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Why can’t I find my grandfather in the Social Security Death Index?

November 16th, 2011 7 comments

Hi, I have many details about my grandfather but I can’t find him in any sort of records at all. His name was Charles Michael "Skippy" Hopper Jr. He was born on April 26, 1951 Bronx, NYC and he died on June 20, 1980 in New York. He was in the U.S. Army after Vietnam and trained at Fort Dix. He was stationed in Germany in the mid 1970s’. His younger siblings were Robert Hopper and Marion Hopper (Dovico). I have records on both of his parents, Charles Hopper 1925-1987 and Marion Cerone (Serone or Ceroni) 1928- He married my grandmother Linda Fuchs on July 4, 1970. My mom (their only child) was later adopted and she never knew her dad. He was also an award winning runner. He committed suicide on June 20th 1980. I can’t find any thing on him. Can someone please help?

The SSDI can be incomplete. In general people are always in it if they received a SS benefit. Since your grandfather was young he may not have every received a benefit and his death cert may not have been forwarded and attached properly. If his wife didn’t claim a death benefit I wouldn’t automatically expect him to be in it. If no benefit was ever collected they may or may not be in it. Also, it’s an index compiled by private companies based on information they receive from the SS office and not compiled by the SS office, so there’s room for human error in transcribing the data.

If you know where he died, ordering his death certificate from the jurisdiction is your surest way to get the information you want. It will be in both a state and county agency, usually with vital statistics, health, or registrar in the name. The cert will cost around $12-25.

Add: New York state doesn’t keep certs for the 5 burroughs, so if he died in the Bronx go here:

Family Tree question!?

November 9th, 2011 5 comments

I’m stuck on my great-great grandfather on my family tree. i have his birth year, his death year, his social security number, and I know he was in world war one. Ohio (his birthplace) didn’t start keeping birth records until 1908 though. is there anyway I can find out the name of his father? He was born in Ohio, but lived & died in Wisconsin. I just want to be able to find his father’s name. I don’t really care about anything else.

His SSN application, $27, should have his father’s name and his mother’s maiden name. His death certificate might have them. His marriage record might have them. The article about his wedding in the local paper’s society pages, on microfilm in the library, may have them.

You could post his name, DOB and the places he was born in and lived in (town, COUNTY, state) here and someone might find him on the census. That isn’t as good as the SSN app, but it is free. It isn’t as good because if he lived with an uncle and called him "Dad" because his parents died when he was young, he might be on the census with relation "son" instead of "nephew".

Can’t find anything except for her children’s death records? Help?

November 9th, 2011 1 comment

Her name is Lillian Tyler, born June 15 1918 in Kings, New York. She married Albert Pacini. Had some kids, two of them died. Only records I found of her were in 1920 when she lived with a huge family (unable to find out which Tyler was her parent after extensive researching…no birth record). No residence record after the 1920 NY record. And the only other two that I found were with her and her husband’s name on it for a death certificate of her two kids in a 5 year period. My aunt Carol (lillian and albert’s daughter) said she left her sibling in 1945 because of her depression from losing two kids. I have been searching everywhere (especially…very helpful) but can not seem to find anything else on her. Why isn’t she documented? Why can’t I find a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a residence after 1920, anything? I really want to be able to help my aunt find out who her mom was and if she is still alive or not or where she died. If anyone can give me some advice or help me out or explain to me why she seems to disappear after 1920, it would be greatly appreciated. She is such a mystery to everyone in my aunts family and we all want to find out what happened or a little bit more about her. I thought everyone had to participate in the census? Why can’t I find anything else on her?
Thank you for answering! I really need some help.

There’s lots of reasons why you may not find someone in an online resource ranging from they don’t have the helpful record, the name is indexed so poorly it’s not searchable, they moved and you’re looking in the wrong location, the information on the record is wrong, or there’s some fact you don’t know (i.e. she remarried or somehow got listed under a stepfather’s name). It’s likely she is documented, you just can’t find the documents so far. There are some cases where a person is undocumented. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by the cruelties of life (i.e. died a Jane Doe), and often because the documents have been destroyed (i.e. courthouse fires).

You may find it helpful to go ahead and order a birth (& maybe marriage) record direct from the appropriate agency:

I wouldn’t try to order a death record until you can be certain she has died and what name she may have died with (i.e. remarried). Find A Grave may be helpful. There seems to be a couple possibilities with a maiden name Tyler born in 1918. For this site, spelling counts so try multiple variations.

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate?

September 29th, 2011 4 comments

I want to view someone’s birth and death certificates and records how do I do this, I would like to do it in person not online, where would I go and will they allow you to view them if this person died as a minor? Also can you make a copy of it? And would they even let me see them if I’m only 17? I want to see these because this person is important in my life and I never got to meet him because he died a week after I was born. This is in California, Sonoma County. Thank you such for your answers.

The Sonoma County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor’s office is the place to go, provided you are one of the legally authorized relationships to this person. Being a minor you may need a parent or other authorized person to go with you. The link gives the address, fees, authorized relationships and all pertinent details.

They will not allow you to look through the records to locate his, nor will you be looking at the original. You will need to order the copy and pay the copy fee, but this can be done in person at the office.

How can I find out if someone was buried/cremated-Already checked death certificate-didn’t attend the funeral.?

August 26th, 2011 3 comments

My recently found deceased dad of whom I know nothing about except his dob and date of death and the places is deceased so I never attended a funeral nor did my mom so I don’t know any of his friends no library has a obituary, the death certificate didn’t list it and the possible cemetery didn’t have him and if it helps at all I live in The Maryland suburbs of Southeast District of Columbia (Temple Hills, MD 20748), My dad’s name is Tyrone Tucker 1961-2002 visit:
to see the death certificate.
Thanks, Timothy Warren

These are addresses for a Tyrone C Tucker b. Dec 13, 1961 and the year of the record. Look in Oklahoma for death certificate. Norman is in Cleveland County. There is a Tyrone Tucker in Norman OK as late as 1998.
4731 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19124-5812 (1991)
2101 S Simpson St, Philadelphia, PA, 19142-2029 (1993)
1380 Creekside Dr Apt 806, Norman, OK, 73071-1930 (1996)
1908 Lakehurst Dr, Norman, OK, 73071-1608 (1996)

You also might try calling the local funeral homes in Norman.

Also do a Google Search of name in quotes and look at people search sites, then look for PA and Norman OK matches. There is even a Groton, CT location associated with the name and Norman, OK. They also listed other names associated with his.

Are death records public or are they private?

August 1st, 2011 3 comments

We got a call that my friend was dead. The family wouldn’t say how or why. We called the courthouse and they said only family is privy to that information. It has been a couple years and I’d like to dig for the information. I always thought circumstances of death are public record…but so far, since we are not provable family, we are unable to get information.

It amazes me how many celebrities die from drug overdoses, murder, auto-erotic-asphyxiation (INXS, David Carradine), DUI’s and other car crashes. We get to hear all the gory details when I’m sure the families would rather the information stay private. I’m not sure why I don’t have the same power as the media being a citizen of the USA.

If anyone has any tips on how I can get this information, please let me know.
I live in CA now but it happened in New York City where I used to live.

They are public information and you need to contact the county the friend died in to receive a copy of the death certificate.

BUT…as you said, families of the celebrities would like to have that information stay private. Please give the same respect to you friends family, whether you like them or not. Although it is public record, it it is still a private matter.

How can I obtain the details of the death and cremation of someone in who died in California?

July 26th, 2011 6 comments

This person died in Oakland, Ca, in 2005. I have date of birth, death and full name and want to find the details of his death (by natural causes) and particularly the location of his ashes. I want to use public records and not a paid service.

You can write to the Alameda County Clerk-Recorder and buy an informational copy of his death certificate:

"Public" doesn’t mean "free"; it just means "Available". By contrast, most adoption records and the details of some civil suits are "sealed". That means you cannot buy copies no matter what.

It is $14, something they hide on a different page,

for their own convenience. Government web designers don’t have to think of the public’s convenience.

Even then the death certificate may not reveal where his ashes are; they may have given them to the family, and the family may have scattered them somewhere illegally.

It is illegal to walk through a wilderness area, for instance, a place the deceased spent many a happy hour backpacking, and scatter his ashes here and there, paying particular attention to patches of lupine. My son has promised to do that for me, and fiddle dee dee to the USFS.

How to get death records from the 1950’s – 1980’s?

June 16th, 2011 2 comments

How would I go about ordering a death certificate from then? All of them died in New York if that helps you answer my question…

This web site has info about ordering New York State death certificates:

For NYC death certificares:

IMPORTANT QUESTION!! Please answer seriously!!?

June 3rd, 2011 6 comments

Well, before I tell you guys anything I want everyone to know that I love my parents but they are emotionally abusive most of the time and threaten to physically abuse me when super angry and that I’m curious to find answers.

So I was looking at my birth certificate a few weeks ago. I was looking at it because I was curious to know whether I am my parents birth child. the reason why I think I am not my parents birth child is because we look nothing alike and theirs a lot of traits that I don’t have from them. My parents have big round eyes, high cheekbones, narrow noses, thin lips, thin straight hair, long ears, short eyebrows, short necks, and tan skin. I have small almond shaped eyes, don’t have high cheekbones, a long big nose with a slight bump, I have medium-thick lips, thick curly hair, small ears, long eyebrows, a long neck, and pale olive skin. The traits my parents have have been passed down from many many generations and everyone in my family has those traits except me.

Not only that but I’m allergic to apples and cherries and have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, embarrassing, but thought it would help answer the question)

Well back to the birth certificate- So I was looking at it and I noticed a few things that seemed out of the ordinary and made me wonder.My birth certificate was filed a month after I was born, was signed by doctors 1 month after I was born, and doesn’t have my parents signature, but instead has their names typed in the spot that was supposed to be signed. The biggest fishy thing was that on the side of my birth certificate it says "death under one year of age, to see death certificate for this child please enter state file number" but I don’t have a state file number. Also my sister’s birth certificate has a birth number but mine doesn’t. I also have a bith confirmination which is like my birth certificate excpet it has no sigatures. And my birth certificate is actually a "certificate of live birth"

My parents don’t believe in adoption but I still think I was adopted or given away. The thing is that I am 13 years old and can’t ask for my birth records.

SO my question is:
-Am I adopted or given away at birth?
-Does all this seem normal?
-Is there a chance that I was adopted or given away at birth?

P.S: I know that adoption and being gioven away isn’t funny and at times could be hurtful. I just can’t deal with my parnets abuse anymore and cps did come to my house but I just lied so they can go away. I didn’t want my parents getting in trouble. I just thought that maybe if they weren’t my parents, then maybe there is hope of me getting out of the house and that maybe there is a possibilty of me having loving and caring parents out there somewhere in the world. So please answer seriously and no hurtful comments. I just want to know other people’s opinions.

I was born in Reno, Nevada by the way and it’s a state in the U.S for those of you who don’t know. but I’m currently living in NY.

And thanks in advance to all the people who read this long question and made time to answer my question. All of you peoples help is great and I’m thankful for any answers given =)
@ Nani Barr- I know that traits can be passed down from 100 years ago but these traits have ran through both sides of my family since the beginning of time. We’ve only been one nationality since the beginning of time and a mixed marriage isn’t a possibility meaning the traits I have isn’t in the family. But maybe your right.

well a certificate of live birth is usually paperwork filed at a hospital after childbirth and sent to the county clerk afterward for the acual birth certificate. sounds like what you found is the copy that the hospital sends home for the parent’s personal records. doesn’t mean that you’re adopted. as far as your looks go, genetics are tricky, and not every child looks exactly like their parents. even after hundreds of years of looking the same. the thing is, whether you are adopte or not, if your parents really are treating you badly, you cant keep covering for them. unless you do or say something, you aren’t ever going to have the loving family you want

Are peoples wills public records in all states?

April 22nd, 2011 1 comment

I am not sure if anyone knows the answer to this. My father died in the state of California in 2004, and my sister and live in Pennsylvania. He hadn’t been in contact with us for years, before he got sick very quickly and died. My sister and I had no relationship with the controlling woman he was married to. Any questions asked her were not answered, and we let it go. We have since learned the wife has dementia. Not sure where she is. My sister and I are trying to find out if my father had a will or whats happening to the property out there? We have heard just recently through friends of my fathers out there, that the property is deteriorating and no ones been around the house for awhile. I would like to know what is public record out there and can I find it online? Such as property tax. if the house is paid off. Up for sheriff sale? Or if he had a will. Our father was cremated and my sister I know his ashes are there somewhere in the house. If nothing else we would like to at least get his ashes,and bring them home, but before we would go out there, we want to make sure the house isn’t getting sold for back taxes. We don’t know who his lawyer was and we are basically stuck trying to find out information. Any help someone could give me as to guide me in the right direction would be appreciated. I was able to at least get his death certificate, but that’s about all.

If your father had a will and it was probated then it is public record. Call the probate court in the county in which your dad lives and ask if there was an estate opened under his name. Also, if you have the address of the property you can get a title company to check for a nominal fee to see if the property is in your dad’s name still. If it is, and there has been no estate opened, and you cannot find a will, then his next of kin are entitled to the property.