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Walter Imbiorski mystery?

June 24th, 2011 5 comments

HUGE mystery. Walter and wife Pauline show up in 1920 Chicago census, with children Steven, Lawrence, Adeline. I find he had another daughter in 1915, who seemingly died. Per that census, he was born about 1888 in Poland. I CANNOT find him in any other census. Can’t find him in Illinois death index, findagrave, or google, except for recent obit of his daughter. He is not the Walter who died in 1944. He is not the Walter who was born in 1925 (1944 Walter is father to him).
EVERY Imbiorski in the SSDI is accounted for, and linked to my grandfather Andrew who immigrated before 1888, and his 4 sons. I have census for each of the Walter who FITS. There is an excellent documented file at rootsweb..he is not in that. I spent hours yesterday at familysearch, found tons of items, but nothing further on THIS Walter.
I don’t have, so if he has an immigration record, or full census showing when he came, I don’t have that. This ISN’T a common name where I could think there isn’t a relationship.. every other Imbiorski is documented and connected, as well as linked to Chicago. An Emborsky family in NY is likely to be a brother to Andrew, but that does not help here. Have been in touch with his granddaughter, who only knows her mom’s brothers name Steven. Want to be able to validate my connection to her.
Where did he come from, and what happened to him? What am I missing here, gang?
the key solution is posted here, but am leaving this open for anyone else to input… my thinking is that he and Pauline/Pearl died after 1950 (end of Illinois death index) but prior to social security death index which begins about 1960ish. I have a lead on what happened to Steven but not Lawrence…
I love this group!

Wendy, I checked Monavo and found a Walter Imbiorski who was born about 1896 and married Marie in 1920 in Winnebago County IL Archives Marriage Records

Ancestry also has a WW2 draft card for a Walter Imbiorski born 12 Dec 1881 in Poland, This would have been from 1942.

The full 1920 census info says
1920 United States Federal Census
about Walter Imborski
Name: Walter Imborski
[Walter Imbordki]
Home in 1920: Chicago Ward 16, Cook (Chicago), Illinois
Age: 36
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1884
Birthplace: Poland
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Spouse’s Name: Pauline Imborski
Father’s Birth Place: Poland
Mother’s Birth Place: Poland
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Year of immigration: 1905
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Walter Imborski 36
Pauline Imborski 28
Steven Imborski 9
Lawrence Imborski 3
[3 1/12]
Adeline Imborski 0

I can’t find my deceased friend’s obit b/c takes $. Name: Matthew Herzog (3-19-86 to 10-14-04) Houston, Texas.?

April 22nd, 2011 4 comments

He was a 6th generation Houstonian, and his original obituary is located at (or via the Houston Chronicle, which features mostly all of Houston’s deceased in their "Obituary" section, and the only problem I’m having accessing his obituary, is monetary-wise. They want me to put in my credit card number and charge me $2.95, to actually read my best friend’s obituary. I wasn’t able to make his funeral, because it was private, and none of his friends went (thanks to his sadistic parents) and I REFUSE to pay for something that ought to be FREE! Not to mention that if they charge my credit card the $2.95, it costs about that much to place a charge with the card anyway, so the total would be around $5.00 for reading an obituary of a dearly departed friend of mine, when it should be absolutely free and public (since it’s a public record) anyway. So, if anyone finds Matthew Mark Baker Herzog’s obituary, I would greatly appreciate it, and you would be putting 6 years worth of uncertainty behind me, and help me start to heal my inability to have some closure, seeing that I not only wasn’t allowed to view my friend being placed to rest at his funeral, but also never being able to read anything that was said about him in his final eulogy. He died in Houston, Texas on October 14th of 2004, he was 18 year old, and was killed by off-duty, uninformed police officers, whom he was involved in a lawsuit with, and they had been harassing him for years, ticketing him, etc.. until they finally got what they wanted, which was his death. They harassed him so badly, it started driving him crazy, making him extremely paranoid and emotionally unstable (which is exactly where I think they wanted him to be, mentally) so they could catch him in a snare (that they made) in order to cost him something as precious as his own life. And yes, they sure did, shoot him dead, after years of harassment, lawsuits, and cops following him everywhere he went (which was an everyday occurrence, and many of the times, I was with him, witnessing this crap taking place) to make his short life miserable, and they did that admirably.

So what’s your question?

Was it even worth writing all this for $2.95?

How to research the cause of a friend’s death?

April 5th, 2011 2 comments

Had a weird dream so I went online to look up an old friend. Discovered that he died in 2004.

I would like to find out what happened….

Not interested in making contact with the family.

Is there any way I can find out cause of death via public records? If so, how do I go about it?

See if the local newspaper (where he died) has an olline archive search, you may be able to read either a news story (if an accident) or an obit that gives more details.
If you have the actual date he passed you might be able to search town records – but would almost certainly have to do that in person.

how can i look up death records in michigan 1965 for free?

March 14th, 2011 3 comments

I’m trying to find out information on my grandmother.she was born in michigan and also died in 1965.i’m doing a family tree with and i’m stuck.i need some where to look up free vital record.

Yo could try
too. The best entries have a copy of the obit, a couple of memories by family members and links to spouses, children and parents. Not all of the entries have them, of course.

If she died in 1965, she was probably born before 1930. She could have been married with 3 kids in 1930. If you post a new question with her name, birth year and children alive before 1930, one of us may look her up on the census for you. There is a 10% chance one of the people living with her family will be an aged parent.

………………Death Records……………?

August 13th, 2010 3 comments

I am trying to find someone and I have reason to believe they passed away in the same state that I live in (Florida). Where can I go (besides the internet) to find a death report or a coroner’s report?

You may be able to find an obituary, in old newspapers on microfilm at the library, but you’d need to know the city and date. Those are easiest to find on the Internet; this SSDI, for instance, was last updated Aug 12, 2010:

If the person died in an accident or as the result of a crime, there may be a news article as well or instead of an obit.

Unless you are a child or parent, or the person has been dead for a long time (how long depends on state law, and each state has its own) you won’t be able to buy either one. If you are related, you’d buy it either at the courthouse in the county the person died in, or from a state agency, usually a division of the health department.