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Do US Progressives and Unions follow the Fabian motto "Let your mouth deny what your hands are doing"?

Union/Progressive Protests are ugly, threatening, they work to scare / intimidate people into allowing a minority to push policy over the will of the Majority. Yet those entities and their operatives in the Media say Tea Party Protesters who do no damage, don’t take over buildings, clean up leaving areas cleaner than they found them without having to have that mentioned, because that’s just who they are … The Progressives call dangerous and thuggish. They call them racist, while there is no incidence of racism recorded except Progs like SEIU and obvious Prog infiltrators at tea party protests. Yet at the Union & other Prog protests A black man should be lynched, sent back to the fields, tortured, made to eat his own toes. Blacks who disagree with the Union Thugs told to get back on their side of the fence … just a bunch of language common at KKK rallies. Not totally surprising because the Progressives created the KKK, but they are trying to pretend they are not racist.

There are many incidence of assault & battery by Progressives. Bullying, intimidation, threats of death. Democrat politicians tell their Prog groups they have to go out and get bloody to get what they want. Democrat politicians often point at those who disagree with them and yell "You’re Dead!" like recently in Wisconsin, and Dead Fish Immanuel deserves dishonorable mention because he kind of typifies this mob like Prog behavior.

Yet in the Progressive Dominated media, it’s the Tea Party that’s dangerous, racist, anything bad they can think of. They completely ignore and dismiss the racism, violence, bullying, intimidation tactics, and general thuggish behavior of the left. They even have the idiot sheep trained. Damage to the Capital Building in Wisconsin? We didn’t see no damage, there is no damage …

"LET YOUR MOUTH DENY WHAT YOUR HANDS ARE DOING" Fabian Society motto for a group that uses corruption, violence and lies to push their goals. Be it no surprise that the Fabian Society created the Progressive movement in the US to help bring the US down and back under Anglo / British Control, as well as the rest of the world. Be not surprised that our Progressives work with Fabians to destabilize the Middle East, that the Fabians work with the Muslim brotherhood who stood back while Egyptians revolted, knowing they didn’t want the Muslim Brotherhood in control, until they had pushed out the Dictator, then the Muslim Brotherhood took it over. Not even allowing the hero’s of the Revolution to speak to the crowd of millions that the sick murderous head of the Muslim brotherhood addressed in his stead calling for death to Israel & the West.

The world is connected, the tactics we see here, and others see in other countries, are those of the ones who are directing the whole world into flames of the forge so they can remold it closer to their hearts desire. That’s the Fabian Society goal in a nutshell. Their own words.

Check out this info that helps put it together if you pay attention:

And don’t be surprized to know George Soros, "the man who crashed the bank of England" he brags. Convicted of Currency manipulation in France. Former Nazi Collaborator who said that was the best time in his life and he has no regrets … the man who Brags of bringing down 5 government systems though "revolution" and has his sights set on the US right now … he’s a Fabian, just one of the small ones. He’s a henchman for the Rothschilds. There is much behind George Soros you don’t see or hear about. Obama’s bestest money man pushing propaganda through dosens of organizations he funds and many he created. Don’t be surprised to know George Soros, is a Fabian Society member.
Socrates … read the links, that is the Fabian Society motto which they created. Let your mouth deny what your hands are doing. Kind of fits their Wolves in Sheep’s clothing organizational symbol. They say what they are all about. They are so confident of the stupidity of the common people of the world. Sadly the Fabians and Progressives dupes yelling in the streets prove they are right about so many.
Texas Liberaterian … the simple world is nice, but it’s not the real world. I wish with all my heart that it were. BUT going back to the human proclivity to bury our heads in the sand only leads to horrors in the world that could have been stopped had people not refused to believe what was right in their faces. Men like Churchill who were absolutely right are hated for the truth they see. If there is to be hope for us we must rise above putting our heads in the sand and hoping it will all be ok.

Of course – this is how we Public Uniion Employees retire as multimillionaires, while telling everyone we’re just "workin folks"


  1. Country Club Conservative
    April 15th, 2011 at 01:03 | #1

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  2. mercedes
    April 15th, 2011 at 01:24 | #2

    it’s just you.
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  3. geoz
    April 15th, 2011 at 01:42 | #3

    It is well and good for you to point a finger at unions. They could do better I’m sure. But establishing the guilt of all unions – which is a stretch – does not absolve the Tea Party.
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  4. Government Union Worker
    April 15th, 2011 at 01:51 | #4

    Of course – this is how we Public Uniion Employees retire as multimillionaires, while telling everyone we’re just "workin folks"

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  5. Socrates
    April 15th, 2011 at 02:41 | #5

    I’ll have to remember that phrase. It kind of sounds like something the Fabians would say.
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  6. Texas Libertarian
    April 15th, 2011 at 03:09 | #6

    I was prepared to give you a answer that probably would agree with you, but after reading your lengthy narrative which accompanies your question, I don’t know where to start.
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