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Family Tree question!?

November 9th, 2011 5 comments

I’m stuck on my great-great grandfather on my family tree. i have his birth year, his death year, his social security number, and I know he was in world war one. Ohio (his birthplace) didn’t start keeping birth records until 1908 though. is there anyway I can find out the name of his father? He was born in Ohio, but lived & died in Wisconsin. I just want to be able to find his father’s name. I don’t really care about anything else.

His SSN application, $27, should have his father’s name and his mother’s maiden name. His death certificate might have them. His marriage record might have them. The article about his wedding in the local paper’s society pages, on microfilm in the library, may have them.

You could post his name, DOB and the places he was born in and lived in (town, COUNTY, state) here and someone might find him on the census. That isn’t as good as the SSN app, but it is free. It isn’t as good because if he lived with an uncle and called him "Dad" because his parents died when he was young, he might be on the census with relation "son" instead of "nephew".

Does he deserve a second chance?Its all bittersweet!?

November 9th, 2011 8 comments

ok so heres the scoop. my boyfriend and I have been together 3 1/2 years. We have a 2 year old daughter and we bought a house last april. Since the beginning commitment has always been an issue. I got pregnant 7 months into the relationship while on birth control and he didnt want a child at the time so he asked me to get an abortion. I refused and eventually he was OK with the idea however he said i Trapped him into the relationship by getting pregnant. We have never broken up but there were times where it was an option. We have been to counceling together and i seemed to do nothing but positive for us-which is great! Marriage is something i have always wanted and it went from "i will never marry you, to Maybe one day" I am his first serious relationship and he was always wondering if he was missing out on other women but he never cheated until NOW!. About 1 month ago he went to florida to work and is currently still out there. I found out through my phone records that he was talking to another woman. I confronted him and he admitted to it. They didnt have sex or oral but they kissed and he gave him a hand job. I also talked to the woman and thier stories matched, I have no doubt he was being honest. I was furious and i gave him an ultimatum-Put a ring on my finger by december or i am done and i will do everything in my power to keep you from our daughter. HE TOOK IT. I bought a ring last thursday ($3000) and i am holding it until he returns oct 15th where he is supposed to propose. I am very overwhelmed though. I love him to death but i am sad it took him cheating to take the next step when giving him an ultimatum. I hope he doesnt ever cheat and he says e wont-he even got a tattoo symbolizing our daughter and myself. Could he really have had an ephihany after cheating?Realizing what he had back home and wanting to marry me? Am i crazy for giving him a second chance or can this really work? Was this really what needed to happen in order for him to commit? Please help me and reassure me giving him a second chance was the right thing to do!!! thanks
i should add a couple years ago i kissed a gay guy in front of him while at a gay bar in chicago. He was pretty upset but never broke up with me

I am saying i have not been faithful or an angel the whole time so can i really be upset for what hes done?

also i asked WHY he cheated and he said he was lonely! I don’t buy it for a second i believe an opportunity came up and he took it

Dont get married, Just because he puts a ring on it and signs some papers doesnt mean he will change. If he really wants to change it will take time, he wont change over night.

Dont rush into getting married, wait for a while and make sure he is ready to be a good husband, like I said he wont change over night it will take a while, if you let him slide this time he will think its ok and do it again. Time will tell so, be engaged for now and see how that works out for a while.

in New York, whats the best place to go to search for immigration records, marriage certs, birth certs, death?

October 25th, 2011 1 comment

and when I go, how much do I need to pay, and should i bring the info I already have on my ancestry?

There is Ellis Island but I think you are better to search Castle Garden first as your ancestors came before Ellis Island opened….although there are other ports that they could have come to besides Castle Gardens……………………………………………….

You need to take some information with you and generally it is free

Missing marriage records?

October 25th, 2011 3 comments

I’ve been helping a relative do some research on his family, and wee have a recording someone in his family did where his Grandmother describes having been married 4 different times between 1917-1960. Thing is, we can’t find a single marriage record for the woman. Not in any of the Indiana counties that she lived in during that period, or in St. Louis, MO where she claims on the recording that at least 3 of the marriages took place.

We have located the birth records for the children that she had with the first 2 husbands, (showing they were just barely legitimate) and census records showing her last name as having been changed to the 3rd husband’s name, plus her SS death record where she has husband #4’s last name (plus she’s buried with him)

At the time that the recording was made, I don’t think anyone believed there was any reason to question her version of events, or would have even if they thought of it. Now, many years later it is a matter of curiosity for the family and no one is left alive to really get upset about whether she was telling the truth or not.

My question is this: Is there a likely database or location where these marriage records may be stored that I’m missing? i can understand not being able to find a record of her last marriage, since neither Indiana or Illinois publishes the records for marriages that took place in the 50’s and 60’s. Plus that one some people actually remember seeing take place, so there’s no doubt it occurred. The first three marriages though we ought to be able to find, right? Is this something even worth chasing, or does it sound like maybe the marriages never actually took place?

I’m just trying to make sure that I’m not missing a resource, I’d hate to make a long trip trying to track this down in MO if the woman was simply engaging in a little revisionist’s history while she delivered her memoirs.
Shenaya- sorry, I failed to mention that she gave specific dates for the first two marriages (and divorces) and a year for the 3rd marriage and divorce. Going off of census records, draft cards and city directories in addition to the birth records of the children that she had with husbands 1 and 2, and a picture that was found of husband 3, I am certain she did in fact have relationships with all 3 men. I just haven’t been able to find any marriage records. Husband 1 married someone else shortly after she is supposed to have divorced him, husband 2 was married to someone else briefly a few years before she married him (this is the recollection of a 93 yr old niece of his) but I don’t have anything to tell me whether he was widowed, divorced or separated, and 3 was described as a playboy of sorts, I know he had a wife 3 years prior to when she would have married him, and I can’t be sure a divorce ever took place their either.
Joyce- I’m not used to giving personal info on YA, even when it isn’t mine. Sorry. The people and relevant dates in question are:

Lydia May Nolan
married James B Weir of Fountain Co IN sometime in 1916. Location unknown. Divorced 1-5-1917.
married Horace Sterling Zick of Fountain Co IN on 12-24-1918 in St Louis MO, divorced by 1922
married Thomas Larimore of Pekin, Tazewell, IL sometime in 1922 in St Louis MO, divorced 1923

Yes, I am on I’ve got records on these people out the wazoo, just none to explain whether all the bed hopping was done with the proper paperwork having been filed.
Maxi- actually when i started working on this (for my 3rd cousin) I had absolutely nothing but 2 iffy names and a location. My great aunt sent him to me because he wanted to find out about his father’s family and I am the only person in our family who is both interested in genealogy and familiar with the computer. His whole problem was that that side of his family was never an acceptable topic of conversation while his father was alive. So I started digging and finding records, starting with his dad and then good old grandma, then a birth record, then another birth record for another kid with a different guy. I must have 200 emails back and forth from me finding a record or having an idea and him digging up a piece of information from someone to corroborate it. I have enough records that I can put together a reasonable chronology for everyone involved, but to me, considering the time period, all the brief marriages and quick divorces that were supposedly taking place just in time

If you don’t provide names, all we can do is give generic answers. She could have been playing fast and loose with the truth, or the records simply aren’t online yet. Have you contacted the state vital records office requesting a copy of the marriage certificates? Are you using for your search?

Is it free to research records at the New York Archives?

September 9th, 2011 4 comments

Can I just walk into the New York Archives and look through records (census, birth, death, marriage) of my ancestors? I wanna see these records in person instead of online on And possibly find ones that aren’t on the site.
What exactly is microfilm?

I can tell you that you can go into the records centers in the UK and view the records for free, you have to get a CAIN card, which you get there on filling out a form proving ID and that then allows you to use the card to go in any UK archives or records center..the card is free and is normally valid for at least 5 years, they also do day cards for visiting genealogists………..I would suspect that in the US you will have a similar system, if you go onto their website and look for visiting information it should tell you on there.

Records are filmed ad put onto film or microfiche and that is what you look at.
Film is a roll of film containing the pages of the records, which you put into the film reader to view and can stop and take a photocopy of the record you want or transcribe the information.

Microfiche or fiche is the same, but looks like an index card and like a photograph negative, which you put into a fiche reader and can then view the records.

In the UK if you wish to view the real records you would write out a card, give it to the archivist and they will go and get them, you go into another room, wearing white cotton gloves which are provided you can then view the real records…..which are very useful as you can often see more information on the real records that doesn’t show on the film/fiche especially if they are poor copies and many are

On ancestry and any other website if they show images it is from the film/fiche although many are just transcriptions or collections and you are right to go and view records yourself as you will find far more there than online, not everything is online, it never will be and you have to check everything you do find online back to records anyway to prove they are correct or like may who have only ever done online searching they have no idea what is really available or if hey even have their ancestors. this website will help with records you already have at home ( page 20) and there is some good advice…read FAQ, documents, etc also has a good link page

Are these the same people?

July 20th, 2011 5 comments

I know that my great grandmother’s name was Kathryn Lescher and that lived in Ohio as a child. I found her in the 1910 census living with her mother whose name is listed as Mary King. I then proceeded to find a death record for a Mary Lescher who was also born in Germany, buried in Ohio and died in Michigan, which is where she was living towards the end of her life. On this death record, her father is listed as having the last name Stein. I then found a marriage record in 1902 for a Mary Stein and a Joseph Lescher in the same area of Ohio. Finally, I found a death record for a Joseph Lescher in 1907 and a marriage record for a Mrs. Mary Lescher and a John King in 1908. Given all of these records, does this all seem to fit together well enough to conclude that these are the same people and in fact my ancestors?
Sorry. John King was also in the home in 1910. I was able to find Mary in the 1900 census but she was living with her sister who she must have come to America with while her parents stayed back in Germany.
Also, her burial was in the same place as where she lived for a large portion of her life growing up.
And the 1910 census says she’s married twice to further back up the two different marriages. The only weird thing is that with the dates she would have married at about 17 years old to a man about 13-14 years older. On the other hand, John King is 13 years older than her as well, so I guess that makes it seem more believable.

Almost all of it is real clear that Mary was married 1st to Joseph, married 2nd as widow to John King, and thus her name is correct in the 1910 census.
My question might be what happened to John King? he wasn’t in the home in 1910? did she divorce him and resume using the prior Lescher name?
Whether or not the death record is your Mary is open to question, even with the last name of Stein. You would need to match up the dates to determine if it is close enough. WHERE is the Ohio burial? is it in the same location as she was raised?
I would still work to find Mary in the 1900 census, and define who the parents were. If they are buried in the same locality as the Mary whose death record you have.. it would be more evidence.

How could somebody get from Scotland to America without leaving records?

April 22nd, 2011 3 comments

I have been researching ancestry and one man managed to immigrate to America in the early 1800s without leaving any records. No immigration records exist with his name. Also, he married a woman with an unknown last name in America in 1824 when he was 20 years old. I know that because their first child was born shortly after their marriage in Pennsylvania. I am lead to believe that he must have been a criminal or was forced to leave Scotland (my father told me that his father said that we came over here because somebody didn’t pay their taxes). He left a small town called Leadhills Scotland, and none of his family followed him. Was this guy a criminal, or was record-keeping just not as precise as it is in more current times?

Any ideas would be helpful as this is irritating me to death.

Thank you
I don’t know if this is of any help, but the man is named Joseph E. Kerr.

Also, his wife Mary (?) was born on a ship c. 1805. No marriage records exist. a free Scotlish border prison search I was looking at a link from this website about transported UK convicts yesterday and found lots of information, several took ailas’s so if he did thn he could be using a different name, also look at the Old Baily link as he may have been sent to London to face trial ( and you hope he was as there is full free searchable records)…
Also there are marriages and births registered onboard…you may find he never married rather than it was not recorded and just target searching’ "Joseph Kerr" scotland’ you may find further information… hope he was a convict as a convict is worse than a prisoner and at that time in history he would have been transported and records are easier to get if your ancestors are rich or rogues ( more records)

There are also some Kerr’s on these websites

Add: look on the links page I gave you ( familytimeline’s) under general FH resources at ‘Black sheep ancestry’

Where can I find public records in Los Angeles?

March 30th, 2011 3 comments

Looking for birth, death, marriage, land-owning, etc? Where would I have to go (Department of Public Records?) to find this info in Los Angeles?

Birth, Death and Marriage records are available from the LA County Clerk’s office. Their phone number is (562) 462-2137.

Real Property records are available from the LA County Assessor’s office. Their phone number is (213)974-3211.

how do i look and find public records free on marriage and death certifcates?

March 24th, 2011 1 comment

in the missouri database

The website is ;
and you select Missouri Birth and Death Records, pre 1910 or Missouri Death Certificate, 1910-1958 records and then you would just type in the name you are looking for…and you should also try spelling variations.

If you can’t find what you are looking for post it here and someone will see if they can find it…everything may not be there.

If someone has a "death record" on, does that necessarily mean they’re dead?

March 21st, 2011 1 comment

This morning, as I have many times before, I did a search for my old 7th grade history teacher from 14 years ago (96-97), only to be redirected to a page demanding my Credit Card Number which I shall not give! They promised a "free trial," but I didn’t even attempt to proceed because I’m afraid it might not be as "free" as they say it is. But still, I kept searching for records on Ron Kolodzy (as well as Ronald J. Kolodzy and other forms of his name), and it kept telling me the same thing — that he has 1 birth, 1 marriage, 1 divorce, and 1 death record that cannot be accessed without membership to So is there any possibility that this is a mistake or something standard they use to try to hook you? I’ve tried doing similar searches with other names but didn’t find any records in that box. So could you please tell me if it is possible that 53-year-old Ron Kolodzy in Texas, born on April 29th of 1957, is still alive? Is there any hope that he isn’t really dead? And what can I do to find out more information about him if he really is? How do I find-out when he died, what from, and where he’s burried if it turns out to be true that he has passed away?

When u do searches that result in an immediate response for your credit card info, aren’t technically completing your request.. (so 9 out of 10, it’s just a default response)but maybe you should higher an investigator or try to locate family members to be certain… or look up the obituary in the news paper for that timeframe… wish u luck…