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civil rights group blames decease border agent for interfering with dangerous illegals let them pass?

Christian Ramirez of American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that tracks border violence, said the blame lies on both sides of the border. Ramirez said smuggling cartels trying to push their goods into the U.S. are clashing with an ever-expanding collection of law enforcement officers on the U.S. side, leaving illegal immigrants simply looking for work caught in the crossfire.

"Border Patrol responds with more arms, more personnel, and drug cartels respond in kind. It’s a cycle of violence that we need to figure out how to stop," he said.

A total of 260 agents fired their weapons in 213 instances from 2006 to 2010, wounding an additional 37 people, according to a database obtained from Customs and Border Protection through the Freedom of Information Act. The records reflect all Border Patrol encounters around the country, but Customs spokesman Lloyd Easterling said most of those occurred along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Fourteen Border Patrol agents died in the line of duty during that time period, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, which tracks the death of law enforcement officers. Two died from gunshot wounds, the rest of various causes ranging from heat exhaustion to being intentionally struck by a car.

Jennifer Allen, executive director of the Border Action Network, a Tucson-based civil rights group that helps immigrants, said the numbers show that agents are being reckless when responding to illegal immigrants crossing the border. She said she understands that drug cartels and human smugglers can be violent, but she said agents are approaching any illegal immigrant crossing into the U.S. with a "heavy-handed" approach that leads to so many deaths and injuries.

Hipolito Acosta, who patrolled the border for several federal agencies before retiring in 2005, said the number of immigrants killed or wounded was low considering the dangers and activity levels along the border. He said they encounter so many dangerous situations with smugglers that they must approach every encounter expecting the worse.

"If you look at the narcotics interdictions along the border, if you look at the number of weapons that are found, that’s not a high number," Acosta said.

Allen said she has long complained to Border Patrol officials that they need a more comprehensive training program so agents know how to better distinguish between armed smugglers and people looking to enter the country to live and work.

A 2007 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that the Border Patrol "exhibits attributes of an effective training program." But it found that the ratio of young, inexperienced agents to experienced supervisors was often too high.

Easterling said they have focused on hiring more experienced supervisors and trainers to show the new agents how and when to use deadly force. He said agents are frequently outmanned by smuggling operations.

"We don’t want any of this going on, clearly," he said. "But we realize that these organizations are not giving up without a fight. In defense of themselves, their partners and innocent third parties, our agents will respond."
How soon before La Raza , Obama and Mexico sue the agent and his family ?
crossing the border was not a capital crime punishable by death.Tell your people to stop allowing drug smugglers to bring them in.

As far as I’m concerned our Border Patrol isn’t being heavy handed enough. It’s a terrible tragedy for one of our officers to die. We need military troops on the border with orders to shoot to kill. Believe me that would cause the drug, human smugglers to think twice before attempting to cross into the USA. It would also lower the numbers of illegal aliens crossing the desert to sneak into our country. A win/win solution.

  1. I got your cracker right here
    March 15th, 2011 at 19:48 | #1

    Probably Obama is working on the lawsuit right now as we speak. Do you ever get the feeling that we are living in the Twilight Zone?
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  2. tonalc2
    March 15th, 2011 at 20:17 | #2

    The article says nothing about a civil rights group (American Friends are a religious group) blaming a deceased agent for interfering.

    It’s pointing out that the violence between agents and drug smugglers has reached a high pitch, and people doing nothing more than trying to sneak in are getting killed in the crossfire. Last time I looked, crossing the border was not a capital crime punishable by death.
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  3. Miles from Michigan
    March 15th, 2011 at 20:23 | #3

    and if you believe that I got a moon for sale!!!!!!
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