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Could someone help me with my genealogy?

I am trying to find parents of Isaac Osman from Shamokin, PA, Northumberland Co.

He was born in Nov 1846 and died 12 Nov 1906. I have tons of info on his Wife Harriet S. Bordner, and his children,Emma M, Minnie N, William F, Alice L, but I can’t seem to find any info about his parents/grandparents.

His wife Harriet was remarried to a Frank E. Osman/Osmun after his death so it is possible that he and Frank were related.

The rumor is that either Isaacs dad or grandfather came from Turkey but I cant prove this either.

In 1860 there are 2 records for Isaac Osman in Pennsylvania, 1 born abt 1855 and 1 born abt 1848.

I thought the 1848 one was probably the one I wanted as the cencus says:
John Osman 40-Head,
Mary A 40-PA,
John, 16-PA,
Isaac, 12-PA,
Mary Miller 15

But, One reason I cant call John a match as his father is because according to familysearch.org, the Isaac Osman born in 1848 birth and death dates do not match up with the the Issac I am looking for.
Familysearch has an Isaac born 21 MAY 1848 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania and a death of 16 DEC 1880. My Isaac was born November 1846 and died 12 Nov 1906. I know this info to be correct based on his headstone and cemetery records in Shamokin, PA.

I am looking for a document that says who Issac’s dad was before I call it a possitive match. So far I havent found any record of Isaac that lists his dads name.

In order to be absolutely certain of Isaac’s parent’s names, you really really need his birth, marriage or death record which are difficult to find on-line for Pennsylvania.

There is only a 3 week wait and $9.00 fee to order a copy of a death record by mail from The Department of Health’s Division of Vital Records. You can find the request form and mailing address is at this link:
Pennsylvania death records from 1906-current

For Pennsylvania vital records prior to 1906, you need to contact the County Courthouse. Contact information is at this link:

Good luck, I hope you get your answers.

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