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Desperate help needed. What are my legal options in this case in illinois, please only serious answers thanks?

November 9th, 2011 2 comments

Hi there,
I live in Chicago. About a few weeks ago, this guy whom I know for 3 month. He grabbed my wallet and took out 500+ bucks while I was in his car with his brother, an accomplice. He said he needed money for emergency and would give me back the next day. He also happened to take my debit card without my notice, which he tried to use it the next day to get 1000 (fortunately I only have 10 dollars on it). Then, after a day, I tried to call and ask him to give my money back or I will tell the police. He denied that he ever took my money. Then about a few days later, he called me with private number and give me a death threat: "yo, my brother is gonna kill you, we know where you leave…" His number is now disconnected. I then reported the theft and the threat to the local police department. They gave me a report and ask me to call 911 if I see him again. Then, last friday, this person stalked me and threatened me near my house. He drove from behind while I was walking, then he pulled out a gun and spoke something threatening to me, which I could not understand at the moment. So, I called 911, and the officers said I should just go to see a warrant officer who may file a warrant of summons or warrant of arrest (idk why the officer cant go arrest him right way). So I am gonna go tomorrow to see the warrant officer, with my 3 police reports of him stealing, threatening and stalking me.

The question I ask is, would it be possible (do I have a strong cause) for me to request the warrant officer to get a warrant of arrest and get this guy arrested immediately, instead of getting a warrant of summons, where the court orders the guy to appear on his own. Because I believe now I am seriously threatened; he is dangerous to me and could attack me anytime; I cant even sleep while. Plus, I also have the probable cause of him stealing from me and thefting my card. Let me know what are my options here. If you have any suggestions of which course of actions should I take. And yes, I do have many evidence. For example, I recorded the conversation when he took my money from my hand. And I screen recorded the facebook chat where he threatened me. Thank you very much. Appreciate your answers.

When you don’t report the initial crime immediately, the officer can’t make an immediate arrest.

In this situation, the facts are too muddied. You essentially let him borrow the money by accepting what he said about paying the money back the following day. This makes the situation a civil matter – not a criminal matter.

The issue with the debit card is also very murky. He will claim that you agreed to let him borrow that too – and you didn’t call the police until after he didn’t pay you back. (So the argument his lawyer would have is that you have a motive to lie.) Now you have reasonable doubt – so there is no hope of a criminal conviction against him.

When you threatened to report this incident as a theft unless he paid you back you REALLY mucked up the situation. The $500 is not and could never be a criminal matter – so threatening to involve the police to take care of your debt collection was highly improper. (It DOES NOT MATTER that he took money from your hand and it DOES NOT MATTER that you probably didn’t want him to have the money. You allowed him to take the money (by virtue of you not reporting this as a theft immediately) as a loan.

Stalking is a criminal behavior that has a very specific legal definition. It is unlikely that what he is doing rises to the level of stalking.

The threats you have described may or may not be actionable – but it’s not likely. Claiming that his brother is going to kill you isn’t enough, in and of itself, to rise to the level of a crime. Talking smack and blowing off steam isn’t necessarily a crime.

That you saw the guy with a gun is interesting – but your credibility is going to be an issue – because you apparently claimed the guy stole the cash. Unless there is another witness, there isn’t enough to justify a conviction.

He is not going to be arrested on the spot because the facts are too convoluted. This is something that a police officer MIGHT write up as a report and submit it to the prosecutor’s office to see if the prosecutor is interested in filing criminal charges. But I’m sorry, I don’t think you should get your hopes up.

Are death certificates public record?

April 14th, 2011 3 comments

In California are death certificates public record? If so, is there a way to get a copy or a look at one online?

No they are not. You can only get a copy if you can prove you are a parent, a child, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister, spouse, or domestic partner of the deceased.

The other people who can get that are law enforcement and the probate attorney.

They become public record in 110 years.

will I need to sue new york life to get death benefits?

March 14th, 2011 5 comments

My mom died during the contestable period and I’ve provided all the information to the insurance company. last week I was told that all medical records have been received and that it should take about 14 days to review and for them to let me know if they’re paying out or not. today my brother called and they told him they waiting for more records from another hospital. I’m thinking they’re giving us the runaround and maybe it’s time to hire an attorney. is there anyone who have some advice?

that is pretty standard when someone dies during contestible period. The insurance companies want to check medical records to make sure all health issues were disclosed at time of application.

If you think there may be a problem with not all records being disclosed at application time, get an attorney…otherwise you may want to wait a little longer to see what the insurance company says first before incurring legal expense

In illinois, is probate court a must, after death?

March 14th, 2011 5 comments

My mom left us a will. She made me an Excutor. Her house is worth less then 500K, maybe around 400K. Me and my brother are in agreement. Her will was to split it 50/50. Do we have to go to probate court and how long do we have before we go to court? We would rather not use the court services unless we must. There is no other value nor money. I took original will to downtown to 12th floor, record it. They made me open self addressed evelope that mom originaly mail to her-self. is there a book that takes you step by step or on internet. I hate to go to courts, unless it is a must

Yes you have too go to probate. You might be able to do it yourself. Check with legal aide for free advice.

death records?

July 4th, 2010 4 comments

i have custody of my younger brother and i recieve a check from social security for him through my dad, i just received a letter in the mail that his check will be going up becasue a person who was also receives benifits has been removed, no longer recieving any benifits, the only 2 receiving benifits are my brother and dad, dould this mean he died??? he is a alcholic and a homless man so how could i find out? are death records public in ohio??? i really need to find out
im still getting a check its just bigger now and he is only 16, my dad tho is 68 im so confused

don’t jump to conclusions, see if you get a check next month. but you can go
find out from social security.
that is good your brother
is living with you, your a
good sister.
your story is sad, but find out SSA should be able to help.

apply for help and he
will continue his checks.

How to obtain medical records of deceased relative from Florida?

June 29th, 2010 1 comment

I’ve lost 3 people in my family to a disease. I’ve been told to get their medical records for screening purposes regarding my own health and the health of my children. I’ve been able to get the records of all but one. This is my brother whom died in Florida in 2007. We are told the only people that can get the records are the three listed on the death certificate. I had one of them do this. Now, we’re being told differently – that only the person who filled out the death certificate form (his wife) can access the records. Currently she is already remarried and wants no part in helping. What is the law? Who exactly can get the records and how do we go about this without getting help from the wife? We are out of state. We also were told my doctor could not request these records without a court order showing "just cause" – family history of a disease is not a reason… so we are told. Please help.

I would suggest you hire an attorney who specializes in health and/or family law. Good luck.

Can someone please help me find a website that has records of people. I need to find someone important to me.?

June 3rd, 2010 1 comment

I need a website that has birth, death, and marriage or more records. I dont want to have to pay any kind of fee so please dont give me any fees even if it just 2 cents a month i dont care. im only 16 years old and trying to find my dad. Can someone please give me a website that can at least tell me marriage records in the texas(not giving actual town to be safe). Ive tried too many websites and they say its free but then i have to include a billing stuff which i dont like. No billing, no fee, no scams. Please help me.

This helped me discover a brother and a aunt i never knew before

Where can I find an obituary from 1980 for free?

April 5th, 2010 3 comments

I am trying to located an obituary for my grandfather’s brother, who I believe to have died in 1980.
I am not sure if he was living in New York or Florida at the time of his death, but I do know that he was born in New York around 1911.
Does New York or Florida have free access to public records such as obituaries?

If you want his death certificate, look in the public records by going to the Vital Records Office of the town where he died. Obituaries, though, are not public records. They are newspaper items.

I’m not trying to quibble. I’m trying to point out the difference so that you don’t spend time going in the wrong direction.


March 15th, 2010 12 comments

A game of Smash Brothers goes horribly wrong and leads to much death, destruction, and heroin jumpstart overdoses.

Contains a full cast of scrubs and sheep.

There’s so many inside jokes and one liners in this movie, that you have to watch all 10 sweet minutes to even begin to comprehend the insanity of this flick. Basically, Hatter said “get a camera!” and then we filmed on the spot with no idea what we were going to do.

Hilariously bad on purpose. Enjoy!

“Oh SHIT!”

Duration : 0:9:48

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Elvis Presley’s Graceland RARE FORBIDDEN!!! (Memphis) (22/11/08)

March 15th, 2010 12 comments

seiyaworld, Aaron, Presley’s, Graceland, Rare, Forbidden, Memphis, USA, The, King, of, Rock, ‘n’, Roll, Gladys, Vernon, Colonel, Parker, RCA, Priscilla, Lisa, Marie, Mafia, Tupelo, Jesse, Garon, twin, brother, dead, Sun, Studio, Records, Sam, Phillips, That’s, All, Right, Mama, Radio, TV, Pelvis, Military, Service, Germany, Hollywood, 68, Come, Back, Special, Las, Vegas, 73, first, global, live, concert, via, satellite, Aloha, from, Hawaii, 1.5, billion, viewers, drugs, misuse, death, Forest, Hill, Cemetery, attempt, to, steal, body, reburied, Meditation, GardenElvis Presley’s Graceland RARE FORBIDDEN!!! (Memphis) (22/11/08)2008-11-22

Duration : 0:6:46

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