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how do I get my day in Court?

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To whom it may concern:

I would like to open an case concerning the Death of our new born son on July 16th 2000.

in this case I have investigated the records and all the alligations of the findings and all the answers given by depatment of Health and others that determined that there was nothing that could be done However I feel that this issue is not done and will not be done until the people and hospital is displined in a manner to not allow them to do this to another patent again. I really don’t understand The Michigan AG can’t do a thing I Cant understand why the Michigan dept’s over health care that over see hospitals and Doctors can’t do a thing when it is clear that Felony have been commited. I feel that due to Not haveing money to pay a High price lawyer to do this is why I can’t get any thing done. Attorneys look at this and say it would cost to much to go after. Police Depts say they do not do this kind of crime. It is a Felony it is breaking laws. I have past all the Statue of limitions even on the feloneys that have been commited I feel this is wrong The Attending doctor just setteled another case 06/07/07 and is still doing his thing. where will this end.

Laws Violated

Alteration of medical record in the state of Michgan is a felony Section 750.492a section (1a) a health care provider who intentionally or willfully violates this subsection it guilty of a felony.

Section 750.492a Section (3)

A health care provider or other person shall not intentionally or willfully alter or destoyor direct another to alter or destroy a patient’s medical records or charts for the purpose of concealing his or her responsibility for the patients injury,sickness, or death A health care provider who violates this subsection is guilty of a feloney. a person other than a health care provider who violates this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than a year, or a fine not more than $1000,00 or both .
In the past investigation into this matter the investigator did not inquire or optain proff that the person that was stating the information was correct, as in the case were I alleged that gel was not used for the test performed on my wife concerning the audio doppler. The investigator asked a nurse specialist if this was true the nurse speacialist stated that sound can still be heard with out using the Gel.

In which is against the medical standands due to the machine must be used the way the manufactured instruction say if it is not used in that manner a false or no information can be used due to the gel is the bond between the transducer and the skin. Further more

This is not exceptable, We have come into the new age of medicine and to say it is ok to drive a car to its tops speed is safe is not what the law says or the manufacture. A car is to be driven the posted safe speed according to law. The use of medical equipment is to be used in the manner that the instructions says it is to be used and the maunufactures in all doppolars of this type state the same thing, they will not back the finding of anyone not using it in the way it was intended with the gel.

Yet I am to understand that the state of michigan is going to back the people that I am makeing a complaint about with out consulthing the manufacturers Or the Medical standands that clearly state it must be used in the manner the instruction book says. Yet the state was told by the people I made th complaint against and took there word that was true. WHY?

The altered records.

The removal of any record by Doctor Dana Snell or the prevention of her making a record when she was the only medical staff to perform any medical test on the patient and the condition of the fetus before birth.

Record 07/16/2000 08:40 Cecelia L Ross RN

No FHR heard Dr Snell and Dr Nguyen called to confirm absence of FHR. 08:50 No fetal heart rate detected.pt. and husband informed. IV started and pt admitted to 1185. pt stated she felt last fetal movement yesterday at noon. 07/15/00

Now The above record is the only mention of Doctor Snell. Doctor Snell is not any where else in the records Yet, note that it says no FHR (fetal heart rate) heard. This is where the Gel was important. Doctor Snell did not use any Gel There for all that was heard was static. The PT and Father was notified we were there at the time the test was done, and This record has no mention of the vidieo ultrasound that was use by doctor Dana Snell and she stated out loud to my wife and I "I have a heart beat" pointing at the screen and showing use his heart beat. There is no record at all of Dr. Snell doing this. This was not done by doctor Phan Nguyen as reported in other records.It was a Black lady not an asian laday Also notes that the pt states she last felt fetal movement yesterday at Noon 07/15/00 My wife and I both told them that the last movment was at 01:00 am 07/16/00 at which time she was taking a bath and she called me in to see him moving. Other records recorded

(Record 07/16/00 09:15 Dr Phan Gnuyen state that the pt stated she had not felt movement since yesterday morning.) These are attemps by the staff to fix the records to indicate that our son was dead at least 24 hours or more. when in fact we told them 5 to six hours when she took a bath after walking all day at the firemans carnival in clio. Not 12 to 24 hours.
Record 07/16/00 09:15 Dr Phan Gnuyen

state that the pt stated she had not felt movement since yesterday morning.Nurses couldn’t get FHT’s on monitor so U/S (bedside) was performed and confirmed no cardiac activeity, no fetal movment.)

This person did not do this or any other test on my wife, No nurse did it and no one from radiology did it. it was done by Doctor Dana Snell. The Reason I am adoment about this is she has not made a record to this case and I feel she was not allowed to make a record of it due to she did find a fetal heart rate. When we had a meeting with the hospital on this matter we were told that Doctor Dana Snell did not exsist. there was no black lady that did any thing with my wife, This was told to us in a meeting on Aril 4 2001. attending that meeting was Doctor Larry Young our attending, Debbie Dutton OCNS, Sheila Hopson Social Worker, Greg Knuth Director of risk Management, Joyce Welman Patient rep,Dr Collins Pathology, My wife Amanda Johnson and Myself. We Wanted to know why a heart beat was pointed out and who the black lady was. A rep from radiolgy was called and there was no record found of that department getting any request for a ultrasound done that day for my wife. There was no record of any black lady any where yet I found her when I got the record and read each page looking up every thing I did not know. I Found Dana in the above record by nurse Ross at which time I called Genesys and ask if Dana Snell was a Black lady. I was told by the education dept. that she was and that she started on July 01 of 2000 16 days later she alone did the test on my wife Not even our attending checked my wife before the birth. and then she was removed from the records and the cover up began.
Progress Record 07/16/000 9:40 Dr.Phan Nguyen P- (1) Official ultrasound

This was not done not even ordered as stated in above the Rep from Radiology stated she never received any orders that day for Amanda Sny (Johnson). This is important due to if a Officail ultrasound would have been performed it would have ended any of this from being questioned. The ultrasound would have been recorded and a record made either way. We was shown a heart beat. they claimed none found. Yet again not done.

Now you may say that there was not enough time Yet Dr. Larry Young had time to come from hurley hospital 14 miles away. Doctor Young never once did any test yet in a record he made he bagan to cover his not doing anything by placing this in the Records

Progress Record 07/17/00 time ? Dr. larry Young Answer questions re u/s report & cord accident relationship. Emphasize (-) blame in Relationship to delay in…..arrival to hospital.

Why would you try to emphasize on the time Well that was a problem as well You see he called and left a message about the u/s that was done on the 11th and he was concerned about IUGR How ever he did not get us so he left a message with a kid a child that to this day feels she killed Zack due to she did not get us the message that by the way was not said to be ergent and did not say to go to the hospital simply call your doctor. We did not here about this until he arrived at the hospital that sunday morning he told us he wanted to do a Emergecy C Section Yet did not state that to any one he called. Larry Young and Phan Nguyen worked together to cover everything they cold to say that our son was dead way befor arriving at the hospital and yet not one did a test to prove one way or another. When the state asked Dr. Nguyen if she did the U/S she said she did and that was the end of that No matter what we told them. IUGR is all over the records
Genesys Diagnostics GPID 07/13/07 OB ustasonagrapy – possoble IUGR

Progress records 07/16/00 9:30 Dr.Larry Young ? IUGR

Progress Records 07/16/00 9:40 Dr Phan Nguyen A (3) R/O IUGR

Never done
Labor and Delivery Kimberly A Oslund RN Medical problems / risks IUGR

Time of Record?
Labor and Delivery Kimberly A Oslund RN problems with pregnacy: IUGR

Time of record ?
Maternal Admit Kimberly A Oslund RN Medical problems / risks IUGR

Time of Record?
Maternal Admit Kimberly A Oslund RN problems with pregnacy: IUGR

Time of record ?
Clincal Progress Chart 07/14/00 Larry Young ?IUGR

Larry J Young, M.D, P.C Obstetrical Record 7/12/00 Sever IUGR

Physical Examination Dated 07/15/00 then changed to 07/16/00 Dr.Nguyen & Dr.Larry Young Fetal Demise ~37wks~ R/O IUGR

. This is Funny it was after his birth and his birth weight was 6lbs 7oz No IUGR for 37 week baby and now he is reporting two thrombois??? The baby’s Head was normal and the body was normal in size to relationship of his head there was no evidence in the autopsy report of IUGR Yet to look at the records you would think that the baby was way under normal weight. If in fact he would have gained weight to 40 weeks he would have been a large baby to deliver comming in around 9 lbs so what is wrong with this the cover is on going.

Progress Record 07/16/000 9:40 Dr.Phan Nguyen P- (3) ? Autopsy (??) delivery , pt to decide

. We never took time to decide about an autopsy we wanted it right from the time it was mentioned.This is important due to they knew we wanted it done and yet allowed the body to stay in the room from the time of delivery to 40 minutes after the discharge of the mother.
Assesments/notes 15:00 07/17/00 Joanne L Schafer MLPN Discharged Instructions Reviewed and signed by Mom Patient Home ambulatory’ in satisfactory condition

Assesments/notes 15:40 07/17/00 Kathkeen M. Obrian, LPN

Pathology states infant needs to go to the morgue. Infant taken to Securtity and they put infant in morge.

Now in the records there was an attempt to say they had him in the Refrigerator. however he never left the room for more than time enough for us to smoke a Cigarette and they brought him back, the one time as we come down the hall past where they kept him and he was still in the crib and not in a refreigerator of any kind. at 01:18 it is Noted that the baby was in the room at 00:30 and ther was no notes made until 08:00 and a claim that the infant was in the refrigerator How ever he never left the room It claims that we requested him at 11:00 and the infant was wraped in a warm blacket and again I tell you he never was take during the night or that following day. again at 14:00 it states that infant was in the room and again at 15:40. as medical professional I hope I do not have to explain to you why allowing him to be in room temps was bad for the autopsy report. This was a way to alow time to pass and show that the baby was dead for a long period of time. If he would have been allowed a breif time with us and an autopsy performed there would not have been wide spread decay in his body the pooling of blood and the riga that was detected this is a clear and deliberate way to cover there allowing him to die and not saving him. Now in that time that he was in the room with us he we being held 90% of the time as recorded in the records 13:59, 21:30, 00:00, 00:30,14:00, being times that they noted us holding him Infact we both fell asleep with him on us at one time or another and this contributed to the misleading autopsy report and findings. Due to our body temps raising his and speeding up the decay prosess. The autopsy report is false in oth ways as well.

at 00:30 I went to find a nurse to get clean clothing for our son. His body was covered in blood and feses. I could not find a nurse so I ended up cleaning him my self I cleaned the hard poop that was Black on his bottom and I cleaned all the Blood from His umbilical cord I only had one wash clothe and there for cleand both area the best I could with it. When cleaning the cord there was no lumps or cuts in the section that was left on his body. There for the part that had the cut in it was with the placenta. The Placenta was never sent to Michigan State University as requested and The hospital was sited for not doing so in the investigation. My point being How did they come up with the unbilical cord thromboise and ompahlecel. I asked Doctor Collins during the meeting about the umphacele and he stated there was partical of bowel found on the umbilical cord. as for the torsion an thrombois he did not want to talk about it. Doctor Larry Young Stated that the cut on the cord may have been cause by the figer nails of the baby. how ever later claimed he never told my wife and I that an there was no cut on the cord. Yet the Records indicate a 20% tear. progress record

07/16/00 10:5? am Doctor Larry Young *noted Cord ? 20% tear & Thrombois

Can’t make out the Rest of that Note
Physicians Obstetrical Discharge summery Sign by Doctor nguyen and doctor Young excludes the 20% tear also.

Michigan State Universty Cytogenetics laboratory Specmen intake form Larry Young Possible IUGR Thrombois Noted on cord and Umbilicas

Note again no tear report but this time refers to two thrombois. And again Doctor Nguyen was not in the delivery at all. she was not present just Kimberly Oslund and Doctor Young. Yet the Records would indicate that Nguyen was present at the birth. The hospital bill also indicates that she was there charging twice for the delivery. That is Fraud. and another Felony .This also present a problem with Blood Why was her fluids Clear as indicated in the Records If the cord was torn there for blood would have to come out of a major bood supplie then why was her fluids not Red or pink I will tell you why the tear was done after his birth. Get a hose and turn the water on it and cut a 20% cut into the hose it will leak every time. Why was this not Reported in the autopsy report any where. I will tell I was there when he was born I did not see the cord cut I did not see any thing until the baby was cut loose from the placenta. Doctor Young held him up to me the first time I ever seen him He was Pink and doctor Young also showed me his cord and the cut in the cord. It was a strait clean cut. He was pink. This two things tell me that his cord was cut and he had a heart beat. However when I made a complaint the the State of Michigan the investigator again stated that my claim was unsubstaniated looking at the record and noting the Apgar Scores and the Dr. Stated that it was clear that the baby was dead. I Mad the complaint that not one person stuck a stethiscope on the baby to check for a heart beat. I was telling them that the Apgar scores were wrong and that they was false. in the Progress Records it was recorded 0’0’5 apgars. Labor & delivery Summery Kimberly A Oslund 1Minute 00000 5minuts 00000
These Reports are false due to never being done and were is Dr.Nguyen’s Apagar scores for him I Notice she has signed for doing every thing else? I Have found that where ever it is important to put something to say he is dead they have done. How ever when the State asked Dr.Young if he stuck a stetiscope on Zack he avoided the question by saying it was odvias he was dead. So his answer was No he did not do Apgar scores at 1 Minute or five minutes as recorded making the Apgar scores a false record which is tampering, altering and placing misleading information in the records which is a Felony.

Fetal montator stripps

Record Vital signs Kimberly A Oslund 09/16/00 09:00 Toco Q2 60-90 strong kao

This record is false due to a monitor strap was never applied and no monitor strip found in the records that recorded any monitors were used. I checked to see if there was another way to get such a reading and was told that it requires the belly belt hooked to a monitor in the birth of our twins I was given a section of the monitor stripps that showed the toco on it which was the contractions and heart rate of the mother as well it recorded the heart rate of both the twins. Now we Know and we were told they were sorry for not monitoring my wife. yet the record indicate she was monitored, again a false record. Tampering to show something that was not done. Missleading information Why

Some would say Why don’t you give up let it go and I say No. I have Five Girls, 21year old that served a year in Iraq a tomboy of sorts and has a respect for her country. I have a 19 year old that is a girly girl and works hard at a job she hates. I have a 9 year old that said were is brother for a long time she was two when he was born, and I have twins that don’t even know about Zack.

My wife wants one More I don’t she wants a boy. You know I wanted a boy I wanted to carry on the name I am the last in our blood line All the rest have girls or can’t have any more kids I am it the last Johnson. These people took my boy who will they take from You a son a daughter maybe grand children I want help to stop it now. The laws were writen to protect us and in this case it did nothing but helped them get away with a murder. Yes I feel it was a murder. I want my day in court I want the laws changed to protect the people they were meant to protect This is only part of it I can go on and on. like the pathology report on the placenta and the cord not showing a thing wrong but that is another day

all involved
Genesys Reginaol Medical Center
Doctor Larry J Young Now working a Hurley
Doctor Phan Nguyen Grand Blanc Genesys
Doctor Dana Snell Texas
Kimberly A Oslund RN Now divorce and changed name ??
These are the main Players
Robert L Johnson

6397 Trillium CT

Burton Michigan 48509

Try posting this under legislation not womans health you may get appropriate answers

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    Try posting this under legislation not womans health you may get appropriate answers
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