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Geneaolgy help, lost great grandfather in Oklahoma?

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My grandpa’s parents died when he was young. I know this about my great grandfather… 1.) He was from Jalisco, Mexico and was born in the late 1800s to early 1900s. 2.) He came to the US probably when he was in his twenties or late teen years. Maybe around 1920. 3.) He died sometime around the 1930s in a train accident. 4.) He had two sons, Herman and Joseph. 5.) His wife was named Josephine Rodarte, she was from Oklahoma. 6.) He worked as a coal miner in Mcalister, Oklahoma where he and his family lived. (Mcalister is in Coal county.) I’m thinking they lived in a small mining town with a community church. They probably got married there. Please help me in my search. This is everything I know. Did mines keep data on their workers back then? Did the US have social security back then to record deaths? Do Oklahoma cemeteries keep track of everyone buried in a cemetery? Would the church have record of his funeral or marriage?
My great grandfather’s name was Santos Perez. My grandpa’s name was Joseph Perez and his brother’s name was Herman Perez. Rodarte was Josephine’s maiden name.
On "ancestry.com", it says that my great grandmother was born sometime around 1907.

Have you tried the census to see if you could locate them anywhere in Oklahoma? What about an obit or maybe cemetery records. There are some sites out there where you can check names in cemeteries. Just use google and try putting in the county, state genealogy and sift through those sites. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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