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how can i look up death records in michigan 1965 for free?

March 14th, 2011 3 comments

I’m trying to find out information on my grandmother.she was born in michigan and also died in 1965.i’m doing a family tree with and i’m stuck.i need some where to look up free vital record.

Yo could try
too. The best entries have a copy of the obit, a couple of memories by family members and links to spouses, children and parents. Not all of the entries have them, of course.

If she died in 1965, she was probably born before 1930. She could have been married with 3 kids in 1930. If you post a new question with her name, birth year and children alive before 1930, one of us may look her up on the census for you. There is a 10% chance one of the people living with her family will be an aged parent.

Elvera Nelson 1907-1998 Slides 1 of 7 PhiI Ironwood MI

March 12th, 2010 2 comments

Today is 6-23-07 Hello Nelson Kilponen Family,


Welcome to Brian’s YouTube video memories in honor of my mother Elvera Nelson. This version of the slide show was originally created by Brian Nelson and cousin Jim Radford in 1998 for the funeral and memorial service of Elvera Nelson 1907-1998. She died at the age of 90 after 90 blessed very good years on this planet. She left here to see her friend the Lord with whom she was so well acquainted.

This is slide show No.1 of 7 different slide shows. The total run time for all 7 videos is 31 minutes. Bookmark this page now and come back to watch it when you have more time. You can also send it to someone by using the address bar above or by searching Youtube for “Elvera Nelson “. These videos are done in about 5 minute segments by videotaping them off screen no.1 on my computer recording the audio and video on a SDR-S150 Panasonic camera that records directly to a tiny 2GB SD chip. It was a fast way to put it up something of memory on her birthday. Of course it would be nice if the photos were not so faded but I think they are good enough to remember the moment by. If you see yourself in any of these photos e-mail me which of the 7 slide shows.

For those of you who knew Elvera, you may recall that her birthday June 23 was often celebrated almost as a national family holiday since most of the Nelson relatives gathered at that time for a Nelson reunion in northern Wisconsin. YouTube allows up to 100 megabytes or 10 minutes as a maximum length. This is not edited. Of course I don’t know some of the people in the photos. Most of her very old friends are now deceased. Elvera is purposely in about 95% of the photos because this slide show was a recap of her life. I didn’t forget my beloved father Phil Nelson. He is in many of the photos and in the title bar of this video. My special thanks to my cousin Jim Radford, Shoreview Minnesota who did most of the work on this initial taping 9 years ago. The original video has deteriorated some but now has been transferred to DVD by Jim for long term use.. Most of the photos were from mother’s 10,000 photos collected over her 90 year life span. We sorted these during the last 10 days of her life as she lay in a coma. A severe stroke would not let her return to normal so it was just a matter of days before her death. She hung on to life until all the immediate family had arrived for this wonderful memorable occasion to celebrate life as she would have wanted it rather than mourning her physical loss. She is now where we all should want to be.

Many pictures are in Ironwood Michigan, Lake Gogebic, MI, Pine Lake Wisconsin, Madison WI, Minneapolis, MN and Houston, TX Mother loved to be behind as well as in front of her Kodak (a camera by other people). Starting with her old Brownie camera she recorded many wonderful events in her life with her husband Phil and their 3 children Dean, Brian and Sharon..

Sharon was the baby and Brian was known as the middle child. Elvera would gladly pose for anything to make a memorable moment by the camera. Then you could look at them many years later as you “Organize Your Files” as she would say. I wonder how many pictures she would taken
if she had today’s digital camera where the price of film processing and the developing film is almost free?

Mothers Personal Birth Date Memory Verse Romans 6:23 ” For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Dads Personal Birth Date Memory Verse Romans 8:18 18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

Phil died of cancer at the age of 67, (my age) in 1973. He was a master carpenter. In his single years he built the log cabin on Lake Gogebic where they spent their honeymoon in 1936. You will also find on Youtube video under “Elvera Nelson Funeral”, the memory thoughts of Elvera Nelsons life by her sons Brian and Dean Nelson. They spoke about mother Elvera Nelson as they remember her. Sister Sharon provided a memorable letter read by Brian during the funeral service. You can find also find my videos on YouTube by using the search word user name “BrianNelson123” all one word

Below are a list of the Elvera Nelson 1907-1998 Slides _ If you click on the blue links below it will bring you to that video. Don’t forget to bookmark these pages where you might have been a part of her life. Your kids may want to see you in these someday.

Slides Video 1 of 7 3 Min 51 Seconds 68 megs LP
Slides Video 2 of 7 5 min. 2 Seconds 86 megs LP
Slides Video 3 of 7 5 Min. 8 seconds 88 megs LP
Slides Video 4 of 7 5 Min 48 seconds 99.5 megs LP
Slides Video 5 of 7 5 Min. 0 seconds 82 megs LP
Slides Video 6 of 7 4 Min. 34 seconds 80 megs LP URL
Slides Video 7 of 7 2 Min. 17 seconds 39 megs LP URL Final of Slides.

Here are 5 5 minute videos From Elvera Nelson’s Funeral
Funeral Service Dean 1 of 5 4 Min. 56 seconds 85 Megs LP URL

Funeral Service Dean 2 of 5 5 Min. 5 seconds 89 Megs LP URL

Funeral Service Dean & Brian 3 of 5 5 Min. 6 seconds 87 Megs LP URL

Funeral Service Brian 4 of 5 4 Min. 59_ seconds 85 Megs LP URL
Funeral Service Brian 5 of 5 4 Min. 55 seconds 83 Megs LP URL

Thanks for watching. I hope it brings back some memories.
Brian Nelson, Houston, TX 713-467-3025. All my websites ,videos and e-mail hyperlink are in my website directory at:
Other sites include:

Duration : 0:3:51

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