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Vehicle Accidents? Los Angeles Lawyer Will be There Every Step of the Way

Los Angeles is characterized by a huge network of freeways, streets, as well as local and regional means of public transportation. Twelve major freeways traverse the region.

In a vehicular accident, injuries may be serious and emotions can run high. Here are some guidelines on what to do when you get involved in an accident:

• It is a rule of thumb that you should stay at the accident site especially if there are injuries or deaths. Leaving the accident site can make you criminally liable for “hit-and-run.” However, if the accident happened in a deserted place, be careful when stopping or disembarking from your vehicle, you could end up being robbed or killed.

• Prior to evaluating property damage, make sure that all parties are okay. Call for medical help if someone needs it. Do not move someone who is unconscious or suffers from neck or back pain. Wait until qualified medical practitioner arrives. If the victim is engulfed in a pool of gas that may explode any time, you have no choice but to move them.

• Get in touch with law enforcement agencies – This is vital if there is physical injury or death. Make the necessary police report once the police officers arrive at the accident scene.

• Obtain the names, contact numbers, address, license numbers, and basic insurance information of all the parties involved. Be cordial when getting information. However, avoid apologizing at the accident scene. Doing so could put you in trouble as far as legal liability is concerned.

• Interview eyewitnesses – Ask them what they saw. Likewise, obtain their names, contact details, and addresses. However, do not force them to provide information. Jot down what they say and if it is okay with them, you can get their names and phone numbers so that they can be contacted again when they are needed.

• Get in touch with your Insurance Provider – Inform your insurer that you got involved in an accident. Do not conceal information from the adjuster about what transpired and the degree of your injury. While the facts of the an accident may already be known to your insurance provider, keeping yourself interested in the case is an indication to the insurance company that you are serious with your case.

• Keep your medical records – Write down the names of doctors, therapists, chiropractors, or other medical personnel that you consult. Keep this information for your lawyer, insurance provider, and the court.

• Corroborating your case with photographic evidence can strengthen your chance of getting a winning claim. Take pictures of your vehicle prior and after the accident so that the adjuster can determine the amount of compensation for your claim.

• Now, you might already be receiving settlement offers from your insurance provider. Make sure that all your physical injuries have been treated and that you have a diagnosis from your doctor. Make sure that your claim covers all your injuries.

In all of these processes, getting a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer on your side can ensure a winning claim.

Melvin Magadia

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