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Lincoln Heights Season 4 Episode 1 – Part 4

The Sutton family leaves Lincoln Heights and live with Jenn’s father. Tay is still jealous about Nate. Charles tells Cassie that his mom wants him to live with her in Hawaii. While Cassie and Charles are driving, Two racist teens guys smash into Charles’s car on purpose. Then one of them makes a racists comment to Cassie and Charles begins beating up the guys, and Cassie tries to hold him. The police then come and arrest him and then release him. Eddie informs Cassie that the police wants to question her and Charles about Mac’s death and Charles and Cassie lie. Eddie finds a little girl in a crack house by herself and he brings to her the hospital. Jenn decides to let her stay at their house for the night. While everyone is asleep, the girl takes food, Tay’s insulin, drinks, some of Lizzie’s clothes and leaves. Tay wittnesses this, but doesn’t see her take the insulin. The next day Tay’s stomach doesn’t feel good and he thinks it’s because of Egg Rolls at the Chinese Resturant he works at. Lizzie is starting high school and has to share with middle schoolers because their school’s damages form the earthquake hasn’t been repaired. Charles hasn’t said anything about the money he found in The Sutton’s old house. Charles gets frustrated when Cassie suggests that they tell Eddie that Mac tried to kill them, but Charles says that may be but he still killed Mac by leaving him there and Eddie will have Cassie stop seeing Charles. Charles would probably be locked up for manslaughter doing 10 years minumium. He has her choose between him or her dad. Cassie refused to choose and Charles angrily walks away. Later Cassie visits Charles at his apartment and tells him she’s sorry. Charles says he’s sorry and she can tell the police anything, but Cassie doesn’t want Charles to go to jail. Cassie asked Charles what happened between him and Mac again and he tells her. When everybody from Lincoln Heights celebrate at the Sutton’s house for their success, Cassie tells Charles she isn’t going to say anything. Jenn’s father tells Eddie secretly that he isn’t going to pay the loan for the Sutton’s. Police then come to the house and tell Eddie that Mac’s death wasn’t an accident and Cassie and Charles were the last ones who saw him alive. They need to arrest both of them until they tell the truth. The episode ends with Eddie and Jenn looking scared when Cassie and Charles are unaware that the police are right behind them.

Duration : 0:9:42

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