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what would you rank this financial and policy plan for use to save America?

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on a scale of 1-10 how would rate this plan?
1 Cut all federal elected officials pay by 5%

2 Cut food stamps by 10 %

3 Cut foreign aid by 70%

4 Get rid of all deductibles and loop holes

5 Insert a flat tax of 10%

6 Cut TSA FDA EPA all BY 10%

7 Reduce regulation by 60%

8 Insert a 20% import tax

9 Reconfigure social security by
Implementing a pay in rise by 5%
Make legislation that government cannot withdraw or barrow money from the social security pool.

10 Tighten down on unions

11 Make it possible for all schools to become charter schools

12 Cut military by 20% by removing military bases from 75% of the current foreign countries that we have bases in.

13 Stop cuddling countries who support or harbor terrorist and stop sending those countries foreign aid.

14 We tighten down on illegal immigration

15 We build better border security by taking 50%of the 75% of the removed military bases and add them to the American, Mexican border.

16 Get rid of government investments into companies, legislation to make it illegal for the federal, state or local government to invest into privet companies.

17 Pass legislation that prohibits the government to bail out companies.

18 get rid of the new health care law.

19. Make it law that the federal government cannot spend more than it took in the prior year so if they took in 3 trillion than that would be the limit for the next year they must cut their own spending so not to go over.

20 If the government does go over then all government employees must take a percentage cut in pay that year until the spending is under the limit.

five things that will save America from the crash and burn that we’re heading towards. After implementing the twenty things above.

1. We stop rebuilding countries after we’ve went to war with them.

2. We reinstate the death penalty nation wide and make it mandatory that their is only a one year grace period so after one year if that person hasn’t been exonerated than he or she is put to death.
This will help clear out the prison population at the same time doing what is right once someone commits murder he or she forfeits they’re right to life.

3. Putting in double penalty crimes for first offenders to teach them that crime is not the way to live but do not put it on they’re permanent record only on concealed records for the federal governments use.

4. After one year of pulling 50% of the bases over seas pull the 100% out and bring them back inside American borders and have the bases near the borders.

5. After one year of social security reform in the above it should start restricting the amount those that are under 50 years old can receive by 25%.

More programs and government agencies that should be cut by 10 to 20% to save more money.

1 cut the government housing.20%
2 cut Department of Agriculture.20%
3 cut Department of Health & Human Services 20%
4 cut the department of interior by 20%
5 cut Department of Labor 20%
6 cut Federal Housing Finance Board 15%
7 cut Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp 15%
8 cut the CFTC, by 20%
9 cut Justice, by 20%
10cut Labor by 20%
11 cut EEOC by 20%
12 cut Commerce 20%
13 cut Homeland Security by 10%

Many don’t know but China, France, Russia and others got together without the U.S. knowledge to discuss the start of trading with one another and peg the cost to oil to the Euro, yen and other currencies instead of U.S. currency.

Further more in Mexico china, France and other places some companies has stopped accepting U.S dollars when selling products. That means when you enter that country you will be have to exchange your us dollars into the currency of that nation

But the number one thing the U.S. Government could do to save it self is to stop trying to control every aspect of the free market.

Naive and impossible to implement.

  1. scott b
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    Naive and impossible to implement.
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