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Warped Tour 09 Illinois – BC, ASD, Chiodos (Video/pics)


(These are the minutes each band starts in the vid)(just click the blue time and you’ll jump right to it and it’ll start loading from there=])
Breathe Carolina – starts at 0:10
A Skylit Drive – 1:00. Jag sings right at the barrier at 3:22
Youmeatsix (great quality pics and video) – around 4:10
Chiodos – 6:50
Valencia – 8:35

Chiodos was the best set. ASD was good, only because they didnt play any songs from Adelphia, and only played songs from Wires(at least i dont remember any adelphia songs…) Anyways, Jag sucks.

(For most of these videos I just stuck my camera in the air, pressed record, and hoped I wasnt shooting the sky or something lol. I think they turned out decent though_)


Duration : 0:9:54

[youtube 1q4lZxxZ9_s]

  1. AbbieFuckingDiamond
    April 17th, 2010 at 06:48 | #1

    I miss Craig 🙁
    I miss Craig 🙁

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