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Death Records – How to Obtain Them Today!

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Although it is quite sad to think about, there are indeed people who we lost contact with. And after years of not seeing them, you may now start to think whether he is still alive or had taken his rest already. If you are young then you will not bother to think this way but as you grow old, this is a reality that you need to face.

So where are they now? The sad thing about life is the fact that these people who you may not heard about are now dead hence you need to be prepared about this possibility in case you are going to search for them.

Finding the real condition of someone may be easy if you have people to contact, who may also know such person’s whereabouts. However, this maybe tough since even families may have the chance of being separated with one another so there is a big chance that the person who you inquire to is not aware about the real whereabouts of that someone who you are looking for.

Now, in case something is telling you deep within that something is not right then you can search for information on government record offices that always prove to be an invaluable source of data although they would only give you a little hint of the information that you are after. Now in case you can’t really locate the person then it is about time to search on death records.

Public death records have been around for quite some time now since it started early 1990s. Back then, people would barely declare the death of someone however these days, death record proves to have a great value. Until now, these records are free of charge although it is not really cost-free on the side of the government department that gave the service.

Be reminded though that your option to search these records is not only limited to government agencies since you can in fact search for such data on many private sources. If you would go on government agencies then you can have the data you are up to by requesting it by mail, fax, telephone, or in-person. A lot of states nowadays would also carry an online option wherein someone can inquire the status of a person through the use of the internet. On the other hand, private providers may differ in the manner on how they would retrieve their records. A lot of them however are tied to primary products or services that are quite suspicious in nature.

Actually, people should not rule out all online death records information sites since there are many of them that would provide credible result after all. The task is; you just have to look for that sites that would give you valuable information. For you to do this, you can start by looking at the different reviews that were given by people who already tried the service. Once you do, it won’t be hard for you to locate a website that really works.

Gregory Martin

  1. miss.hopeful
    February 20th, 2010 at 22:30 | #1

    Please advise me on my situation. I just want justice.?
    I delivered 18wk old babies and they were both born taking breaths and moving. No resuscitation was given to my babies so all my husband and I could do was watch them die. I was told by the hospital that since they were born before 20wks we wouldn’t receive any documentations of their existance since they would be considered a miscarriage and not a birth.
    Months pass and the hospital personnels call to inform a mistake had been made. Since the baby took breaths and were moving they would b e considered a live birth therefore they would be issued live birth certs- problem was- I delivered twins. They notified me they would have to interview the nurses again since only one birth was recorded. Only one baby was documented. After weeks and weeks and numerous phone calls to the hostpital we were finally able to name our babies and they finally existed in this world. They were both finally considered a live birth. But- now if they were considered a live birth why didn’t they resuscitate my babies? If someone came in the hospital and was dying.. wouldn’t you try to do everything you can to help them? No one did anything to save my babies… yes they were little but you just assume they weren’t going to make it. They were not given a chance at life.
    Now- we’re having trouble obtaining death certs. Vital Records Dept told me babies born under 20wks didn’t need death certs. If they were considered live birth wouldn’t they need death certs? Well- they told me they had to call the state analyst and get back to me. The asst. Supervisor called me later asking me if the hospital still had my babies.. uh… no since that happend in December ’08 and the mistake was not found until April. She told me it was against the law for the hospital to dispose of bodies considered a live birth and they coudn’t do anything for me and all she could advise me to do was to seek legal advice/action. The weird thing is- the next morning flagged urgent she left me a message. I called her back and she had told me the hospital was calling regarding the death certs too. That she took it upon herself and told them the situation and the hospital will go ahead and submit the death certs. I went in today and no records were found or nothing was filed. I know it is against the law for death certs not to be filed within 24-48 of a death…
    I don’t know how to go about the situation. Something just doesn’t feel right.. it just doesn’t seem right.
    I just want justice for my babies and the hospital and vital records to know that it’s not ok to make these kind of mistakes. It’s like a chapter in a book I just can’t seem to finish- like I constantly have to keep reading it. I just want to get pass this terrible, traumatic moment in my life.
    Please help me and give me some advice.

  2. Suba
    February 21st, 2010 at 03:32 | #2

    Contact a lawer who specializes in medical malpractice asap.
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  3. sumesh_tewatia
    February 21st, 2010 at 03:34 | #3

    I feel sorry for your loss. Please consult some good lawyer I am sure lot of lawyers should be willing to take your case.
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  4. Melissa T
    February 21st, 2010 at 03:37 | #4

    Oh my god, that’s insane. It sounds to me like sheer carelessness….This happened before I met my hubs, but his nephew was born at 20 weeks and his parents were told almost every day about how he was probably not going to make it, but that they would continue trying to save him anyway. He’s 6 years old now and all boy! Anyhow, my point is, that hospital was absolutely careless. I am not a lawyer yet, but I would definitely seek an out an attorney. I would say check the hospitals documents or see if this sort of thing has happened before, but I’m sure they "took care" of that. You should seek justice for yourself, your babies and also prevent this from happening to others. (If they won’t treat a newborn, then we’re ALL in trouble). My heart goes out to you; that’s terrible and I am so sorry for your loss.
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  5. kleighs mommy
    February 21st, 2010 at 03:39 | #5

    you need to understand your babies were born before 20 weeks there was a zero survival rate. nothing could be done, if they had tried to tube them the tubes would have ruptured their fragile necks and skin.

    you need to go get some grief counseling. the hospital didnt do anything wrong,

    no lawyer will take your case, what concrete proof do you have. i doubt your babies were breathing at all as they wouldnt have had lungs big enough to even allow air in.

    i know what your going through is hard. i went through it with a 22 weeker. her birth was never recorded and neither was her death and she lived for 8 minutes and attempted to cry feebily. but her lungs were just to immature. so they did nothing.

    delivery before 20 weeks is considered late in term miscarriage. i know its painful but you need to let go. you arent owed anything except an apology.
    get some grief counseling and try to move on. continuing to pursue this wont make it any easier. do you really think they would want all this.
    i know my little girl wouldnt. so i didnt go after the doctor that instead of stopping my labor and doing an ammnio infusion like he should have. i let it go
    your lucky they allowed you to record a live birth that early its always a still birth has the lungs are too immature to sustain life. they werent viable therefore to medical records they werent born. their death is considered to have happened in utero. same thing i was told about my daughter.

    its unfortunate and im sorry for your loss but filing charges and going after the hospital wont change anything.

    what proof do you have that they were alive. they couldnt breathe on their own theres just no way. im sorry for your loss
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  6. mbrcatz
    February 21st, 2010 at 03:41 | #6

    Honey, this is so sad. It’s so hard to lose loved ones, but when it’s babies, it’s even harder, I think.

    The very sad truth is, babies that are born that young, don’t survive. You can’t get "justice" against mother nature. Bad things happen, and when babies are born THAT premature, nothing can be done. That’s why nothing was done, to "save" them. I know they look like real little people on the outside. After about 16 weeks, babies do. But just like a baby born at 16 weeks – or 12 weeks – or even 4 weeks when it doesn’t LOOK much like a baby, medical science just hasn’t advanced far enough to help.

    Yes, it’s an unfinished chapter in your book – and it’s likely you’ll mourn these children for the rest of your life. It’s just a tough situation. It’s most common for women to lose babies before 13 weeks, or babies to be born after 25 weeks. Your poor angels were the unusual ones, which is likely why there was so much confusion at the hospital and vital records.

    I’d suggest that you see if there are some local support groups for mothers who have lost babies. Maybe the hospital social worker would have an idea, or your pastor at your church.
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