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If God made the Earth, who made Narcissism?

Since 5000 b.c. the Cannabis plant has existed. That means that Cannabis has lived for 7009 years in the ever changing world of new mountains, streams, and caves made by our God. Man only started the Industrial Revolution, to make a transition from farms to cities, in the last 400 or so years.
In 1932, when Yellow Journalism came around to taint the Cannabis record, we didn’t stop for a second to ask ourselves what we were listening to, or to even ask why we were to follow what was being said. Cannabis went from a plant to a drug they called "Marih/juana," which in Mexico and all around the world (so stated by the Journalists mentioned earlier) caused a string of Murderous, Insane, and Deadly crimes committed by Mexicans and African Americans, to name a few of the groups demeaned by the Yellow Journalists.

Ever since 1932, 75 years ago, people have been mislead by the founders of the Yellow Journalists, which to identify them would be considered "Treason" and i’d be put to death, and no one has tried to stop the lies and put a truth to the Cannabis name. As people of a land mass where train riders from the past put Buffalo into extinction and buildings in place of lush forests, we haven’t even tried to find out what the purpose of the Cannabis plant is as much as we’ve enjoyed being as racist as possible to the users of Cannabis as soon as they arise from their hiding places, where they seek shelter from being put down by naysayers who don’t even know who their creator is.

My main concern about being a Cannabis user is whether the Government really endorses the universal bullying of "Stoners," the affectionate nickname for those who relate to my subject of choice. My question pertains to whether or not we as humans, in a world where drug lords, drug abusers, and drug manufacturers are supposed to be the real enemies, care for the sake of those who know what is right and wrong. Do we want to stop the drug game and terminate all of the Pills, Powders, and Chemicals of the world, or are we more concerned about whether or not a dedicated, hard-working, busting-his-ass-every-day-to-earn-a-meal Stoner passes a piss test for his job to earn a paycheck?

There is a difference between hard drugs, like Heroine, Meth, Cocaine, and all of the rest of those thing, and Cannabis. Cannabis requires the Earth, water, 12 hours of sunlight, 12 hours of night light, and love, just like every other plant we walk by everyday and look down on because it can’t move from it’s spot in the dirt.

I’m not going to sit by for the rest of my life just to watch as the world gets to say what it thinks about Cannabis when the world is too full of bad people for me to feel comfortable listening to every day. I may not be God, but I know for a fact that He wouldn’t make something with his own hands just so He could sit back and watch his kids suffer. I know He made Cannabis so whenever we do suffer, we can turn to something that will NEVER cause a life-threatening reaction. God NEVER makes something He hasn’t made plans for, so how can we say what Cannabis does when those who define it can only be negative about it’s appearance?

can you shorten the question slightly?…. im not quite sure what you are looking for.. except the legalization of weed.. (from the context of you first and last paragrahs..)

  1. The First Dragon
    March 20th, 2010 at 13:35 | #1

    I tolerate all kinds of alternate visions of reality; but I will not allow craziness to control my life.
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    my new motto
    –now, if only I could live up to it.

  2. Sunni
    March 20th, 2010 at 14:06 | #2

    can you shorten the question slightly?…. im not quite sure what you are looking for.. except the legalization of weed.. (from the context of you first and last paragrahs..)
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    March 20th, 2010 at 14:24 | #3

    soooo i guess you advocate tobacco use too.

    and btw….the poppy plant is used in the making of heroin…so that knocks out your "grown from the earth" theory, unlesss you advocate using heroin.
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  4. Prixelated
    March 20th, 2010 at 14:44 | #4

    The Greeks made narcissism. Some of them also used cannabis. The human brain has THC receptors. Now why did God do that?
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  5. clay
    March 20th, 2010 at 15:11 | #5

    If anything, Bobo, your main concern should be who to stop rather than who we should look for.

    It’s like this:
    I could say your a mighty ducks fan. If i never met you, or talked to you in my life, all i’m going to think is what my opinions state so long as i don’t have an answer from you. Just like the Government, all they can say is "Marih/juana is Deadly, Insane, and Murderous" cause they could care less about what the real thing is. So long as they have bottles and bottles of Aspirin (which has so many health defects involved with it), boxes and cartons of Tobacco (which has the worst dependency rates in the world), and gallons apon gallons of Alcohol (which everyone knows the consequences of drinking too much in one sitting compared to Cannabis), the Government won’t care in the slightest what they are MAKING US BUY, so long as THEY GET OUR MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    I can only ask in return who the Government is actually trying to please; Their big, over-sized wallets (which they have a 7 or so Trillion dollar deficit to handle), or us (the people the Declaration of Independence so honestly tries to protect, represent, and support)?

    Sorry for the long answer… I can kinda see why your question is so extensive, but next time, do shorten it.

    Most people only get half-way till they quit of mind exhaustion.
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    Logic, Reason, Truth, and Human-Bases-Ideas.

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