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Top Ten of Obituary

It’s been a while since I made a top ten video, so you guys better enjoy it! (lol jks)

Track Listing:

10. Redneck Stomp
9. Turned Inside Out
8. Cause of Death
7. Suffocation
6. Find the Arise
5. Don’t Care
4. Slowly We Rot
3. Evil Ways
2. Infected
1. Chopped in Half

Note: I was going to put The End Complete (or one of the songs from it) at number 5 but none of them would upload so I was forced to use another song from Cause of Death.

Duration : 0:8:25

[youtube ub1urlBJMvA]

  1. larjenec
    June 8th, 2011 at 21:47 | #1

    bez sumnenie ti si …
    bez sumnenie ti si edin tup pedal prai6 top 10 na obituary maloumniko tva ne emadona ili gaga da prai6 top ten a kade e the end complete ili moje bi ne znae6 kvo e tva tva go nema po mtv

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