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Birth and death certificates public record?

October 25th, 2011 1 comment

I have heard that birth and death certificates are public record yet its so darn hard to find them and when ya do you have to pay to see them. I dont want a copy sent to me i just want to see them. My boyfriend was in jail and his mother commited suicide. We have nol idea where she is buried or even the day she died. It must be very hard on him not knowing where his mothers body was laid to rest. I want to ask him about it but i know he is hurt over the whole thing. So does anyone know where i can find public records on a persons death online?

You must write in your request to the local state requesting birth and death certificates.

a family member of hers might be able to access this certificate but you’re not authorized.

government owned websites contain instructions on how to access these records. learn more:

Are death records public or are they private?

August 1st, 2011 3 comments

We got a call that my friend was dead. The family wouldn’t say how or why. We called the courthouse and they said only family is privy to that information. It has been a couple years and I’d like to dig for the information. I always thought circumstances of death are public record…but so far, since we are not provable family, we are unable to get information.

It amazes me how many celebrities die from drug overdoses, murder, auto-erotic-asphyxiation (INXS, David Carradine), DUI’s and other car crashes. We get to hear all the gory details when I’m sure the families would rather the information stay private. I’m not sure why I don’t have the same power as the media being a citizen of the USA.

If anyone has any tips on how I can get this information, please let me know.
I live in CA now but it happened in New York City where I used to live.

They are public information and you need to contact the county the friend died in to receive a copy of the death certificate.

BUT…as you said, families of the celebrities would like to have that information stay private. Please give the same respect to you friends family, whether you like them or not. Although it is public record, it it is still a private matter.

I can’t find my deceased friend’s obit b/c takes $. Name: Matthew Herzog (3-19-86 to 10-14-04) Houston, Texas.?

April 22nd, 2011 4 comments

He was a 6th generation Houstonian, and his original obituary is located at (or via the Houston Chronicle, which features mostly all of Houston’s deceased in their "Obituary" section, and the only problem I’m having accessing his obituary, is monetary-wise. They want me to put in my credit card number and charge me $2.95, to actually read my best friend’s obituary. I wasn’t able to make his funeral, because it was private, and none of his friends went (thanks to his sadistic parents) and I REFUSE to pay for something that ought to be FREE! Not to mention that if they charge my credit card the $2.95, it costs about that much to place a charge with the card anyway, so the total would be around $5.00 for reading an obituary of a dearly departed friend of mine, when it should be absolutely free and public (since it’s a public record) anyway. So, if anyone finds Matthew Mark Baker Herzog’s obituary, I would greatly appreciate it, and you would be putting 6 years worth of uncertainty behind me, and help me start to heal my inability to have some closure, seeing that I not only wasn’t allowed to view my friend being placed to rest at his funeral, but also never being able to read anything that was said about him in his final eulogy. He died in Houston, Texas on October 14th of 2004, he was 18 year old, and was killed by off-duty, uninformed police officers, whom he was involved in a lawsuit with, and they had been harassing him for years, ticketing him, etc.. until they finally got what they wanted, which was his death. They harassed him so badly, it started driving him crazy, making him extremely paranoid and emotionally unstable (which is exactly where I think they wanted him to be, mentally) so they could catch him in a snare (that they made) in order to cost him something as precious as his own life. And yes, they sure did, shoot him dead, after years of harassment, lawsuits, and cops following him everywhere he went (which was an everyday occurrence, and many of the times, I was with him, witnessing this crap taking place) to make his short life miserable, and they did that admirably.

So what’s your question?

Was it even worth writing all this for $2.95?

Are peoples wills public records in all states?

April 22nd, 2011 1 comment

I am not sure if anyone knows the answer to this. My father died in the state of California in 2004, and my sister and live in Pennsylvania. He hadn’t been in contact with us for years, before he got sick very quickly and died. My sister and I had no relationship with the controlling woman he was married to. Any questions asked her were not answered, and we let it go. We have since learned the wife has dementia. Not sure where she is. My sister and I are trying to find out if my father had a will or whats happening to the property out there? We have heard just recently through friends of my fathers out there, that the property is deteriorating and no ones been around the house for awhile. I would like to know what is public record out there and can I find it online? Such as property tax. if the house is paid off. Up for sheriff sale? Or if he had a will. Our father was cremated and my sister I know his ashes are there somewhere in the house. If nothing else we would like to at least get his ashes,and bring them home, but before we would go out there, we want to make sure the house isn’t getting sold for back taxes. We don’t know who his lawyer was and we are basically stuck trying to find out information. Any help someone could give me as to guide me in the right direction would be appreciated. I was able to at least get his death certificate, but that’s about all.

If your father had a will and it was probated then it is public record. Call the probate court in the county in which your dad lives and ask if there was an estate opened under his name. Also, if you have the address of the property you can get a title company to check for a nominal fee to see if the property is in your dad’s name still. If it is, and there has been no estate opened, and you cannot find a will, then his next of kin are entitled to the property.

Wills and Death Benefits is it Public Record.?

April 14th, 2011 3 comments

My Granddad past away in 1973, he worked for the Rail Road. How could I find out where his death benefit went to whom it may of been given. Also if there was a will at time of death. Would this all be public Record.

Wills are public records. Death benefits and beneficiaries of life insurance or annuities, are not.

Are death certificates public record?

April 14th, 2011 3 comments

In California are death certificates public record? If so, is there a way to get a copy or a look at one online?

No they are not. You can only get a copy if you can prove you are a parent, a child, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister, spouse, or domestic partner of the deceased.

The other people who can get that are law enforcement and the probate attorney.

They become public record in 110 years.

are birth and death certificate’s public record in the state of Mississippi?

March 14th, 2011 2 comments

Can anyone get a copy of a birth/death certificate?

Yes and yes. Some states actually have websites you can get these from. Check the website for the Recorder for the county in which the birth/death occurred.

I believe my house is haunted. Is there a way to look up public records of a death or murder that took place?

June 9th, 2010 8 comments

Believe it or not, this place is pure evil. you can sense it in this house. your neck hair stands up. I’ve seen things and heard things. I’m just curious, because it would be nice to prove to people that something bad has happened here. thanks.

I take it that you live in an old house… Death certificates are public record in the United States, but the data may not be in computer search-able format so it may require a manual search. Contact the local vital statistics office and ask. A police or sheriff’s officer may know or be able to help you too.

how do i find a free public death record?

June 6th, 2010 1 comment

computer….death records

Why does there have to be a public record in the papers of a death for a will to be contested?

May 20th, 2010 1 comment

My grandfather died back in January and only now is the solicitor has decided to make a public record of his death in the paper to which asks if anyone wants to contest the will, is this standard UK law or is it an optional requirement to which the solicitor gets more money?

Never heard of this one.
If the will is written soundly why or indeed how could anyone contest it?
I obtained probate on the estate of my mother-in-law (UK) without doing this.
The will is a public document anyway.