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Family Tree question!?

November 9th, 2011 5 comments

I’m stuck on my great-great grandfather on my family tree. i have his birth year, his death year, his social security number, and I know he was in world war one. Ohio (his birthplace) didn’t start keeping birth records until 1908 though. is there anyway I can find out the name of his father? He was born in Ohio, but lived & died in Wisconsin. I just want to be able to find his father’s name. I don’t really care about anything else.

His SSN application, $27, should have his father’s name and his mother’s maiden name. His death certificate might have them. His marriage record might have them. The article about his wedding in the local paper’s society pages, on microfilm in the library, may have them.

You could post his name, DOB and the places he was born in and lived in (town, COUNTY, state) here and someone might find him on the census. That isn’t as good as the SSN app, but it is free. It isn’t as good because if he lived with an uncle and called him "Dad" because his parents died when he was young, he might be on the census with relation "son" instead of "nephew".

Genealogy Research

May 31st, 2011 No comments

When planning your genealogical research for information that you need you will require tools that will help you conduct this research. The Internet is certainly something you should utilize as a means to gather this information, there will be genealogy research tools at your disposal that will make your research easier and quicker.

Online Genealogy Research Tools:

It is important to be aware of the availability of genealogical research methods you can use to learn more about your family tree, and many of these are available on the Internet. You’ll find many benefits from locating websites that offer databases that are full of genealogy information to help you create your family tree.

You’ll find the Internet gives you the facilitation to access information from all over the world, enabling you to research countries, plus most of the websites give you instructions on how to navigate them in order to find your information.

A list of the information you can expect to get from the Internet:

You will have access to databases containing the information you are researching.
Access to a great deal of information gathered by other people who are doing genealogy research.
Regardless of which country a family member is/was residing in, you will have a cheap and quick method of getting * You will be able to find helpful on articles, websites, guides and access to online tutorials will help you with your research methods.
Access to online software will enable you to quickly gather all the information you require.
Find genealogy research tools, software and products online that are designed to help you do your research.
Find good article directors, website directors, and membership sites with massive lists and databases of information. Genealogy Research Tools Sites:

One of the best sites for doing your genealogical research or information to help you with your family tree is Cyndi’s List. Information is indexed in various ways such as related categories, and an alphabetical index to make your search quicker and simpler. There is a text-only index, plus also available on Cyndi’s list is a resource page full of links to websites that also offer a genealogy research tools service.

We hope you find this article on genealogy research tools, both interesting and helpful to your quest to find your ancestors and in creating your family tree. However, a word of caution you may find your genealogy research infectious enough, that it becomes a enjoyable on full-time hobby, good luck on your journey.

When planning your genealogical research for information that you need you will require tools that will help you conduct this research. The Internet is certainly something you should utilize as a means to gather this information, there will be genealogy research tools at your disposal that will make your research easier and quicker.

how can i look up death records in michigan 1965 for free?

March 14th, 2011 3 comments

I’m trying to find out information on my grandmother.she was born in michigan and also died in 1965.i’m doing a family tree with and i’m stuck.i need some where to look up free vital record.

Yo could try
too. The best entries have a copy of the obit, a couple of memories by family members and links to spouses, children and parents. Not all of the entries have them, of course.

If she died in 1965, she was probably born before 1930. She could have been married with 3 kids in 1930. If you post a new question with her name, birth year and children alive before 1930, one of us may look her up on the census for you. There is a 10% chance one of the people living with her family will be an aged parent.

Death Records for Genealogy

May 5th, 2010 7 comments

There are different reasons why people search for death records but one of the most common reasons is for genealogy. Death records can play a very important role in genealogy because they can tell you a great deal about the living ancestors. You can learn about the other family members of the deceased such as parents, spouse and children. In many cases, you can also learn more about extended family members or you can trace the death records through of one person to another, matching the family tree.

Certified copies of death records have been around for a long time now. While records have been kept for many years, they are now considered a legal document while also being a public record, meaning anyone can access what is contained within.

There is important information found within the death record that can help with genealogy but the most important information is that of the other relatives. You can look up full and complete history for a family by checking the death records. This is also a great way to verify that people really did live and die where they said they did and that they lived how they were said to have lived.

If you want to trace your family’s roots or build a family tree, an online death records database will be an important tool in helping you do this. Since you will probably need to search through multiple records, it will make the process faster, more affordable and easier. Just be prepared for some of the snags that might come along the way.

There are some problems that can come into play when searching for death records for someone. For example, depending on the period of time you are searching for, women are sometimes harder to locate records for. This is because during some times and locations, death records were only kept of men. Women were considered to be property of the men and those men were not required by law to keep records of their vital history on the women. This means that if a woman died, her husband was not required to document this death legally.

But the problems extend further than just women. There are some men that you might have trouble locating records for, again depending on the period of time in history and the situation. If you run across a problem, you can often fill in the gaps with other family member death records or with school records, prison records, military records and more.

Tracing your family tree is a big job and not one to be taken lightly but there are now many tools out there that make it easier than ever before. Why not take advantage of these tools such as using the Internet to trace your death records? It’s fast and easy and can help you search for multiple records all in the ease and comfort of your own home. While no one said that making your family tree would be easy, it is certainly a rewarding experience when you have completed.

Rose Quadee

Family Tree

March 2nd, 2010 8 comments

It’s not hard to begin your search for the roots of your family tree. Here is some useful information.

The first step toward building your tree is to start with yourself and move backwards. You can use a regular notebook to document your information or use a software program that will help you keep everything sorted out.

Next, you will want to find as much information as possible about each of the members of your family. The basic pieces of information you need are the date and place of birth, wedding date, spouse name and date and place of death. These bits of information will allow you to work further towards getting the information you need. If you don’t have all the information, you will be able to do research to find it later.

Begin to write down your family tree. Start with who you know and work backwards in time. Don’t worry if you have blank spaces – that’s what researching your family tree is all about. Later you can conduct research for your family tree to fill in the missing information.

There are many places to research your family tree. Start with your current family members. Interview your family members to gather as much information as possible. Sometimes family stores that have been passed down may hold clues to important information about your family tree. Document the information so that you can go back to it later. Another family resource is the family bible. The bible is the place where past generations recorded life events such as births, deaths and marriages. Someone in your family may also have records like birth or death certificates and marriage certificates.

Besides the family there are other places you can go to research your family tree. With access to the Internet, you won’t even need to leave home. Some resources on the Internet have free access. Other websites that specialize in genealogy require a subscription. You can access many public records for free. However, the further you go back, the fewer records you are likely to find. You can use birth records, death records, marriage records and even the census records to find information that is useful.


Finding Free Death Records Online

December 27th, 2009 4 comments

Are you looking for information on finding free death records online? There are many different reasons why you might want to look for free death records. A very popular reason many people choose for doing this is to find out more about their family history. They may search to do a family tree or to track their genealogy.

Whatever the reasons you have for finding free death records online, it’s important to understand that this can be done quicker and easier than ever before. You can find important vital records such as the death history of someone or a family from the Internet. In the past, it wouldn’t have been so easy to track down these death records.

If you know where the person died, you could go to the local government in that state or records-keeping courthouse to public records on the person. This will typically be the most accurate method of finding death records and in the past, this was pretty much the only method. That is not true anymore today.

Now if you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can begin finding free death records of almost anyone to have ever died in the United States. Laws dictate that these records must be filed and kept in regards to deaths of people in this country. The records are also available to the public if you know how and where to look for them. Only in rare cases are the death records sealed by the courts, sometimes for the protection of the family.

The exact amount of information listed in the death record may vary depending on the state. There is also different information that you will find depending on which service you use to get the death record. Some databases will only give you a certain amount of information for free and then you will need to pay a fee of some sort to obtain the rest of the information in the report.

So what are some things you can find in this death record? Usually you will get the date of death, date of birth, obituary/death notice, cemetery location, records of spouses, records of other family members, cause of death, death certificate, funeral records, genealogy database and more. The best part is that you can often get all of this information for free online and in just a short amount of time. All you need to know is the name and state of the person you are looking for.

If you don’t know the state of death, you can always search nationwide but if multiple results come up, it might be more difficult to narrow down which ones are the right ones for you without having more information. The more info you have, the better but you can still do a search with no more than a name.

Internet databases are now becoming the most common method of searching for these types of public records. They are quick, easy and accurate and all can be found from your home computer with ease.

Rose Quadee

The odds of getting the right information on this death record?

December 11th, 2009 2 comments

Alright…I messed up when I bought my last death record from the Cook County genealogical office (Chicago) online. I bought the wrong person’s that had the same name as the person I wanted to buy. This time however, I’m sure I have the right person. Her name is Maria (Steele) Gorey. She died on January 25, 1920. I knew this because I found a telegram sent to my great grandfather telling him that she had died when I visited my grandma. Anyways, I found the record online. I’m going to buy it, but it costs $15. I’m 16 and I really don’t want to waste my money. I have to buy it online with my mom’s credit card and then pay her back. I just want to know what anyone thinks the odds are that I will get her parents’ names on this death certificate.

The earliest record I have bought from Cook County was 1932 and it had a line for parents’ names however, no one filled it out (I think in that case the person didn’t have family members around when she died). For my Maria Steele, I know for a fact that when she died she had 3 children living in Chicago, and that they probably would have known Maria Steele’s parents’ (My great grandfather’s grandparents’) names because they took trips up to Wisconsin and used to spend time with them.

So if anyone has ordered a death record from around this time in Chicago, I’d like to hear what you got. Also I’d like to hear what anyone else thinks will happen if I order this certificate. For a side note, my parents hate when I ask them about their families, and they totally don’t support me doing this at all and I don’t want to listen to my mom say I told you so. Hopefully I can get this information.
haha Jan…The family tree you just posted on your answer is mine…The Shaw family tree is my account on That information is everything I have found without any help from other people’s family trees on (So far I can find no family tree to link up with).

To Wendy: According to the census of 1900 or 1920, her birth date is november of 1870 so that explains why she is not on a 1870 census. And since the 1890 censuses were burned that is why she is not on those. I just can’t seem to find her on the 1880 Census. Her sister Belle died in 1903. I have a telegram a "Eugene Steele" sent Maria Steele in 1903 telling her "Belle is DEAD". However, I don’t know whether Eugene is a brother, uncle, or father. It could be her father because Maria Steele’s son (my great grandpa) was named Francis Eugene Gorey. Hence his middle name was named after his grandfather.

My account name on is "lilshaw1212" and my family tree name is "Shaw Family tree".
Michael "Mike" Gorey died on May 2, 1902 when he fell into the Chicago river and drowned to death while working on the docks. Maria Steele raised the children all by herself. My grandma told me that her father (Francis Gorey) used to take trips with his mother Maria Steele and spend months up in Wisconsin with Maria’s family. I’m guessing it was so Maria could take some time off from raising her 3 surviving children all by herself. I’ve searched high and low both online and off for Maria Steele’s parents and I’m thinking this death record is my last chance.

Also, where did you find that information about the marriage. The only thing I could find on the marriage was that it took place in 1891 (from a Chicago census)
To Jan: no Belle Steele is not black. I have a picture of Maria Steele and she is most defintely white. From the censuses of 1900 and 1920, I know that Maria Steele’s (and Belle’s) parents were from Ireland, so I’m thinking there is a pretty slim chance they are black.

I have been trying to find your Marie Steel in the 1880 census, but no luck. I find her and husband Mike Gorey in 1900, where she gives her birth as Nov 1870 in Wisc. They were married 9 yrs.. her sister was Belle Steel, born Aug 1880 in Wisc, was living with them. This proves the parents lived until that time.. but darned if I can find them. Mike has died pre 1920, since the kids are listed with mom in that census, and she shows as a widow. This seems to be a case of they listed her, even though she died??
The thing I am wondering about, is what happened to sister Belle? If she married, and died, there will also be a death cert for her, and she would be the most likely informant for Marie’s death record. But.. no guarantee, never is.
I don’t have, so maybe someone will come in behind me, and pick up on something else. The problem is that there is no 1890 census which would show both girls with parents, and Belle is not going to show in 1880.
just did more searching, and find…
11 JUN 1891 , Cook, Illinois
(that is the filed marriage date for Marie and Michael Gorey, so the marriage was in Cook county).

GOREY, MICHAEL 1902-05-02CHICAGO 40 YRU 00006684COOK
it looks like this could be the death date for your Michael, the age seems to be right for a 1861 birth.