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How do i find my mothers death certifacte and what information is on a death certifacte?

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I was born in new york and the courts sealed my records, but i know my mothers name and just cant find anything. Didnt think that dead people had privacy rights. If anyone cant help please contact me. Look for family so that my kids can know there family.

I believe death certificates are public record. You would need to go to the county in which she lived and go to the records department…usually listed in the phone book under government offices. As for info on death certificate…usually just the basics like the person’s name, date of birth, residence, date and approx. time of death, cause of death, and the medical examiner verified the death and/or performed the autopsy.

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    I have been trying to find my mother’s death certificate for the last 15 years. She died in 1958 in the state of California. I thought it was public information. I do not have the money to afford to hire a private detective or pay a service to give me the information, which should be mine to access since I was born in the U.S.A. When I tried to access that I was born in Califonia, I had to pay for a birth certificate, which I did not mind at all. What really is bad, is the state of california could not tell me how she died. The next step as far as I can figure is to get a church in my area to help me. It is a great relief when the only people who will help you are those who actually care about people, and who I am referring to are churches and religious associatios.

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