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Searching for Death certificates | Find Death Records Online

November 18th, 2011 2 comments


Do you want to know how Gov Resources allows you to carry out online public records? It is one of the sites online that allow people to search for records. There are other methods of searching like from government agencies, libraries etc. that are free. There are governing rules that restrict the amount of information that can be retrieved from them though. So far, the best method for finding public records has been through the internet.
Death Records Death-records

Death records for ontario on ancestors at rest find free usa death records online, free canada death records online & free english death records online. Birth/death records death records before 1867 1867 through december 19, 1908 december 20, 1908 through december 31, 1953 january 1, 1954 to the present. Death records african american obituaries, funeral programs and cemetery records search the death records database enter one surname per search do a wildcard. Databases: death records for genealogy research find vital records with affordable access to over 1 billion names in over 8000 genealogy databases. Hcghd birth & death records hamilton county public health s division of epidemiology and assessment is tasked with issuing and maintaining records, including birth and death records.

Death certificates death records vital statistics death records order birth, marriage and death records online free online databases: death records california death records. Vital statistics – birth and death records vital records, vital statistics, vital search, vital records online, vital records data, marriage records, birth records, death records, death certificates. Death records for ontario on ancestors at rest welcome to the potter county clerks office in amarillo, texas julie smith potter county clerk/voter registrar box 9638 amarillo texas 79105-9638. Ohs – archives/library – about death records in ohio vital statistics, public health – seattle & king county contact us public health seattle & king county 401 5th ave , suite 1300 seattle, wa 98104.
1. How Can You Start Searching for Online Public Records?

Starting your search from public record sites would be a good start. There are free and paid sites. Free sites would only give you basic information and lacked many important details when I was looking through them. They usually do not display confidential information like the address and name of the person you are looking for. Tags: Alabama Public Records Alaska Public Records Arizona Public Records Arkansas Public Records California Public Records Colorado Public Records
Connecticut Public Records Delaware Public Records
Florida Public Records Georgia Public Records
Hawaii Public Records Idaho Public Records
Illinois Public Records Indiana Public Records
Iowa Public Records Kansas Public Records
Kentucky Public Records Louisiana Public Records
Maine Public Records Maryland Public Records
Massachusetts Public Records Michigan Public Records Minnesota
Public Records Mississippi Public Records Missouri Public Records Montana Public Records Nebraska Public Records Nevada Public Records
New Hampshire Public Records
New Jersey Public Records New
Mexico Public Records
New York Public Records
North Carolina Public Records
North Dakota Public Records
Ohio Public Records Oklahoma Public Records
Oregon Public Records Pennsylvania Public Records
Puerto Rico Public Records
Rhode Island Public Records
South Carolina Public Records South Dakota Public Records
Tennessee Public Records
Texas Public Records
Utah Public Records
Vermont Public …

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Where can I search for death records for FREE?

July 10th, 2011 6 comments

I have gone to several different sites but they all end up asking for money. I thought death records were public records and anyone should be able to search for a loved one but I’m hitting dead ends everywhere.

I put some links below. I wanted to deal with a common misconception first.

> I thought death records were public records

They are, and if you send the name and death date to the appropriate county courthouse, plus a check, which may be as little as $5 or as much as $35, you can get a copy. There isn’t any law that says a state or county has to spend tax money on a web site to make death records available for free.

By contrast, some records are NOT public; sealed adoptions records, and agreements hashed out between two parties in a civil lawsuit, for instance. You cannot get them no matter how much you pay.


These are all free. Some have ads at the top, which sometimes ask for a name and take you to a pay site, so be careful to distinguish between the advertisement and the input form. An index will have name, date and maybe something else; death records – 500 KB jpg’s of death certificates – are rare. Some of these say "Records" – I copied the page title – but are really indexes.

Social Security Death Index
1960ish – now; almost 90 million entries in November 2010.

53 million entries in November 2010, mostly the USA. Entries range; they may have one or more of:
Exact birth and death dates
A short biography/obituary
Links to the person’s parents’ graves and/or and children’s graves
Picture(s) of the person
The best ones have all of the above; the worst ones have just a name and year of death; "J. Smith, b. ????, d. 1912".

Arizona genealogy
Births 1855 – 1934; deaths 1844 – 1959. Real records, not an index. Number of entries not given.

California Death index
9,366,786 entries from 1940 – 1997

Kentucky Death Records
(Y!A only allows 10 links per answer, so I cheated. Change the "/ca/" in the URL for the California Death index to "/ky/" to get Kentucky.)
2,921,383 entries from 1911 – 2000

Maine Death Records
Change the "/ca/" in the URL for the California Death index to "/me/" to get Maine.)
401,960 entries from 1960 – 1997

Missouri Digital Archives
Real records; Year range 1910 – "50 years ago", so the upper limit changes by one every year. Number of entries not stated, but it too would grow over time. Not all counties are here.

Texas Death Records
Change the "/ca/" in the URL for the California Death index to "/tx".)
3,963,456 entries from 1964 – 1998

West Virginia Birth, Death and Marriage records
Real records; number of entries not stated. Years vary by county. Here are the first five counties, to give you a feel for it:

Barbour: 1853 – 1859, 1861 – 1969
Berkeley: 1871, 1875 – 1906, 1917 – 1970
Boone: 1865 – 1873, 1877 – 1883, 1885 – 1968
Braxton: 1853 – 1861, 1865, 1867 – 1969
Brooke: 1853 – 1860, 1862, 1865, 1867 – 1868, 1874 – 1880, 1885 – 1970

How to get death records from the 1950’s – 1980’s?

June 16th, 2011 2 comments

How would I go about ordering a death certificate from then? All of them died in New York if that helps you answer my question…

This web site has info about ordering New York State death certificates:

For NYC death certificares:

Looking for info Henry Hall Collin County,Tx?

April 14th, 2011 1 comment

Looking fo information on a the Hall Family lived in Mckinney,Texas name Henry Hall wife Lena Hall
had 2 daughters Voltra Hall(allen) died 1925 and Elegea Hall died 1929 cannot find any census records of the living in Collin County,Texas just death certificates for the 2 daughter..i know henry hall had brother named A.D Hall died in June 10, 1988 but i do not have access to census information..can anyone please help me.. i know henry hall died before the last daughter died because a.d hall signed her death certificate but when i do not know.
Heny Hall is actually the father of Voltra &Elegea he was deceased before Elegea died in 1929..A D Hall signed her death certificate.. A.D Hall married a lady by the name of Mary Scruggs she died in 1984 ….To my knowledge Henry Hall has lived in Allen,Texas or Mckinney,Tx (Fairvie,Tx)area….hard to find info on people before social security Henry supposedly born in 1860 and lena in 1870
A D Hall is Henry Hall brother.
help anyone

Could this be them?

1910 Census – Ellis County, Texas
Henry Hall – M – B – 49 – married 10 yrs – TX-UNK-UNK – Farm Laborer
Lena Hall – wife – F – B – 30 – mother of 6 kids, 5 now living – TX-TX-TX
A. D. Hall – son – M – B – 9 – TX-TX-TX
Otra(?) Hall – dau – F – B – 7 – TX-TX-TX
Nora Hall – dau – F – B – 4 – TX-TX-TX
Hubbard Hall – son – M – B – 3 – TX-TX-TX
Ezell Hall – dau – F – B – 11 mos – TX-TX-TX

1920 Census – Ellis County, TX
Henry Hall – M – B – 53 – widow – TX-LA-LA – Laborer, Farm
Ida Hall – dau – F – B – 18 – TX-TX-TX – Laborer, Farm
Votie Hall – dau – F – B – 17 – TX-TX-TX – Laborer, Farm
Nora Hall – dau – F – B – 15 – TX-TX-TX – Laborer, Farm
Evella Hall – dau – F – B – 9 – TX-TX-TX
Henry Hall – son – M – B – 5 – TX-TX-TX

(I bet the "Ida" is really "A.D.", and the census taker just heard it wrong and figured it was a girl).

Here’s A.D. Hall in 1930:

1930 Census – Collin County, TX
A. D. Hall – neg – 27 – widow – TX-TX-TX – Farmer, General Farm
Leoala(??) Hall – sister – neg – 18 – TX-TX-TX
Henry Hall – brother – neg – 16 – TX-TX-TX

The "Leoala" is very hard to read, and I don’t know who that could be if Voltra and Elegea have already died, and if Elegea is the same person as Ezell/Evella. Next door to A.D. is probably their sister Nora:

Jerry Anderson – neg – 42 – TX-TX-TX – Farmer, General Farm
Nora Anderson – wife – neg – 24 – TX-TX-TX

Are death certificates public record?

April 14th, 2011 3 comments

In California are death certificates public record? If so, is there a way to get a copy or a look at one online?

No they are not. You can only get a copy if you can prove you are a parent, a child, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister, spouse, or domestic partner of the deceased.

The other people who can get that are law enforcement and the probate attorney.

They become public record in 110 years.

Where can I find information about dead relatives?

July 29th, 2010 3 comments

My dad committed suicide almost 12 years ago and I wanted to know if there is a website or place where I can get information about his death. Does the US and/or state of California even record everyone’s death???

Thanks for your help =)

In the United States, deaths are recorded by death certificates.

There are many websites online where you can search legal documents for a price.

i need help! any of u who are able to access public records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.?

June 29th, 2010 1 comment

i really really need access to my ancestors records but every site i go to cost money and i dnt have any money at all, i need to get my indian card because if i can prove that im indian i can get into fort lewis for free but i need my ancestors info for that. can anyone help me get these documents for free?

You really need to give a little more info, such as what tribe of Indians are you descended from, what state or area, etc. Then perhaps we can direct you to the right place.

Genetic Tracing to my 2nd Great Grandfather?

June 14th, 2010 2 comments

I’ve been doing genealogy for quite a while now, and I have the use of and have a lot of my genealogy listed out on Family Tree Maker. Well a certain part of my genealogy has had me stumped for a long while. My great, great grandfather, Sylvester Rufus Allen, I can find nothing on except that he married Faith Wilbur Ostrander in 1901 in Portsmouth, VA. She was born July 25, 1883 in Rensselaer County, New York and died June 01, 1960 in Portsmouth, VA. They had four kids. Ruth Louise Allen, my great grandmother (born October 30, 1903 in South Norfolk, VA (?)), Luther L. Allen (b. Abt. 1904 in Virginia), Richard Cline Allen (b. Abt. 1906 in Virginia) and Teresa Mae Allen (b. May 17, 1909 in Portsmouth, VA). I’ve looked at Ruth’s death certificate (she lived and died in Beaufort Co, NC) and it does confirm that her father was Rufus Allen (but it does not list where he was born). Aunt Tessie Roberts (Teresa Mae Allen) died in February 1997 in Troy, Rensselaer County, NY. My hope is that someday I can go to NY and find her death certificate and see if it tells something new about Rufus. ( doesn’t have some death certificates on there, especially not new ones).

I have a hunch though, that there’s a possibility that Rufus Allen immigrated from either Ireland or England (or is the son or grandson of immigrants). I have no other relatively close ancestors that immigrated (closest would be like 7th great grandparents), so my question is, would a DNA blood test confirm that I have close Irish or English blood in me and kind of give me a hint as to where the Allen’s come from? I can find no records of a Rufus Allen in Virginia, North Carolina or New York and he died around 1916 or so (so I’m told) and he married in 1901 so the only census that I’d be able to find both Rufus and his wife, Faith in would be the 1910 census; which I conveniently can find no record of with them in it.

DNA tests themselves with not tell you from what countries your ancestors immigrated. They can be helpful in many cases in allowing you to match yourself with others’ family trees.

Y DNA is passed from father to son. In other words you get Y from your father, his father, his father and so on. If Sylvester Rufus Allen is in your direct paternal line you have a chance of making a match with other family trees that can help you discover his origins.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughters pass it on to their children. You got your Mitochondrial from your mother, her mother, her mother and so on.

Autosomal which you get 50-50 from both parents. However, when you get back to your grandparents it will not be 25-25-25-25. You got 50% from your paternal grandparents and 50% from your maternal grandparents but what you inherited will not be an even breakdown between grandmother and grandfather on both sides of your family. How you inherited this bias will not be how your siblings inherited it unless you have an identical twin.

Y & Mitochondrial are used in genealogy for people to match themselves to other family trees. However, they represent a very tiny part of your DNA and a very tiny part of your total ancestry. You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents and it doubles up each generation you go back. For instance if you get back to your 16 great great grandparents, having both Y & Mitochondrial tested would leave out 14 of them.

It is a more complicated to use Autosomal for genealogy purposes. Now, there is one company that will take your Autosomal DNA and match you with population groups throughout the world. But this will not prove the origin of your great great grandfather. The same DNA crosses racial, national and ethnic boundaries. There are no pure races, nationalities or ethnicities. DNATribes will give you your top 20 matches in descending order.


Now another option for you is a copy of a social security number application for one of his children. The 2 I had ordered for someone had the names of both parents, including mother’s maiden name and their places of birth. Social Security didn’t start until January 1, 1935. The index begins for deaths around the mid 1950s. Now I have been told and I have found it to be true that if a person was not drawing social security at time of death and on their own social security number that they will not be on the index.
Two I found that this did not apply to were a couple of elderly people who had to get Medicaid. They had never put into Social Security or drew Social Security benefits but they had to get a Social Security number in order to get Medicaid. The dates of death on both were about a week off.

Rootsweb(free site) has the Social Security Death Index. Even though there is a space for the social security number, you don’t necessarily need it as long as you put the name in as they were on social security. Once you find a person if you click on SS-5 letter to the right it will pull up a letter that all you need to do is put your return address on it and attach a $27 check.

I believe a copy of a social security number application is more reliable. The applicant himself/herself gave the information on his/her parents. A death certificate often relies upon a widow or widower giving that info on their inlaws or one of the children giving the information on their grandparents under very stressful conditions.

I believe my house is haunted. Is there a way to look up public records of a death or murder that took place?

June 9th, 2010 8 comments

Believe it or not, this place is pure evil. you can sense it in this house. your neck hair stands up. I’ve seen things and heard things. I’m just curious, because it would be nice to prove to people that something bad has happened here. thanks.

I take it that you live in an old house… Death certificates are public record in the United States, but the data may not be in computer search-able format so it may require a manual search. Contact the local vital statistics office and ask. A police or sheriff’s officer may know or be able to help you too.

how to search death records for the state of new york?

May 16th, 2010 1 comment

New York City Death Index
1891 to 1897 Manhattan
1862 to 1897 Manhattan and Brooklyn
1898 to 1948 All Boroughs
If you have ever tried to use the New York City death index for the early years, you will appreciate this latest database. If you look at the microfilm for these early years you know that you have to look at every month, every year and every borough.

Now the volunteers of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island have put these records in a very searchable database that will enable you to search with just a push of the button. Phase 1 of this effort covered the period 1891 – 1907. The second phase added the years 1908 through 1936 and will eventually include the indexes up to 1948.
New York Death Records
Enter a first and/or last name to search New York death records. This website was created to provide genealogists with access to the New York death records from a single place. Additional information on how to obtain New York death certificates is available below.

You can search some of the indexes on and you can also search the indexes at many New York Public libraries.