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to Pennsylvanian Genealogy experts…I Give Up?

A Top Contributor, Wendy C in genealogy suggested I put this name out to see if anyone could help me find an obituary, cause of death , place of burial, or place of death as I have tried many avenues and can find nothing…Anthony J Vinnick,date of death Nov.9th 1992 date of birth Aug 28 1936 last residence Effort Pennsylvania/DOB may also be Sep 29 1935 but we are very sure this has been a recorded error
OH MY GOSH…i’m going to cry! I have tried so hard to find something with what little I know about websites etc. Your info has got to be right. Yes he has lived there also but all I have ever had is what Intelius has given me. I am from Canada I’ll see what I can do next. Any further info will be appreciated from any one. Thank you so so so so so MUCH!!!
Now what? Why can’t I type anything into the form for centrecountygenealogy…I’m lost again.

I’m in Texas, BUT have found him listed in an obituary index at this URL: www.eastonpl.org/ObitPDF/1992.pdf

The PDF displays this information:
Vinnick Anthony 11/11/1992 C-11 (meaning that his obituary was on page C-11 of the 11/11/1992 newspaper)

That website is for the Easton Area Public Library (515 Church Street, Easton, PA 18042 – 3587 phone 610-258-2917)

Perhaps you are in that area, or a phone call to the library could get further help. (The library’s website requires a local library card to search their online databases).

Best of luck, I hope that helps!

added later:
No need to cry, I’m just glad I could help! :o)
There is a newspaper in Easton called Easton Express-Times, but their obituary archives are only back to 2004 online. (see http://www.eastonpl.org/obituary_index.htm, they provide instructions on how to obtain actual copies of obituaries in the index).

Check out this site, it lets you submit a request to Pennsylvania Obituary Lookup Volunteers: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~obitl/volpa.html?cj=1&o_xid=0001177077&o_lid=0001177077

I think you’re almost there! Don’t EVER give up! :o)

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