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Motley Crue – Wild Side (live 1989) Kansas City

October 4th, 2011 10 comments

Motley Crue – Wild Side
11/21/89 @ Kansas City, Missouri

(Pro-shot) The Crue kickin’ in KC, Enjoy!

Duration : 0:5:0

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GWAR – Slaughterama – Live At The Crossroads KC, Kansas City, MO 5/13/09

September 27th, 2011 3 comments

The best for last. The mob cried for their deaths, and they got it. There was blood and everywhere. It’s good to hear the Sucmdogs are back on Metal Blade Records.
Happy 25th Anniversary GWAR!

Duration : 0:6:58

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Hound Dog Taylor – Kansas City.wmv

September 3rd, 2011 2 comments

Taylor was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1915 (although some sources say 1917). He originally played piano, but began playing guitar when he was 20 and moved to Chicago in 1942.

He became a full-time musician around 1957 but remained unknown outside of the Chicago area where he played small clubs in the black neighborhoods and also at the open-air Maxwell Street Market. He was known for his electrified slide guitar playing roughly styled after that of Elmore James, his cheap Japanese guitars, and his raucous boogie beats. He was also famed among guitar players for having six fingers on his left hand.[2]

After hearing Taylor with his band, the HouseRockers (Brewer Phillips on second guitar and Ted Harvey on drums) in 1970 at Florence’s Lounge on Chicago’s South Side, Bruce Iglauer – at the time a shipping clerk for Delmark Records – tried to get him signed by his employer.[1] Having no success getting Delmark to sign Taylor, Iglauer formed a small record label with a $2500 inheritance and recorded Taylor’s debut album, Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers, on his fledgling Alligator Records in 1971.[1] It was the first release on Alligator records, now a major blues label. It was recorded in a studio in just two nights. Iglauer began managing and booking the band, which toured nationwide and performed with Muddy Waters and Big Mama Thornton.[citation needed] The band became particularly popular in the Boston area, where Taylor inspired a young protege named George Thorogood.

Their second release, Natural Boogie, was recorded in late 1973, and led to greater acclaim and touring. In 1975, Taylor and his band toured Australia and New Zealand with Freddie King and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. His third Alligator album, Beware of the Dog, was recorded live in 1974 but was only released after his death. More posthumous releases occurred as well, including Genuine Houserocking Music and Release the Hound, on the Alligator label as well as some bootleg live recordings.

Taylor died of lung cancer in 1975, and was buried in Restvale Cemetery in Alsip, Illinois.[3][4]

Taylor was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1984.

Duration : 0:3:50

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August 24th, 2011 25 comments

SUFFOCATION on CAPITAL CHAOS 2009 perform their classic “Thrones Of Blood” @ The Boardwalk~Orangevale, California 3/29/2009 also on the bill were MALEVOLENT, PSYCROPTIC, VEIL OF MAYA, WHITE CHAPEL & DECREPIT BIRTH……
Suffocation is an American brutal death metal band. The band was formed in 1990 and has since released five studio albums.
Suffocation recorded the albums Human Waste, Effigy of the Forgotten, Breeding the Spawn, Pierced from Within, and Despise the Sun before breaking up in 1998. Suffocation reunited in 2002, featuring the return of original drummer Mike Smith, though without long-time members Doug Cerrito and Chris Richards. The band released Souls to Deny in 2004 and launched an extensive global touring campaign to promote the album. After over 200 shows, the band recorded and self-released their first live CD, Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City. A self-titled album was released in 2006 through Relapse Records, which again saw the launch of an extensive worldwide touring jaunt–they even managed to get featured in an advertisement for the History Channel’s program The Dark Ages in 2007. They are currently compiling material for a live DVD, although the release has been delayed due to the theft of video footage, and because they were waiting for their contract with Relapse Records to run out.
On June 4, 2007, Suffocation and Relapse Records officially parted ways. They embarked on a European tour in 2008. Their next studio album Blood Oath is nearly complete and will be released through Nuclear Blast Records.

Duration : 0:5:25

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Within The Ruins – Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas Cover)

August 16th, 2011 8 comments

Kansas cover off of Omen EP

© Victory Records Inc. 2011 – All Rights Reserved

Duration : 0:4:58

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Rufus Wainwright – California

August 16th, 2011 25 comments

Music video by Rufus Wainwright performing California. (C) 2001 Geffen Records

Duration : 0:3:41

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July 27th, 2011 11 comments

DEATH ANGEL on CAPITAL CHAOS 2008 @ The Boardwalk~Orangevale, CA 5/28/2008 also on the bill were GOD FORBID, SOILENT GREEN & LIGHT THIS CITY Death Angel, formed in 1982, is a Filipino-American thrash metal band from Concord, California. Death Angel broke up in 1991, but reformed at the Thrash of the Titans benefit concert for Chuck Billy in 2001.
Death Angel was formed in San Francisco, California, in 1982 by Rob Cavestany (lead guitar), Dennis Pepa (Bass guitar, vox) and Gus Pepa (rhythm guitar), and Andy Galeon (drums), who are all cousins. After considering a number of different names for the band, including “Dark Fury,” Cavestany and D. Pepa settled on the name “Death Angel” after coming across a book by that title in a book store. In 1983, the band released its first demo, Heavy Metal Insanity, with Matt Wallace serving as producer. According to Mark Osegueda, the group was then “more like a metal band, more like Iron Maiden, Tygers Of Pan Tang and stuff like that,” as the so-called Bay Area thrash movement was only just beginning to rise to prominence at the time, and make its influence felt. Osegueda, a second cousin of the other four members who had been working as their roadie, became the group’s vocalist in 1984 and performed his first show with the band on a bill with Megadeth in April of that year (at one of the four Megadeth gigs to feature Kerry King on guitar).
Death Angel continued to play club gigs in and around the San Francisco Bay area for nearly 2 years, writing songs and refining their stage show. In 1986, the band recorded the Kill As One demo with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett (whom they had met at a record store signing in 1983) as producer. Due to the underground tape trading wave of the early 1980s, the demo was distributed extensively and brought the band to the attention of a still-wider audience; Osegueda later recalled that prior to the release of the band’s first album, “we were playing in L.A. and New York, and the crowd was singing our songs, because there was this underground tape trading….That’s what keeps it alive, and I think that’s absolutely wonderful.”
The success of Kill As One led to a record deal with Enigma Records, who released Death Angel’s debut album The Ultra-Violence in 1987. The band recorded The Ultra-Violence while its members were all still under 20 years old, and the album sold 40,000 copies in just one four-month period. A video was filmed for “Voracious Souls,” a song about a band of cannibals, but it never aired on MTV due to the nature of the lyrics. The group released the follow-up album Frolic Through The Park in 1988, which spawned the single “Bored”, the video for which did receive regular airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. Frolic featured more diverse material than the straightforward thrash of the first album; the album included a cover of Kiss’s “Cold Gin,” and the relatively light, playful “Bored” was written under the seemingly unlikely influence of U2, and the guitar playing of The Edge in particular. The band toured worldwide for the first time and found notable success in Japan, selling out 2 full Japanese tours.
Geffen Records bought out the band’s contract with Enigma Records in 1989 and released the third Death Angel album, Act III, in 1990. Produced by Max Norman (who had previously worked with Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth), the album showcased the band’s newfound use of full-band backing vocals, while fusing elements of funk, thrash, and heavy metal with the use of acoustic guitars to give the album a varied feel, while staying true to the group’s heavy roots. The album featured the singles “Seemingly Endless Time” and “A Room with a View” (a ballad sung mostly by guitarist Rob Cavestany), and both songs also received airplay on Headbanger’s Ball, but a mainstream breakthrough still proved elusive. (The band released the “A Room with a View” video and single under the name “D.A.,” and Cavestany explained to a reporter at the time that he now found the band’s original name “restricting. The name Death Angel seems to imply hardcore thrash gloom-and-doom death metal, and we’re not like that at all. If I were presented with 10 records, and one of them was by a band called Death Angel, and I’d never heard of them, I’d stick that one on the bottom!”)

5/29/2008 11:55pm
#55 – Premium Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Canada
#74 – Premium Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Global
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#33 – Premium Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Japan
#22 – Premium Most Viewed (Today) – Music – Hong Kong

Duration : 0:5:44

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Man Without Wax – Kansas City Shuffle

July 13th, 2011 3 comments

Kansas City Shuffle by Man Without Wax
(c) 2008 Eyeball Records.


Duration : 0:3:6

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Kurupt -Yessir (Official 2010 Music Video)(Prod By Pete Rock)(APLUSFILMZ)

June 8th, 2011 25 comments

Off Kurupt’s new cd “Streetlights”

Produced by Pete Rock

Directed By Fredo Tovar & Scott Fleishman for APLUSFILMZ

Duration : 0:4:41

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Oppressor – Seasons LIVE from Solstice of Oppression

June 1st, 2011 6 comments

Technical death metal band Oppressor from Chicago, Illinois. Playing SEASONS from the album Solstice of Oppression.

Oppressor was started in May 1991 by Tim King and Adam Zadel. A month later, they found another guitarist in Jim Stopper and a drummer in Tom Schofield. They recorded their first demo, World Abomination, in 1991. A second demo, As Blood Flows, recorded in 1992, got them a record deal with Red Light Records, who released their first full-length album, Solstice of Oppression, in 1994.The band released a one-off live album/compilation album with Megalithic Records, entitled Oppression Live/As Blood Flows. Megalithic, a Milwaukee, WI label.Olympic Recordings released Agony in 1996 and In 1998, Oppressor released their final album, Elements of Corrosion.

Duration : 0:4:44

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