregon and Washington. In recent weeks, Velasquez-Espain had weeded peas or carrots at a farm near Boardman, she said.
No one at Atkinson was aware Velasquez-Espain was pregnant, and the company would have required a doctor’s note saying she was capable of working in that condition, Pyle said.
Government records show no legal resident of the United States with Velasquez-Espain’s name and date of birth. But she presented a Social Security card when applying for work at Atkinson three years ago, Pyle said.


REGION: Woman acquitted after baby found in toilet
By The Associated Press
Heppner A Mexican woman has been acquitted of a murder charge after her baby was found dead in a portable toilet near a field where she was working in Eastern Oregon.

The East Oregonian reported that doctors testified 22-year-old Araceli Velasquez-Espain did not realize she was pregnant or had given birth.

The doctors testified about a number of factors that contributed to her unawareness about the pregnancy, including her weight and unusually quick delivery.

An autopsy revealed the baby was alive when he was born last year.

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Wallace also acquitted Velasquez-Espain of all other charges in the case.

How does this make you feel about our Justice system towards illegals?

"Araceli Velasquez-Espain did not realize she was pregnant or had given birth." How could a woman not realize she had given birth? That is a lie! A woman is in intense pain during labor, and immediately afterward! The baby would have made a cry or something, and the mother would have had heavy bleeding. Yeah, they literally get away with MURDER!

MSNBC Says mishill is a slave. Is that racist?

May 19th, 2011 4 comments

Rachel L. Swarns – NYT: First Lady’s Slave Roots Revealed – Michelle Obama’s Family Journey from Bondage to the White House

By Rachel L. Swarns and Jodi Kantor
The New York Times
updated 7:50 a.m. ET, Thurs., Oct . 8, 2009
WASHINGTON – In 1850, the elderly master of a South Carolina estate took pen in hand and painstakingly divided up his possessions. Among the spinning wheels, scythes, tablecloths and cattle that he bequeathed to his far-flung heirs was a 6-year-old slave girl valued soon afterward at $475.
In his will, she is described simply as the “negro girl Melvinia.” After his death, she was torn away from the people and places she knew and shipped to Georgia. While she was still a teenager, a white man would father her first-born son under circumstances lost in the passage of time.
In the annals of American slavery, this painful story would be utterly unremarkable, save for one reason: This union, consummated some two years before the Civil War, represents the origins of a family line that would extend from rural Georgia, to Birmingham, Ala., to Chicago and, finally, to the White House.
Melvinia Shields, the enslaved and illiterate young girl, and the unknown white man who impregnated her are the great-great-great-grandparents of Michelle Obama , the first lady.
Viewed by many as a powerful symbol of black advancement, Mrs. Obama grew up with only a vague sense of her ancestry, aides and relatives said. During the presidential campaign, the family learned about one paternal great-great-grandfather, a former slave from South Carolina, but the rest of Mrs. Obama’s roots were a mystery.
Now the more complete map of Mrs. Obama’s ancestors — including the slave mother, white father and their biracial son, Dolphus T. Shields — for the first time fully connects the first African-American first lady to the history of slavery, tracing their five-generation journey from bondage to a front-row seat to the presidency.
The findings — uncovered by Megan Smolenyak, a genealogist, and The New York Times — substantiate what Mrs. Obama has called longstanding family rumors about a white forebear.
While President Obama ’s biracial background has drawn considerable attention, his wife’s pedigree, which includes American Indian strands, highlights the complicated history of racial intermingling, sometimes born of violence or coercion, that lingers in the bloodlines of many African-Americans. Mrs. Obama and her family declined to comment for this article, aides said, in part because of the personal nature of the subject.
“She is representative of how we have evolved and who we are,” said Edward Ball, a historian who discovered that he had black relatives, the descendants of his white slave-owning ancestors, when he researched his memoir, “Slaves in the Family.”
“We are not separate tribes of Latinos and whites and blacks in America,” Mr. Ball said. “We’ve all mingled, and we have done so for generations.”
The outlines of Mrs. Obama’s family history unfolded from 19th century probate records , yellowing marriage licenses, fading photographs and the recollections of elderly women who remember the family. Ms. Smolenyak, who has traced the ancestry of many prominent figures, began studying the first lady’s roots in earnest after conducting some preliminary research into Mrs. Obama’s ancestry for an article published in The New York Times earlier this year.
Of the dozens of relatives she identified, Ms. Smolenyak said, it was the slave girl who seemed to call out most clearly.
“Out of all Michelle’s roots, it’s Melvinia who is screaming to be found,” she said.
Strange and unfamiliar world
When her owner, David Patterson, died in 1852, Melvinia soon found herself on a 200-acre farm with new masters, Mr. Patterson’s daughter and son-in law, Christianne and Henry Shields. It was a strange and unfamiliar world.
In South Carolina, she had lived on an estate with 21 slaves. In Georgia, she was one of only three slaves on property that is now part of a neat subdivision in Rex, near Atlanta.
Whether Melvinia labored in the house or in the fields, there was no shortage of work: wheat, corn, sweet potatoes and cotton to plant and harvest, and 3 horses, 5 cows, 17 pigs and 20 sheep to care for, according to an 1860 agricultural survey .
It is difficult to say who might have impregnated Melvinia, who gave birth to Dolphus around 1859, when she was perhaps as young as 15. At the time, Henry Shields was in his late 40s and had four sons ages 19 to 24, but other men may have spent time on the farm.
“No one should be surprised anymore to hear about the number of rapes and the amount of sexual exploitation that took place under slavery; it was an everyday experience, “ said Jason A. Gillmer, a law professor at Texas Wesleyan University, who has researched liaisons between slave owners and slaves. “But we do find that some of these relationships can be very complex.”
In 1870, three of Melvinia’s fo

It’s not saying anybody living is a slave. It’s called history and geneology, sweetie.

I doubt that anyone with any shred of intelligence would consider the description of a slave as a slave to be racist.

What do Mexicans mean their Mexicans act in an aggressive way against Mexicans and even their own Hispanics?

May 15th, 2011 5 comments

The Mexican government reported a rise in incidents in which U.S. immigration authorities harmed Mexican migrants. Agents hurt or killed five Mexicans in 2008, 12 in 2009 and 17 this year, according to data from the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

In a statement, the FBI said the El Paso incident began around 6:30 p.m. Monday. A U.S. Border Patrol agent arrived to help colleagues responding to a report of suspected illegal immigrants being smuggled into the USA.

The statement says the agent detained one of the suspects while others ran to the Mexican side of the border and threw rocks at the agent.

"This agent … gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to stop and retreat," the statement said. "However, the subjects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking one subject who later died."

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement Thursday that the use of firearms to "repel attacks with stones represents a disproportionate use of force."

T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing about 17,000 agents and support staffers, said frequent rock attacks have the "capacity to inflict serious damage, if not death." He said the agent, a seven-year veteran, appears to have acted properly.

Bonner said U.S. records show the Mexican boy had been arrested six times on charges related to human smuggling or illegal entry.

In Mexico, some citizens were outraged. "They’re acting in a very aggressive way against Mexicans and even their own Hispanics," Alejandro López, 27, said Thursday in Mexico City. "The (Border Patrol) is going to do whatever they can to excuse it, but in the end, he was just a kid, and he didn’t deserve to die."

according to the State Department: 79 U.S. citizens were killed last year in Mexico, up from 35 in 2007. In Juarez, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, 23 Americans were killed in 2009, compared with two in 2007.
Obama no Comment.ZzZzZzZzZz

I can understand their frustration and ignorance of the real issue behind this but I am getting tired of their stupidity. I am so tired of the double standards they impose. Mexicans are aggressive with Central American migrants yet they don’t get called out for it. It was unfortunate for that boy to lose his life but he was no saint. As you mentioned, he was a human trafficker and had been arrested numerous times. His mother even said he was a good kid. HAHAHA or should it be JAJAJA

Serious problems and deaths linked to medications break record. Is it time now to …?

May 10th, 2011 2 comments

take control of the FDA away from the multinational corporations (big pharma, big chema, big agra)?

Read the article before answering:;_ylt=A0wNcwMiV_9IFCYB1gF34T0D

"WASHINGTON – The number of serious problems and deaths linked to medications reported to the government set a record in the first three months of this year, a health industry watchdog group said Wednesday.

The Food and Drug Administration received nearly 21,000 reports of serious drug reactions, including over 4,800 deaths, said an analysis of federal data by the nonprofit Institute for Safe Medication Practices, which scrutinized data going back to 2004, and yearly totals dating to the 1990s."

Should the FDA should be dismantled altogether in favor of states chosing to implement their own regulations, as envisaged by the Constitution, Amendment #10.

With such immense wealth and political influence behind the these multinational corporations, is it even remotely possible to reform the FDA to a degree where it acts in the interests of the people?

If each state had its own rules, would it not be far more difficult (and less profitable) for elite corporate interests to hijack the product-approval process. They would have to buy off politicians and government officials from each and every state. As it stands now, they must buy off only one set of politicians and government officials.

I believe the FDA is by far the most serious health threat we face – not only for their corporate bias toward medication approvals, but their corporate bias relating to food and chemicals as well.

What say you? Should the FDA be dismantled in favor of state authority?

The concept of the FDA is good. What is wrong with it is the result of political corruption. If the FDA were doing it’s job, imports of food from Communist China would be stopped. We have seen many examples of food coming from China that is tainted. Because the FDA is a political animal, and Red China is our "friend", nothing is done.

At the same time, the FDA persecutes the food supplements industry, for the benefit of the big pharmaceutical companies. The solution: make it against the law for any candidate for election to receive ANY campaign money from any pharmaceutical company, or any holding company that controls one. Make any politician who later takes a job with a pharmaceutical company, or becomes a lobbyist for one, or receives honorariums from one, a felon, and put him behind bars.

Make politicians raise ALL their campaign funds from individuals – no corporate or special interests. Prohibit former politicians from ever profiting from the legislative activities.

Politicians are the Criminal Class. They need to be constantly monitored, even after they leave office.

Obama I said let the illegals go free but Fed agents frustrated by judges’ immigration decisions?

May 6th, 2011 4 comments

In March, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval — who had committed serious crimes in the United States since 1998 — stood before Florence, Ariz., Immigration Judge Bruce Taylor on a deportation hearing. That day the judge canceled his removal proceedings, allowing him to stay in the United States.

Four months later, Sandoval was arrested again on an outstanding warrant but was released. Three days after that release he led police on a 100 mph car chase. Then in August, in response to a 911 call from his family, he shot at Arizona deputies who came to his home. That night, he escaped. He later turned himself into authorities after they began a public manhunt for him.

Sandoval, who had resident status, is only one example of a legal system that lacks working mechanisms for deporting criminal aliens, said Rep. Ted Poe, a Texas Republican and former judge.

“The federal government has the responsibility, the moral duty to send these criminal aliens back where they came from after they do their prison time and before they commit more crimes,” said Poe, who is co-chair of the Victims’ Rights Caucus. He said both the Obama and Bush administrations handled the issue ineffectively, hiding facts from the American people and “sugar-coating” the truth regarding the deportation of criminal aliens.

This month, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced that the Obama administration is planning to dismiss thousands of illegal alien deportation cases, possibly 17,000, if the immigrants have a potential path to legal residency or overstayed their visas.

But critics say many illegal aliens with long criminal records composed of what some courts consider to be lesser charges will see their deportation cases dismissed as well. They cite Sandoval as an example.

“The system is skewed to release these criminals,” said Poe, a former judge. He recalled many times he saw repeat criminal offenders back in his courtroom after issuing detainers, which required the federal government to deport them after they served their U.S. sentences.

“The detainers don’t work, because we either don’t have enough federal agents, the administration doesn’t make it a priority and there isn’t any accountability when alien criminals are released back into society,” Poe said.

ICE, Border Patrol and local law enforcement officers told The Washington Examiner that law enforcement agencies are frustrated by the judicial system’s approach to handling immigrants charged with crimes.

“In the case of Sandoval, ICE did the right thing,” said a federal official who spoke on the condition that he not be named. “They checked his long criminal history, he had two or more crimes involving morale turpitude and should have been deported and had his residency taken away. What does the administration have to say about this? He’s only one of thousands of bad guys that get away with this.”

Said an ICE agent: “What can we do when immigration judges are granted this huge discretionary authority? There is no oversight. This case could have resulted in the death of a police officer.”

Kathryn Mattingly, with the Executive Office for Immigration Reform, said, “The Office of the Chief Immigration Judge regularly monitors immigration judge performance and conduct through EOIR’s performance management program and through its daily supervision of the courts.”

She said that in “instances where concerns regarding an immigration judge’s conduct arise … any allegations are investigated and resolved in a fair and expeditious manner,” adding that “such investigations could include scenarios where an immigration judge consistently makes ill-advised decisions.”

Sandoval’s Department of Homeland Security arrest record history was obtained by The Examiner.

He had used an alias, Samuel Mendoza, and as early as 1998 he had been arrested for damage to private property and simple assault. Since then he has been arrested for drunken driving, drug charges multiple aggravated assaults, multiple endangerment charges and use of a deadly weapon. In many cases, he was not prosecuted, simply fined and released, according to the documents.

The federal law governing criminal immigrants states that “if you have been convicted of two crimes involving moral turpitude not arising out of a single scheme of criminal misconduct,” you are supposed to be deported.

However, judges have repeatedly used their own discretion not to deport him.

“There is no legal liability on the part of the judge, and you can’t charge a judge for using their discretion,” Poe said. “The judge is morally responsible to follow through with the law because if someone is killed or injured, the blood is on the judge’s hands.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Hussein Obama is the worst disaster that has ever happen to this great nation, and needs to be impeached, NOW!

If he is reelected I would not be able to write this, because he will destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights because they get in his way of doing what he wants to do to much.