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Orange County Florida, Record Murder Rate?

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Why so many murders in the Land of Mickey Mouse?
Two of my neighbors were murdered last nite. They lived next door to each other, and were ambushed when they arrived home. Why aren’t the police and sheriff department showing as much outrage over these deaths as they do when it is one of their own that is killed in the line of duty? One of the victims was a mother of five children. She was a hard worker, her company Thrasher Custom Seats, made motorcycle seats. The perps, one with dreadlocks, one with gold teeth, just got in their car and drove away. THe suspect car, 2003 Chevy Malibu with dark tinted windows and shiney custom rims. If anybody on here lives in orlando and recognizes the car or the description of the perp, pleas call the sheriff. These guys have to be taken off the streets. if they can do this to two innocent people, they could do this to your family. I, will be looking for them everywhere I go. Keep your eyes open people.
Pretty shitty answer. Thats not saying much since you are the only answer so far.
Just because the hoodlums that did this murders, might have been on drugs, does not make it drug related. These were good people who were murdered for no reason. You sound like this fuck face we have for a sheriff here, oh, its drug related. So that makes it OK? What the fuck? I’m ready for vigilanitism here. If I track down these aholes, and kill them, does that mean it would be OK, cause its drug related?
A few months ago a woman got off a bus, and was walking to her apartment, when she was shot and killed, and the idiots that did it went to the store and used her credit card. Wasn’t drug related. They just wanted her money. Drug related my ass.


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