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Smart Ways for Your Money to Grow!!!

Hi there,

Hope this article finds you in the best of health!!

Imagine – Your life!!!!

a)      When you get up in the morning, you have a person handing over a glass of your favorite healthy juice or lemon or peach tea

b)      Then you hit your private personalized gym

c)      Then you go for your bath with the Marks and Spencers range – Imagine – Peach bodywash with the afterlotion. The aroma is ummmmmmmmmmm.!!!

d)      Then you get ready for your office

e)      You have to choose from the best of collection of dresses in your wardrobe, best of purses, best of shoes / sandals!!!

f)        Choose the jewellery and watch as per the shades of your dress.

g)      Spray the bestest of perfumes – Woopie!!!

h)      Your Mercedes is waiting at the door of your Mansion (Your bungalow)

i)        Weekends are blocked either at the club or at a holiday destination.

How are you feeling now??? Amazing is it??? Is that your dream!!! Its actually mine and not just at night also during the day!!! It’s the way I want to see myself (On a secret day that’s marked in my diary!!) This really keeps me happy, energetic and motivated even when I see and hear news of economic crisis!!!

But I just can’t sit dreaming!!! Neither will my pay, earned during my lifetime, fetch me these luxuries, even if it’s the best in the industry!!

So then what do I do!!! While thinking on this, I went back to my childhood days and remembered the ant story that my darling Mom had told me before putting me to bed!!

The story is too long but the moral was the ant saves a bit during the summers so she has enough of stock of food during the winters which she then shares with other dying insects.

There I was!!! The idea stuck me like the first lightening thunder before the onset of monsoons!!

Immediately next day I got a very cute looking Piggy bank and made a resolution that I shall compromise on some of my comforts and deposit money everyday in it.

I started walking to college, bank, skipped munching ice-creams, chocolates, snacks, cut down on my shopping a bit – only the necessary items were bought!! The result – I saved an amazing 25,000 by the end of the year which I again recycled in the highest paying Banking scheme.

If I would save more one day, that week end I would treat myself with whatever I loved most – movies with friends, going out, my favorite perfume, an expensive beauty treatment!!!

As I grew older, I started my negotiations with my family – for every marketing every Saturday they were to pay me Rs 20 for the 2 way Rickshaw fare and Rs 30 for initiative to help them shop the veggies!!! I would walk one way and thereby put Rs 40 in my piggy bank!!

Next was shoe polish – for every pair – every day Rs 5 and so on………………

This was my second FD

As I matriculated my Dearest Dad gave me huge Rs 1,000 as pocket money. Believe me Rs 700-800 went to my bank account every month that too with decent spending on movies, roaming around eating junk but everything was calculative. Over spending at one end would mean stretching at some other luxury!!!

The result was through out my college years the tuitions fees, the books, my beauty treatments, weight maintenance programs, latest fashionable dresses, birthday parties, gifts, movies, picnics, everything was managed gracefully by my own self.

When I started earning, with my first salary I got my first LIC Jeevan Anand Policy (Insurance Policy) – which assures me of double return on maturity and one part after my death to my nominee.

As days passed by, I grew in the organization, got promotions, switched jobs; I started thinking harder to realize my dream. I started studying guaranteed assured returns options in the market. Though with a lower return as compared to shares and mutual funds, I always preferred a safer, secured bet and hence started investing every month in:

a)      Gold

b)      Public Provident Fund

c)      Recurring Deposit (RD with the Bank)

My favorite three tools are:

a)      My Investments worksheet which has a record of investments, lock in period, maturity, interest, due date, proposed plan after maturity

b)      My annual income, expenditure and tax planner

c)      My daily expenses records

These truly guide me to where I stand today (daily tracker), by the end of year (short term plans) and my total worth in terms of my investment (long terms Assets). Believe me, my Parents (who I call my “Angels”, my house is my “Heaven”) have taught me one important lesson, The more responsibility you take especially in your early ages, the more you will find people feeling happy and proud of you and willing to help you and thereby you earn the precious asset of your life, “respect for yourself”, people quoting “you are very matured and responsible”. Atleast my hemoglobin counts grows multiple times when I hear my parents telling me what someone just told them about me!!!

Today though I am not very wealthy but then a steady plan has helped me grow pretty well on my financial plans to achieve my Dream Lifestyle which I truly deserve. The best part of it is I have made that possible myself!!

Atleast I have series of examples of being self reliant, independent, well confident and capable of taking care of my own self and successfully managing life.

It gives me immense pleasure to state that at the age of 26, I have toured all of Incredible India even been to foreign locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Pattaya, Bangkok, Sri Lanka – Come on!!! Obviously this was from my Parents not out of my savings!!!

Over and above everything, the most important satisfaction of my life is the way my Angles think how matured & capable I am and their contented proud faces when I create my FDs, buy new policies and discuss with them my expenditure and income plans

Believe me there is no bigger happiness than discovering your own capabilities, managing successfully your own life your own way!!! Just makes you feel so good about everything and yet humble and thankful for God to dawn upon some wisdom on you!!

Every step however small leads you to big achievements. I am myself convinced and have practiced this big time!!!

Think about it!!!! Its really a great idea Dude!!!!

Happy Saving!!!!

Namita Vyavaharkar

  1. BrianHenry
    June 2nd, 2010 at 18:50 | #1

    Constantly Dreaming and Thinking of Ways to Make Money Through Illegal Activities.?
    I don’t really know why I am posting this on a public forum. I suppose I want different opinions of why I am the way I am. Maybe other people will relate to me; or find it interesting if they study psychology. It’s a long read, and I aint anything important so don’t view this as a bragging type thing. I just want someone who understands to give me their opinion. I figured a quick summary in a few paragraphs would better paint the picture. Here it goes…

    I grew up in a large city, in the poor, industrialized part of town. People are all working class, and you get respect by showing you are a working man. You also got respect if you were a tough guy, or a good athlete. Basically if you’re a man’s, man, you were alright. You didn’t get respect where I came from by having a Bachelor’s, Masters, Ph.D or Doctorates degree. No one gave a damn about that type of stuff. However, some parents wanted more for their kids. They wanted them to pursue academics to get out of this city and do something more rewarding with their lives. My parents were one of them.

    My parents ended up divorcing, which made me a different person. I became more introverted. I ended up living in a worse part of town with my mother through the weekdays on a large low income housing estate, surrounded by beat up apartment buildings. I was one of the few white kids, so I had to fight alot the first year I was there. Eventually I made alot of friends and got used to what life is like on a low income estate. Everyone was living off welfare. You were either a poor kid from a broken home(me), or you were an immigrant and your parents couldn’t land a proper job. I never partook in any crime back then as a youngster, even though I seen it everyday. Most of the crime where I was came from Drug dealing, Thieving and Robbing. I remember when I was young, I used to extort money from this one kid from my class who I hated, because his older brother beat me up once. Whenever I seen him walking to the variety store I’d run up on him and make him give me money or I would beat him up. Which is obviously terrible. I did that a few times, and to be honest, I remember getting a buzz out of it. I thought I was a real tough guy. Just around that time, as I was progressively yet slowly getting worse, my mom made a smart move. She moved to the countryside where I would be isolated from that lifestyle. It worked. I ended up not committing anymore crimes through my teenage years, except selling a bit of Marijuana in Highschool. I got average grades, and had alot of friends. I ended up moving back with my dad in the inner city when I was about 18. I ended up working hard in Security for awhile, and as a doorman. By 22, I realized that I aint going anywhere in my life. I couldn’t land a well paying job without a proper education. I decided to go to college, and here I am in my 2nd year of college with 2 more to go. I will most definitely land a proper job when I am done. My schooling is paid for right now, I got a vehicle, I have fun, I got friends… but here is the main point of why I started this whole thread.. Although life is good right now.. I feel like I want more out of life. By that I mean money. I want to buy things.. I want to be the sickest clothes.. a nice car.. I want to have money.. I want to be able to go to university next year and just pay off the tuition in one shot cash, BOOM, done. This is impossible.. I can’t do that without a loan. I don’t want any loans. I want to do it on my own, and not owe anything.

    I recently for the last month, been dreaming of doing home invasions of drug dealers in the city with a trustworthy friend I trust with my life. We both, literally came from the same background. Same history, same city, same everything. Known him for 3/4 my life. I know for a fact, if we really tried.. We would make alot of money off these Drug dealing losers in the city. That can be some huge cash.. I could pay off schooling no problem.. have a bit more fun with the extra money that we collect. Its kind of funny I haven’t thought about crime at all for about 10 years… Now I am thinking about the exact same things I thought about as a bloody KID living in that shite hole. Its strange isn’t it. Why would I think like this when life is going so good? Why would I want to risk going to prison when I am on the ‘proper’ track to a good life. Do I miss it? Do I not care about what is right and wrong? Do I get a buzz off of it? I don’t know why.. I even think about mugging people at ATM’s for their account sometimes.. Today It crossed my mind when I left the bank. The parking lot was empty, I just came out of it.. 5AM..Some guy walks into it.. I thought, if I went in their right now, I could empty out his chequing account no damn problem. I’d have at least 500 bucks in my pocket. Clean non-dirty money. By the looks of him he probably had well over 1200$ in his account. That could do a heck of alot for a guy like me. I don’t care or think about
    I don’t care or think about what it could do to the man’s life. I really don’t think about that. Obviously it wouldn’t do good, but I say its a dog eat world. I would never harm a woman or a child. I don’t mean any physical harm on anyone. I only want to pursue this for money gain. It isn’t to hurt people, or brag about being the cool gangster guy. I just want what I want. I want money. Money is important and I really don’t buy ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ crap. You can’t go on vacation without money. You can’t pay for school and you can’t do what you want to do in life without the money. I figure if I rob drug dealers money, they can’t rat me out. The only thing they could do is try and track the man down who did it. Good luck in a huge city tracking down a guy like me. Especially someone with no criminal relations, a college student with no record. I’d never get caught. The only risk is getting killed, or going to prison. I dont know.. Why am I thinking this stuff for? life is good

  2. Will
    June 2nd, 2010 at 23:52 | #2

    Here is what I think about what you said;

    What your mind is doing is referrable to as ‘nostalgic reality.’ As you get older and your mind matures it remembers how life was when you were longer, and in most cases misses that life. It misses the feeling you got doing bad stuff, that thrill that was sastified when you stole and fought. The simplicity of that life, the ease of earning money, and that feeling of supriority. The ‘proper’ track of life doesn’t offer any of that. You pay taxes, you pay for school and anything else, and you must abide to the law. It’s fruitless compared to the life you had, the life your mind was accustomed to living and the rush it gave your mind.

    But more importantly why you are thinking this. You respawned that way of thinking by simply imagining how easy life would be just doing some crime to earn a boatload of cash. By doing this you subconsciously brought back the mindset you had when you were younger and in result all the other factors of life when you were younger (all the details above.)

    Honestly it’s a very simple explanation but what you want and need to do is just decide what you want to do. Throw everything you worked hard for away to committ the crimes or stay on the ‘proper’ track and see the road ahead of that track.
    There are other ways of earning money, you just need to research them. I’m 15, starting to learn psychology and earning 16 dollars an hour (earning around 1200 every 5 weeks) working online with a good friend of mine.

    It’s better to build reputation and foundation for a successful and unregrettable life rather than to risk it all for just a crate of money that isn’t worth what you could have attained over the years. When you’re older you’ll appreciate all the work you did and how stable life will be.

    The choice is yours. Life behind bars, up in heaven, or living in prosperity.
    References :

  3. Soundgardener1980
    June 2nd, 2010 at 23:54 | #3

    The only explanation I can think of is although your life is happy there’s something missing, like a hole inside you that has yet to be filled, its important how you choose to full that whole, what buzz you decide to look for, but will the ruthless pursuit of money fill that hole? Maybe it will but there will be serious consequences if you follow through on this desire. Money is the most corrupting thing in the world, money can be deadly in so many ways.
    References :

  4. tony
    June 2nd, 2010 at 23:56 | #4

    this means that you are being induced by evil spirits to act this way
    that’s your option
    References :

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