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Family Tree question!?

November 9th, 2011 5 comments

I’m stuck on my great-great grandfather on my family tree. i have his birth year, his death year, his social security number, and I know he was in world war one. Ohio (his birthplace) didn’t start keeping birth records until 1908 though. is there anyway I can find out the name of his father? He was born in Ohio, but lived & died in Wisconsin. I just want to be able to find his father’s name. I don’t really care about anything else.

His SSN application, $27, should have his father’s name and his mother’s maiden name. His death certificate might have them. His marriage record might have them. The article about his wedding in the local paper’s society pages, on microfilm in the library, may have them.

You could post his name, DOB and the places he was born in and lived in (town, COUNTY, state) here and someone might find him on the census. That isn’t as good as the SSN app, but it is free. It isn’t as good because if he lived with an uncle and called him "Dad" because his parents died when he was young, he might be on the census with relation "son" instead of "nephew".

If UR talking on a tape recorder in public & someone says something in the background is it legal 2 use…?

November 9th, 2011 4 comments

…in court? Or if they make a death threat to you but you don’t know their name or where they live etc is it legal? I need legal facts on this, not assumptions, thank you!

I want to submit a tape recording of public mobbing in the town where I used to live in a court hearing and else where. (Keep in mind I don’t know who these people are or ever will.)
Is it safe for me to use in court?

I lived in California at the time, but now I live in Nevada.
falsi fiable, your stupid I don’t think you know what you are talking about! First of all if no one can record anyone in the background the digital tape recorder would be outlawed!

And secondly I used the tape recorder to provide proof I am being publicly gang stalked, verbally assaulted and mobbed every time I leave my house. This has to do the police corruption who are the ones instigating this crime against me by contacting the public with lies about me, esp that I am slandering their city and trying to destroy it!

This tactic is part of the COINTELPRO program that I am a target of for reporting their and other police Dept involvement in corruption. Such corruption that would shut down 90% of all Police Dept all a crossed America!

And thirdly ALL courts are going to be hearing these tapes.

Depending all the fact that we have no way to know about your case, you might or not be allowed to submit the tape as evidence in court.

The best you can do is to talk about it with a lawyer who might know all the details of your case; if your lawyer thinks that it’s worth the effort then he might try to submit it as evidence but it’s up to the judge to reject it or not.

When someone dies in unknown Hospice Care Center..where do they take the Body? How can I find out ?

August 15th, 2011 1 comment

I’ll try to keep this as consise as humanely possible:

Great Aunt Dies. (mid 80s, Alzheimers. Within last 3 days).

Her "next of kin" is terminally ill & in Care Facility. Can not be reached. Has no info anyway. Not coherant.

Great Aunt had been removed from her original Hospice Care to ANOTHER Hospice Care Facility that is UNKNOWN. Both unknown.

Aunt passes away.

Someone (unknown) phoned adult relative who had a brain aneurysm (6 yrs ago) and is = to a young child, to give details. All she remembers is they said Auntiie Gwennie died. She did not write down what was said. Caller i.d. says RESTRICTED.

The only other "next of kin" is a relative who’s recovering from brain surgery. (I only WISH I was trolling, kidding, or lying). She doesn’t know anything and is in NYC.

No, there is no foul play suspected.

I don’t know how this process works. There is no one (able enough) to ASK. I have no idea about any last directives, or her wishes. She wasn’t capable of complex thought for years. I don’t know if they pronounce someone dead at Hospice, or they send them to Hospital, or the Morgue, or what. I don’t know where (her body) she is. I’ve been searching, on-line, to get a list of possible Hospice Care Centers, Morgues, Mortuaries..even Arizona newspaper obits.. but I can’t get any info. I understand medical and death records are private, but if the "next of kin" are not capable, then I have to find her and make arrangements. There’s no one else.

I do not have her Social Security Number. No one does.

When one passes at unknown facility..
Hospital? Morgue? Coronor? Do any of the above RECORD this anywhere? She lived in Arizona. I live in California.

Getting panicky.

Is there a web-site, or Hospice Care Directory..
I could go to/phone to take care of her body?

My Q&As repeat themselves lately and I don’t know why. Yahoo techs haven’t told me why it’s doing this. Sorry. I know it’s obnoxious, but I can’t make it stop.

Here in Illinois a body is stored at the Morgue until the funeral home comes out to get the person if the death occurs in the hospital. At least here. In order for you to be in a hospice program that has to be already arranged. You might try consulting the first hospice location to see if they can direct you to the other. Another try is I am sure a death has to be reported to the coroner either way.

BigJohn – Six Million Ways To Die ( plies fella big gates lady 863 polk county )

August 8th, 2011 8 comments

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New York City Public Libraries?

July 6th, 2011 3 comments

I was wondering where the MAIN new york public library is in Manhattan. I was told that at the main branch, they would have birth/death records in the genealogy section of deceased ancestors
ill take the 7 train cuz i grew up using that train…im not even 20 and i remember when the 7 train was red before they changed it to silver lol

Main Branch of New York Public Library is located at 5th Av & 42nd St which is called Stephen A. Schwarzman Building which is next door to Bryant Park.and 5th-6th Av/42nd St Subway Stations.

Long question but important.Please answer. Decisions about the next Presidential White House?

April 22nd, 2011 5 comments

A former Democrat I no longer belong to a "Party" & will never again. I am changing my voters registration.The Person(s) their life/history/political record/present is what will decide my votes.
So many people of all ages amazingly have been saying no more Parties also. I’m stunned how often its being said. People changed Parties even flipped a couple of times (hard but eye opening years)but seem to be saying no parties anymore.
Have you heard a lot of this too?
I want & hope John McCain will run for us as President, Jessie Ventura possible VP. I do think Colin Powell could help a lot in a leading role too.
I think these men are solid Americans. "Parties" mean nothing anymore in truth we need persons of Honor from all walks of life poor blue collar who worked their way up. Washington must become real they are nothing of reality there but also we need people who know the ropes so to speak.
Although just recently becoming familiar with J.Ventura he is impressive.
McCain & Powell both know what the Hell of War is. Screams of men including your own friends won’t stop sometimes their in your head even when you are finally get back home. Heard men say at night when its quite whether awake or asleep they hear them.
McCain was POW he lived that Hell. Our troops & their families NEED & MUST have someone who understands what war is. We all need someone in the White House like that ASAP. McCain has health problems yes so he needs a solid team & if God Forbid he falls ill temporarily. Many may remember when Regan was hurt,hospitalized, & also underwent surgery from the assassination attempt VP Bush took temp. run of the White House. VP Bush also took temporary control again after the terrible head injury Reagan endured falling from the horse & underwent was it 2 brain surgeries? Bush Sr took office temp again.

So a solid team in place to back McCain if need be. A VP who can take on whatever is left a the 4 yrs.
You may ask about why I mention Powell? He lied he even said so & apologized. Apologized admitted to lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Yes he lied. Keep in mind though since forever all of us have said if just once a people would tell the actual truth if they did wrong. Take responsibility.We’d say It would be so nice if people did that & if it was a politician we’d all pass out in shock. Well Powell did do just exactly what we said we would actually appreciate. He actually meant it too.
To be honest the rumors that he did not want to lie however he was told basically "accidents happen & people get sick so terrible if it were to happen to your loved ones Cor. Powell"
Powell would know if they were serious he’d been through it before when he once thought of I Remember Powell considered a possible Pres. run after I think after Clinton left office. He received threats a lot of death threats mainly at his family so he decided not worth it. I understand that.
McCain for President if we can get him to run again. Ventura for VP & Powell in one of the other most important roles.
One day it would be nice if more than one party could work together in the White House. Someday?

Two things I’d like to add even know this is so long.
1.Please no Palin if not for her McCain may have made it to the White House. Not a bad lady but running a country is not easy & not for unqualified we’ve seen that.
2. Not all Democrats even Liberals (although it’s the people & records/histories for me NO more Party loyalty) have problems with the lack of gun rights in fact a lot of Dem’s want our gun rights back & left alone in fact the right to carry even concealed. California is such a nightmare! The rules are nuts. Law Enforcement is not to blame. Regular people cannot get permits in CA (or in other states) hardly ever even with a completely clean record but the endless illegal guns leave people helpless.
Most gun crimes are not by legally bought guns or by legal gun owners. Most are all bought illegally.
I heard from one man former military also former FBI 20 years in fact now works as an investigator he has a permit to carry concealed in 40 or 43 states he works in but not CA.
So not all Dem’s are out to ban stuff. Just seems most people think that maybe it helps somebody to know we’re not all like that ok I’m a no party.
Please give your thoughts about how & who you believe can help us create a Great Country.
Thank you so much!!

I would appreciate what you think about these men and what or who would make a difference what should happen??

You have a lot to learn. Don’t get it here. & it would take to long to elaborate on why I think you’re so misguided

First thing? Read:

And go to ALL the party websites. Read ALL the platform statements. Keep trak of what you agree with & don’t…..and take a look at candidates trak records. A lepoard cant change it’s spots, no matter what they say to get elected.

How could somebody get from Scotland to America without leaving records?

April 22nd, 2011 3 comments

I have been researching ancestry and one man managed to immigrate to America in the early 1800s without leaving any records. No immigration records exist with his name. Also, he married a woman with an unknown last name in America in 1824 when he was 20 years old. I know that because their first child was born shortly after their marriage in Pennsylvania. I am lead to believe that he must have been a criminal or was forced to leave Scotland (my father told me that his father said that we came over here because somebody didn’t pay their taxes). He left a small town called Leadhills Scotland, and none of his family followed him. Was this guy a criminal, or was record-keeping just not as precise as it is in more current times?

Any ideas would be helpful as this is irritating me to death.

Thank you
I don’t know if this is of any help, but the man is named Joseph E. Kerr.

Also, his wife Mary (?) was born on a ship c. 1805. No marriage records exist. a free Scotlish border prison search I was looking at a link from this website about transported UK convicts yesterday and found lots of information, several took ailas’s so if he did thn he could be using a different name, also look at the Old Baily link as he may have been sent to London to face trial ( and you hope he was as there is full free searchable records)…
Also there are marriages and births registered onboard…you may find he never married rather than it was not recorded and just target searching’ "Joseph Kerr" scotland’ you may find further information… hope he was a convict as a convict is worse than a prisoner and at that time in history he would have been transported and records are easier to get if your ancestors are rich or rogues ( more records)

There are also some Kerr’s on these websites

Add: look on the links page I gave you ( familytimeline’s) under general FH resources at ‘Black sheep ancestry’

Voter reform bills? VALUE? DUH.. NO provision to verify that ONLY US citizens vote!Demand mental testing??

March 30th, 2011 1 comment

…Legislators clearly need compentency testing ! Citizens vote…The states/and FEDS collect taxes that are to preserve /protect the nation Yet our Congress refuses to ensure that votes are not compromised by failure to fund and enforce the simple requirement…Voters MUST be US citizens DUH..This is deceit and criminal fraud.
…Many states register "voters" based solely on utility stubs,local address, & maybe a DR liscense. Recently Texas was "embarrassed" to find that their prospective jurors were NOT US citizens..(seems the jury pool is taken from registered voter rolls)
…Why has there been NO demand ( or even noise) for a Federal data base that correlates birth/death records?States have had $ & time yet manyhave yet to complete record update(computer). In todays technological world, identifying a US citizen should be a few mouse clicks away. Yet every election, we joke about how many dead people vote ??
Government "by the people" or arrogant corrupt Congress?

Voters for federal office must be US citizens by law. State offices require voters to be citizens of that state (which in effect requires them to be US citizens). I’m not saying that there isn’t a huge fraud problem (there is – the laws are not being enforced well), just that it is already a requirement. A national ID is not the answer either. Laws are laxly enforced because some influential people whine that legitimate voters will be denied their vote if we make them prove they are citizens before voting but my belief is that those weeded out are likely to be those people who vote based on what others tell them they should do, ie, the people who are unwilling to prepare themselves. The US would be better off anyway if a greater percentage of those who do vote were knowledgeable voters. I’d also like to see the Electoral College strengthened as so many people are now squeezed into narrow strips along the four coasts that vast parts of the country simply have their views mainly ignored. It’s not a big state/little state issue anymore.

Where do I find a record store or a music store in New York City?

March 18th, 2011 2 comments

I want to buy some albums (Death Metal) and I have no clue where to buy such.

J&R Music World is the best shop that I know. They seem to have everything. Easy to find, they are at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, across the street from City Hall, near the Woolworth Building, quarter mile from Wall Street, two blocks from the WTC site and so on.

I am lost- need help as to where or what I need to do to get information regarding my deceased fathers records?

March 15th, 2011 3 comments

I live in Texas- my parents diviorced 15 years ago and since then unaware to me she has kept all of his letters and any form of communication hidden from me. I was informed 2 days ago thru the attorney generals office – that my father was now listed as deceased. Thats it I ran a search and the only info I could get was that he died september 24,2008 in port richey florida and he was cremated. I need help finding my rights as his daughter to access his information such as siblings, last will and testimonys, and offical cause of death. Basicialy I want to find out as much as possible about him as I am not able to even visit a grave site? Please help- my family hated him and I have no support I have search online for for days finding anything I can and this is all I have. I f anyone knows of anything I can do please let me know?

Facts: Lewis william wood
02/07/1953 – 09/24/2008 died at age 55
Born in michigan- died in new port richey, florida (online it said ss listed as california)
divorced from: Tina Wood- Texas
known children: Ashley & Adam Wood Juanita (half sister I only heard of but no other info)
No alive relatives on his side
Please help in my search to know my deceased father – also why was I informed 2 years after the fact? Why Did it take that long?
~*~*~*~ Thank you for taking the time to help- as stated below-
The TEXAS attorney general sent the notification to my mother because of child support- back pay

I looked at the letter and althought I know she would not of told me the letter was mailed out 2 days before I saw it

And yes I did ask her and she ofcourse denies any letters were ever sent or recieved by him to us

Yes found funeral home and called but b/c privacy laws they could tell me nothing but he had past and he was cremated- thats where I hit a road block

thank you so much for any help- it truly means the world to me

> she has kept all of his letters and any form of communication hidden from me.

You could threaten to sue her for them. She might just burn them, though, and lie about it.

> the only info I could get was that he died september 24,2008 in port richey florida

You’ll have to write to the county there, prove you are related (A Xerox of your driver’s license and birth certificate should do it) and buy a copy of his death certificate. It will have cause of death and who did the cremation. The funeral home may have a copy of his obituary; it may not. If not, you can try writing to the county library, sending a SASE and a small donation. They will usually look it up for you. I looked for 20 minutes and didn’t see any obit on-line.

> siblings,

That will be in the obituary, maybe.

> last will

You’ll have to write to the probate court in his county, and will probably have to buy a copy.

> official cause of death.

Death certificate,, above.

> Basically I want to find out as much as possible about him

If his obit says he was a member of the Elks Club and First Methodist, you could write to both, explain your problem and ask if any member who knew him would send you their memories.

> also why was I informed 2 years after the fact? Why Did it take that long?

Just some guesses:
a) Your mother hates you
b) Your mother didn’t think it was important
c) He left you a million dollars and she is spending it as fast as she can
d) None of the above